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Two Kinds of Justice

Use these sort stories to enrich your family life: Looking for funny educative captivating short stories about Justice? Come in, do not miss this boat! Two Kinds of Justice , a story about Justice and compassion. Perfect Justice , a story about Justice and forgiveness. Trapped in Tidyland , a story about Freedom. The Leopard in his Tree , a story about Justice and commitment.

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Prince Lapio , a story about Justice and fairness. The Stepmother , a story about Avoid prejudice and being judgmental.

A Doorway to the World. The Mystery of the Missing Coin. Browse this list with different children stories classifications available at our site. John could no longer do his current job and was battling to support himself when he saw an advert in a local newspaper for work in a food packing factory in the UK. On arrival he worked hard but because of his reoccurring health problems, he had to leave his job and ended up homeless. That was when the trafficking began. She was forced to work in a factory for six months without pay, living in horrendous conditions.

Stories | Restorative Justice

Megan met a man online and travelled to another state to meet him. Today, thanks to Hope for Justice, she is free. Khalianna was travelling to the big city when she was befriended and offered a soda.

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The drink was spiked, Khalianna was drugged and delivered to men who sold her for sex again and again. Months later she was rescued by police and brought to the Hope for Justice Dream Home. Now she is free. All she knew before her rehabilitation was violence and neglect.

10 True Stories Of Karma Providing Instant Justice

He will definitely go to jail , and considering where he got shot, he should at least win an honorable mention for a Darwin Award, because the likelihood that he will pass on his DNA is now incredibly slim. In January , two California teenagers attempted to rob a 7-Eleven convenience store with a fake gun. Security camera footage captured the teens wearing hoodies to conceal their identities.

The cashier put his hands in the air as they threatened him with the weapon and demanded the money from the cash register. It turns out that a security guard was sitting in a car in the parking lot, and he was armed with a real gun. Since the guard saw the gun pointing at the cashier, he walked inside and shot the teens in their arms.

They were brought to the hospital for their injuries.

Centre for Justice & Reconciliation

The teens were held without bail for the attempted robbery. In , a man in Australia spotted a large tour bus. He knew that these buses had large gas tanks, so he attempted to siphon the fuel. So, when he sucked, he got a mouthful of human excrement instead. One night in , a South African man robbed a couple who were out on a date.

He held a knife to them, demanding that they give him their money. Security guards spotted him committing the armed robbery and started to chase after him. He needed to get away quickly with his loot, so he began running through the city. In the darkness, he climbed a fence and jumped over. It was the body of a dead man.

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Luckily for his family, who needed to bury him, the tiger was well-fed and decided to just kill him without eating his corpse. Funnily enough, this was not the first time this sort of thing had happened at the Bloemfontein Zoo. In , another criminal jumped the fence to the zoo, but he was apprehended by a gorilla.

He tried to shoot the gorilla twice, but it bit him in the buttocks and pinned him up against the wall until the police could arrive.

Injustice 2 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) FULL Story Mode - Justice League 2017

Drunk drivers are incredibly selfish, and they are responsible for a huge number of car accidents every year. In March , a man was driving drunk in Fairfax, Virginia. He was spotted by police, and they put their lights and sirens on to pull him over.