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Reading—fiction, specifically—has been proven to make people more empathetic, and God knows we need as much empathy as we can possibly get these days. In that spirit, I am taking the material that would have comprised my part of the Hugo Voters Packet and making it available to everyone, everywhere, for free, whether they have a WorldCon membership or not.

And let me be clear about this: As editor of IGMS, I can, and have, and will continue to be—with the full support of publisher Orson Scott Card—open to publishing stories by and about gay authors and gay characters, stories by and about female authors and female characters, stories by authors and about characters of any and every racial, political, or religious affiliation—as long as I feel like those authors 1 have a story to tell, not a point to score, and 2 tell that story well.

And you know what? Orson is happy to have me do so. Always has been, always will be. Consider this the beginning then of the larger reading campaign that should have been. To kick it off, I offer you this sampling from IGMS , which represents the essence of how I see the magazine—a reflection of the kind of stories I want to fill IGMS with, that will help make it the kind of magazine I want IGMS to be—and that I believe it can be if readers and writers alike will give it a fair chance.

If you have reading suggestions of your own, I heartily encourage you help me build and distribute a list. Yes, I know, there are already plenty of reading lists out there. But you will never convince me that there is such a thing as too much reading. He was on my nominating ballot and I had no association nor even knowledge of what was on the Puppy slates. I know of at least several other fans who nominated him as well. I hope to see him back on a future ballot sooner, rather than later.

I was told that I am the first author in the history of the poll to place two stories in the top 3! Small Press means everybody but the major publishers. I was already having a great time at Capclave, which is rapidly becoming my favorite convention. Instead, you get a very distilled group of fans and professionals who love genre fiction. Not that fiction is the only subject of merit. There were many other conversations like this, and seeing old friends, and making new ones. But, you can imagine, how I was having even more fun , clutching at the award! When I got the nomination it took me about a week to come down.

But I wanted to post something before too long, and here it is. What the title says. You can read it here. Both stories will be included in my short story collection next year. But you can also subscribe to IGMS and read it now.

Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma and Other Stories

I know or at least totally assume that you missed me. There will be an e-book, an audio book, a paperback and a hardcover published in February, and a separate novella-length book released in August of So, naturally, commissions are rare as they indicate a significant level of faith on the part of the editor. Split Decision - Issue 7. Laws and Sausages - Issue 8. A Cart Full of Junk - Issue 9. Art is a Matter of Taste - Issue Free Seas - Issue The Crack - Issue De-Fence - Issue Get out of Gym for Free - Issue Nice Kitty - Issue Growing Pains - Issue The Sin Hypothesis - Issue Silent As Dust - Issue 7.

Return to Sender - Issue Mojica, Jose Fat Town - Issue 3. Orullian, Peter Beats of Seven - Issue 4. Otis, Kat Mudlarks - Issue Parks, Kelly Approaching Zero - Issue 4. Pendergrass, Tom Aim for the Stars - Issue Pratt, Tim Dream Engine - Issue 3. Over There - Issue A Frame of Mother-of-Pearl - Issue Eviction Notice - Issue 1. The End-of-the-World Pool - Issue The Frankenstein Diaries - Part 1 - Issue 8. The Frankenstein Diaries - Part 2 - Issue 9. The Multiplicity Has Arrived - Issue Sanford, Jason Rumspringa - Issue 5.

Sarrantonio, Al Zoo - Issue 2. The Smell of the Earth - Issue 7. Shadow of Turning - Issue Great Mother, Great Father - Issue 6. Sparrowjunk - Issue The Price of Love - Part 2 - Issue 7. Trill and the Beanstalk - Issue 1.

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InterGalactic Interview with Peter S. Beagle - Issue 5.

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InterGalactic Medicine Show, Issue 20

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Intergalactic, Interstellar, Interplanetary

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