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Your contribution will help to make possible the realization of this video-portrait that will intertwine unpublished footage of the master at work in his studio filmed by the author and a whole work session, with the realization of a nautical paper, old autographs notes of the artist animated and read by a narrating voice, night shots of the city, both from below and "flying" view on the historical center, time-lapse and details of Piazza dell'Anfiteatro and the interior of the painter's studio, interviews to art critics and academics Vittorio Sgarbi, Maria Cristina Cabani, Luigi Ficacci, Nicola Micieli and friends of him Mario Rocchi, Giovanni Raffaelli , super 8 archive clips with views of Livorno '30s-'40s and Lucca '40s-'70s , family photographs and Possenti home movies.

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Description 43 Rewards Backers 4 Update. What is it about? For info contact us: And there he has to invent a whole new life: So there is a path of an intellectual who starts to do manual labor - a very rare thing - and only after starts to do things most prestigious and less poor: The American social elevator allowed him to go back , something that could not have happened in Italy.

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The themes of the emigration literature then become "How I built America": Another very important issue is women, or themes in which America is very different from Italy. There is no country in the world at that moment where women's rights are more ahead than in America. For example, in "The Mysteries of Mulberry Street" there is a paradox: She emigrates to reach him, but when she comes to New York she realizes how much he is now despicable and compromised with the law.

In the meantime, she falls in love with another man, but being married in Italy, where - unlike America — she cannot get a divorce, she cannot fulfill her love dream of love.

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In contrast, however, in America there is the death penalty, while not anymore in Italy: Ciambelli here describes how on one aspect a country is more progressive than the other, and how this situation completely changes on another topic. Italians were discriminated, described as criminals and ignorant.

They were "revenged" by some artists and athletes, who demonstrated that Italians were able to do something more than hand labors. Were there names in the field of literature that also made them proud of their origin? No, there are no stars of this magnitude that appreciated also by the Americans, in the first generation, which, remember, writes in Italian.

The performing arts are those that begin to give satisfaction with the second generation: So among the Italians music and theater are the art forms more easily appreciated. The first author in chronological order that can be mentioned is Frank Capra, who wrote in Italian newspaper dedicated to our emigrants. A superstar is Rudolph Valentino, who publishes a book of poetry in English, but obviously cinema is why he was famous. The first real success came with Pascal D'Angelo, an immigrant who came from Sulmona where he was a pastor.

Once he abandoned Abruzzi and his sheep, walking around with an English vocabulary in his pocket and forcing himself every night to learn some new words in his new language, in the mid 20's he won a national poetry contest and published a book in English called "Son of Italy". He died poor a little later, but at that moment he became a national case, the first to surge to general public attention.

Did the several Italian American newspapers have a big role in promoting these matters? For the first generation, the Italian periodical press was fundamental. The novels of Bernardino Ciambelli, but also many poems and other documents, were published in the first instance in the newspapers, divided into episodes. It is a great source of information, unfortunately difficult to access because the collections are incomplete, as I said the paper is extremely fragile, and because it is not online nor digitalized; there is microfilmed material, but it is not complete and it is spread between various locations such as Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Florence and others.

Besides, Italy has never bothered to exploit this literary production: Instead, compared to the Italian literary production of the time, which was built by intellectual elite enough away from everyday life, in these Italian American documents there is life, concrete and real: Snubbing them as has been done, considering them of little quality, it was not particularly wise. The Little Italies were on one hand a ghetto, because they allowed to keep on speaking Italian, or even the dialect, because there was no need to learn English; on the other hand, however, they were also the places of aggregation where the new Italy was getting created, where the emigrants were integrated with each other by turning from Calabrian or Sicilian or Neapolitan to Italians, before to become Americans.

If you had to name the most important Italian American writers of the twentieth century, what are the names that come to your mind?

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Richard Russo won the Pulitzer Prize a few years ago. Then I can't forget all the Italian names of the Beat Generation: There is Philip Lamantia, there is Mario Puzo. And of course there's John Fante.

We believe that, here in Italy, the knowledge of the Italian experience in America over the decades unfortunately remains still marginal. Could their literature have a key role in this endevour?

Storie di Altromare: tribute to Antonio Possenti - crowdfunding on Eppela

There are really very few cases of publication in Italy of something from the Italian American writers of the first generation. One in particular, Paul Pallavicini, was published: Later, the second and third generations have often produced works that told the experience of the first generation. These second and third generations are responsible to tell these stories, finally published, both in America and in Italy. Even cinema has done this: At the end of the '60s, an era full of antifamiliar claims, Puzo wrote a book in which the family is the center of everything.

No matter if is a crime family, it however refers to an Italian epic that holds everything together and still manages to save this fundamental cell of society.

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Le sue opere costituiscono il lavoro definitivo con riferimento alla produzione letteraria, sconosciuta prima dei suoi libri, dei nostri connazionali che andarono in America, prima e dopo la grande emigrazione. Ce ne parla brevemente? Io ho iniziato ad occuparmi di questi temi grazie a John Fante.

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Ho poi tradotto sette libri di John Fante: Leggendo Fante dunque mi chiesi: I miei libri su questo argomento sono i due volumi di Italoamericana, la raccolta uscita per Mondadori col primo volume nel , che tratta della letteratura dei nostri emigrati in America dal al , e col secondo volume nel , coprendo il periodo che va dal al Dopo la mia ricerca i titoli diventarono Ciambelli non racconta solo gli italiani, ma le grandi opere, i sotterranei, la ferrovia sopraelevata, la metropolitana, i palazzi, i quartieri multietnici.

Sono trame a tinte forti: Ciambelli fu anche giornalista: Pubblica solo in America, ma fa in tempo a formarsi in Italia prima di andare via: Il suo vero nome era Alessandro Sisca, ed era calabrese: Ha anche un modo spettacolare di usare le parole, essendo stato un bambino prodigio: Quali sono i temi che principalmente ricorrono nella produzione letteraria degli italiani in America?

Prima della grande emigrazione in America si arrivava solo con i velieri: Nel primo volume di Italoamericana io racconto storie di gente che ha fatto sette volte il giro del mondo: Un altro tema molto presente sono le donne. Lei emigra per raggiungerlo, ma quando arriva a New York si rende conto di quanto lui sia ormai spregevole e compromesso con la giustizia. Nel frattempo lei si innamora di un altro: Ci furono nella letteratura nomi che parimenti li resero orgogliosi della loro provenienza?

Le arti performative sono quelle che cominciano a dare soddisfazione con la seconda generazione: Per la prima generazione la stampa periodica italiana fu fondamentale. I romanzi di Bernardino Ciambelli, ma anche tante poesie e altri testi, venivano pubblicati in prima battuta sui giornali, a puntate. Anche dal punto di vista della letteratura, le Little Italies ebbero una grande importanza …. Richard Russo ha vinto il premio pulitzer pochi anni fa. Ci sono tutti i nomi italiani della beat generation: La loro letteratura avrebbe potuto, o ancora potrebbe, avere un ruolo fondamentale per questa divulgazione?

Sono veramente pochissimi i casi in cui gli scrittori italiani della prima generazione sono stati pubblicati in Italia.