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Encourage them to make connections between the words in the text and the pictures and colors in the illustrations. Ask students to think about this question as they read and be ready to answer it when they have finished the book. Write the question on chart paper or have students write it in their reading journals. Why does Henry decide to risk his life for freedom? Help students understand how to read an illustration for its mood and meaning and how to integrate it with the text. Project pages 4—5 on a whiteboard or screen and model for students how to connect the story detail with the illustrations.

In the picture, I see the leaves flying in the wind. Henry and his mother look sad. They are painted in dark, shadowy colors that create a mood of sadness even though the sky is bright. The text and pictures both make me realize how sad it must have been to be a slave and worry about losing people you love.

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Continue to discuss the relationship between the illustrations and the text with students. Use the organizer on the Henry's Freedom Box Making Connections printable Between Text and Illustrations to record the words in the text and connect them to what is happening in the illustration.

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How was the Underground Railroad similar to a real railroad? How was it different? The Underground Railroad had stations, conductors, and passengers, just like a real railroad. But the Underground Railroad did not have any trains or cars. Look at the last two-page illustration in the book on pages 40— Make connections between the words on the pages and the illustration of Henry and the people in Philadelphia.

The colors of the picture are brighter and the mood is happy. Use the word freed in a sentence about your own life. We are freed from school during summer vacation. Would you be able to stay quiet in a small crate for 27 hours like Henry did?

A Place Called Freedom Topics for Discussion

What is another book that you have read about the Underground Railroad? Compare how slaves escaped in that book with how Henry escaped. Give each student an opportunity to answer the big question. Encourage students to support their answers with details and evidence from the text. Tell students there is more than one right answer. For Henry, freedom meant escaping slavery by going to the North. Ask students what place represents freedom for them.

Why is this the place where they feel most free? Ask them to choose a place that represents freedom and then write the address or name of the location on the picture of the box. Then have them describe why they would go there on the note attached to the box. Challenge students to learn more about the North Star that guided slaves on their journey to freedom.

Suggest that they research the group of stars that helped people find the North Star and report on what the constellation looks like and what it was called by the slaves. For an interactive role-playing game about the Underground Railroad, guide students to the National Geographic website. May 01, Tuyet Tran rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was about how slavery got their freedom and set their own land.

They started go change their slavery name once they were set free from their masters and began a new life as a famer in the new field of Indiana. Dec 13, Brian Cave rated it it was amazing Shelves: A true story told of a family and their journey of freedom from Tennessee to Indiana. This book would relate well in our local classrooms, being that the book is in part about the state we live in.

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In Indiana, a group of freed slaves start their own community called Freedom. Jun 13, Professor rated it liked it. A book about free slaves who now work in a farm. They now live like a regular family. Thomas' mom and dad decided to call their town, 'Freedom'. This book moved freely like an ocean water. May 20, Katie rated it really liked it. Not as detailed as his other books, but still an enjoyable read.

Jul 18, Donald rated it liked it. Sep 28, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: What happens when a slave family is set free? This is a glimpse into the hard but proud life of just such a family. Oct 05, Shawna added it Shelves: This book would be great if you were to do a lesson on freedom during slavery in A young boy is telling his story of his family and the journey they traveled to be free.

Nov 10, Shaeley Santiago rated it really liked it Shelves: When a slave family is freed in Tennessee, they move north to Indiana where a Quaker family helps them get settled. Eventually more families join them in the town called Freedom.

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  6. This is a great book to teach students about slavery and freedom. This is a great book to cover another view of the civil war.

    A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett l Summary & Study Guide

    It takes a look at what the life of a freed slave was like. Sarah rated it liked it Apr 24, Jess rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Joeseph rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Jeannie Ecker rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Matteo rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Sandybear76 rated it liked it Nov 10, Daisy rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Sonya rated it really liked it Jan 09, Ali Dunn rated it it was amazing Sep 09, This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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    To view it, click here. Max rated it really liked it Jan 19, Joni Keith rated it it was amazing May 08, Patricia Landi rated it really liked it Jul 13, Robb rated it really liked it Nov 08, Archana Sashi rated it liked it Jul 11, Karla rated it really liked it Mar 20, Bill rated it really liked it Jan 17, Troy rated it really liked it Apr 13, Gonzalo rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Trish rated it really liked it Aug 03, Georgia marked it as to-read Jun 15, Irene added it Jun 26,