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And keeping emotions in check whether lose OR win really struck me too. I really try to lead life according to my values and to focus on my personal contribution. It is great to take inspiration from someone so successful. As a professional coach, I love no. It is my philosophy to develop sustainable skills that can last a lifetime, rather than focussing on short term targets. Another outstanding summary of a great thinker. I never realized the depth of character this man possessed. There is too much wisdom here to absorb at one time.

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First through Lance and now here, I see that this man was such a remarkable man of integrity and character. Thank you for all of this great information, some of which I read, some I save for later and all of which I really enjoyed especially on a day when I became disagreeable for no reason at all!

  • Lessons Learned from John Wooden.
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All better now though: Alik — I like the simplicity, but depth of it. Jannie — Wooden was amazingly unique and insightful. The point on journalizing for improvement really opened my eyes to how powerful it is whether for yourself or for leading teams. I especially like the fact he framed out what his life would be about, and he lived life on his terms — simple and effective.

Farnoosh — You hit it on the head — integrity and character. Without a deep understand of what brings success we will never achieve it. Karl — Wooden really did create a strong foundation. His 25 Life Lessons we should all have around us all the time.. How interesting to see his pyramid of success.. Oh gosh — I love John Wooden. We heard him speak several years ago. Have read his books.

Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization

His power comes from living his philosophy as well as coaching it. He has credibility because it all works. For him and for all the young men who played basketball for him. The score is hopefully a by-product of doing the right things. But my actions and reactions are always my choice. But I can do the actions that result in success. Hilary — He was absolutely amazing. He set a high bar for effective coaching and leaders in life. Prime Book Box for Kids. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Give them this book!!! Wooden on Leadership is one of the best leadership books I have ever read.

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The two themes I like most are below and then my top 20 highlights from the book are provided. He wants intensity not emotionalism and there is a difference. Comments - Too many times I encounter leaders that actually prohibit effectiveness because they have not managed to control their emotions. Unfortunately the media, especially the sports media mistakenly regularly convey that emotional displays or outbursts are leadership in action. Theme 2 - Wooden believes the best leaders are lifelong learners. Comments - This is absolutely true, but the challenge we have is making time for the learning.

Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization by John Wooden

Leadership training and reading books on leadership is not primarily about getting new techniques. Leadership training and reading books on leadership is about regulating behavior. We read the leadership books and take the training to assure we are performing according to what we know. They have to make time for practice.

Learning is not just the acquisition of new knowledge it is also the reinforcement of what we already know. We have to make time for it. What was the last leadership book your boss read? What was the last leadership book you read? My top 20 highlights from Wooden on Leadership. Mutual respect and camaraderie strengthen your team. Affection, in fact, may weaken it by causing you to play favorites.

First and foremost, you are their leader, not their buddy. When you carry a rifle it is unnecessary to listen Self-Control in little things leads to control of bigger things. Hesitancy, indecisiveness, vacillation, and fear of failure are not characteristics I associate with good leadership. I told our team many times: Keep this word of caution in mind: Mistakes, even failure, can be permissible so long as they do not result from carelessness or poor preparation.

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The best leaders are lifelong learners, they take measures to create organizations that foster and inspire learning throughout. Benjamin Franklin understood its value quite well: And whether I like you are not, my feelings will not interfere with my judgment of your effort and performance. You will be treated fairly. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Do not equate professional expertise with your ability to teach it. I prize intensity and fear emotionalism. Consistency in high performance and production is a trademark of effective and successful organizations and those who lead them.

A leader who is ruled by emotions, whose temperament is mercurial, produce a team whose trademark is roller coaster-ups and downs in performance; unpredictability and un-dependability in effort and concentration; one day good, the next day bad.

The Essential Wooden, by John Wooden, Steve Jamison

A volatile leader is like a bottle of nitroglycerine. The slightest knock and it blows up. Those around nitroglycerine or a temperamental boss spend all their time carefully tiptoeing back and forth rather than doing their jobs. It is not an environment, in my opinion conducive to winning organizations.