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The members talk about their struggles, how they feel sad as well and how they depend on the support of ARMY. Through this song, the members explain how they did not believe in themselves. When they are in despair and want to give up, they saw ARMY, standing at the end of the cliff and there they made us their last reason, the reason to go on with everything.

Despite all the hardships and tribulations, they went through, ARMY planted happiness in their world of despair. No one expected Airplane pt.

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BTS took a different direction with incorporating the Latin pop into this song. Through this super upbeat song that gets everyone on their feet dancing and having a good time, a deeper message is conveyed. He can save starving children by letting them take a bite out of his head, which is also filled with red bean paste.

So he returns to his base, which is a pastry shop owned by an old baker, who would bake a new head for Anpanman to replace his partly consumed head. The effort in making the people you love smile is worth it even if you as an individual are empty inside.

BTS’s ‘Love Yourself 轉 Tear’: A Track-by-Track Analysis

This song is about enjoying your time as you are. This song embodies youth perfectly and the heavy influence of EDM in this song speaks volume to what BTS is trying to get across. We are youth, we should enjoy our time as a youth. This is the perfect conclusion to the Love Yourself Tear album; with its eery start and hard-hitting emotional rap, it reminds you of the key message behind this album and the sadness and distress that it wants to portray.

As a song performed by the rap line of BTS, this song definitely stands out as it is not only a completely new style for them but also shows and an excellent display of their individual styles, while also demonstrating their proficiency and harmony as a team. We see the members step out of their comfort zones and hit us with probably their most emotional raps to date, and we even see members like Suga challenge vocals, at territory previously unseen.


All in all, Outro: Tear is very rightfully the outro to this album, as it leaves you overwhelmed, sensitive and emotionally vulnerable. This album incorporates everything that BTS is and more. The waiter just took my table And gave it to Jessica Simps shit! I guess I'll go sit with drum boy At least he'll know how to hit.

P!nk - So What Lyrics | MetroLyrics

What if this song's on the radio Then somebody's gonna die I'm gonna get in trouble My ex will start a fight. Na na na na na na na he's gonna start a fight Na na na na na na na we're all gonna get in a fight!

P!nk - So What (Official Music Video)

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