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I loved seeing him fight the growing process but maturing in spite of himself. There are a couple great scenes between Harry and the ex that highlight the changes Harry is going through. I also liked the story with Harry and his father which highlights Harry's emerging maturity. However, since life is so busy at the moment, I hardly got a chance to worry about this and it was by sheer luck that I came across a tweet that mentioned the release of this book at the end of October.

And of course from that moment on, Suddenly You was the one constant on my mind until I managed to grab myself a copy from the Harlequin E-book store before the actual release date set for the book. Sep 29, Jacqueline rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this one. One of the things I liked best about it was that is was a story that takes place in Australia and it wasn't Americanized.

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It really seemed like it was about people from Australia. So many times romances set there are stripped off anything that really adds any sense of place. Here Australian idioms etc. The romance was nicely done and I loved the hero and how he grew up over the course of the story. Jan 05, Michelle [Helen Geek] rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A whole lot of story -- great characters. I think, this one will be my favorite Sarah Mayberry read because of Harry.

He really is the perfect man. He's sown his wild oats. He has no intention of settling down with the 2. No intention, but you know? When you connect, you connect and this is what happened for Harry. More later -- maybe. Give this book a go. I hope like hell she does something about her book covers though. Nice story with realistic characters, sparking dialog and great chemistry. Harry, 31 years old car mechanic, is driving from work and looking forward to his typical carefree fun filled , no string attached, weekend.

Suddenly, he spotted a familiar yellow car pulled off the road and obviously broken. The car belongs to his best mate's ex-girlfriend Pippa. The last time they saw each other was six months ago at the hospital after the birth of Pippa' s and Steve's daughter Alice. Harry couldn't exp Nice story with realistic characters, sparking dialog and great chemistry.

Harry couldn't explain even to himself why he went to visit Pippa. His best friend, Steve, left Pippa as soon as he found out she was pregnant. He even offered money to get rid of the "mistake". When Pippa decided to keep the child, Steve washed his hands completely of her and the child.

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Pippa, a struggling single mother, juggles work and school and tries to stay financially independent. But it seems fate had other things in mind when her car broke down. The moment Harry and Pippa met on the sideroad you know how good they are to each other. Their chemistry is palpable and their back and forth is delightful. They struggle mighty to keep their relationship on a superficial level.

She didn't want to fall for the "wrong guy" again and he is divided by his conflicting loyalties to his best friend. But this is a romance so you know that HEA is just around the corner. Ugh, this was so good. This one I just loved. But you should all read it. Tattooed, baby-cuddling dudes, yes please. Oct 02, Shawna rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 09, CP rated it it was amazing. Romantic and sweet romance. I really liked the main couple. Sep 26, Kaetrin rated it really liked it Shelves: Why I read it: I'm a fan of Sarah Mayberry books and when I saw Dear Author had a review up which I haven't actually read yet it reminded me that I hadn't bought this one yet.

So I rectified that, stat. After the previous book I finished reading, I felt like a reliably good contemporary so I opened it up. He's got the perfect job, the best buddies and no com Why I read it: What worked for me and what didn't: How unusual is it to have working class main characters? Pippa is struggling to finish her teaching degree and working part time in a gallery as well as raise her 6 month old daughter.

Harry is a mechanic. No billionaires or CEO's in sight. It was a refreshing change to see a couple who could have grown up down the road from where I did get their own story and HEA. The depictions are realistic - I grew up at the lower end of the socio-economic scale and this felt familiar to me. Also, my best friend from school married a mechanic.

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  • He still fixes my car. It was also nice to see a couple in their thirties. Not all that much was made of their ages - Pippa is even a whole year older than Harry and it wasn't featured at all in the story arc. I didn't get married until I was nearly 31 so again, I can relate. Harry likes to be unencumbered - and not just relationally.

    Over the course of the book, Harry realises that maybe it's time to re-evaluate the whole "footloose and fancy free" deal.

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    His father owns a workshop - Harry did his own apprenticeship there but he has never wanted the hassle of owning his own business and so after he finished his apprenticeship, he deliberately sought work elsewhere. He's made it clear for years that he doesn't want the burden of the workshop. When Harry's father decides to take yes for an answer however, Harry is surprised how this makes him feel. There were a number of things in the story pushing Harry to change, not just his relationship with Pippa.

    He sees his best mate Steve in a new light and yeah, okay that indirectly has something to do with Pippa, but These things, combined with Pippa, seeing how she has had to embrace "being a grown-up" because of her daughter; all these things have an impact on Harry. Pippa doesn't change much through the story. She falls in love but there isn't much by way of character growth required. It is Harry who has to shift to be HEA material. I love stories like this because I'm mostly all about the hero. Harry is always a good guy - he doesn't treat people badly or lie to women about what he's up for but, essentially, he has to grow up and realise that there's more to life than being Peter Pan.

    And, over the course of the book, he finds that those things are things he wants. I spent enough time in Harry's head that I understood and believed his progression. Pippa deals with the realities of single-parenting and she's not blind to the relationship-killer that a small child can be.

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    Alice was utterly dependent on Pippa, and if listening to her daughter cry made Harry break out in hives and want to shimmy out the window on a rope made of sheets…well, this was going to be the shortest-lived inappropriate affair in the history of the world. Fortunately Harry is not fazed by a crying child and neither she, nor I, had to hate him. Harry is good with his hands - he can tune up cars and women especially Pippa with equal ease.

    I love a good handyman, don't you? The build up of sexual tension was fun and the scene where Pippa gets an eyeful of Harry's crotch when he's on a ladder fixing her ceiling was hilarious. Come to that, there is a bit of physical humour in the book which I enjoyed - not over the top slapstick, but the sort of thing that actually happens not that I'm admitting anything, mind you. He frowned, then entered the room fully. She slid farther away, instinctively wanting as much distance between herself and the source of her humiliation as possible, only to overbalance and slip backward into the tub.

    Her head hit the wall behind the bath with a thunk and she wound up with her ass in the tub and her legs bent over the side. She pressed her palms to her face. If the world exploded in a ball of fire right this second, she would be grateful and happy. She wanted to die. I got the impression that Pippa isn't a stick figure. Not a lot is made of her physique in the book.

    She is large breasted and full bottomed and I got the impression of an average woman, complete with a belly and everything. Harry doesn't notice any physical flaws and Pippa doesn't have a poor body image, so it wasn't a big deal. I like the idea of a heroine who might have a bit of cellulite. It is somehow comforting. One thing I did notice in this book and actually, also in Within Reach was the Pippa didn't seem to have any close female friends.

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    I'm not sure if it is more about the category word count, but it struck me as a little odd that she wouldn't have a close female friend or two. Instead, apart from her mother, Pippa was very much alone, until Harry comes along. Steve is a piece of work but Ms. Mayberry does manage to show his motivations. While they don't make him any less of a douche, it did provide context and dimension to his character.

    I wondered whether Harry would adopt Alice at some point and what that might do to his friendship with Steve. And, speaking of Steve, it wasn't quite clear to me how Harry and Steve were going to manage their friendship going forward. That's okay, the story wasn't about Steve and Harry after all, but even though there was some resolution between them about Harry hooking up with Steve's ex girlfriend and the mother of his heretofore unacknowledged daughter, the mechanics of it were unspecified and it was something I was curious about. I grew up in a working class suburb and I'm sure this kind of thing actually happens.

    I really need to read All They Need now because that features Harry's sister Mel and it is apparently where he first appeared. Mel and Flynn made important cameos in this book and I'm curious about their story. Dec 06, Rosario http: One night, heading into town for some fun, Harry Porter sees a car he recognises by the side of the road, clearly having broken down. It belongs to Pippa White, ex-girlfriend of a friend of his.

    That relationship didn't end well: Pippa became pregnant and decided to keep it, and Harry's friend has gone on and on about how she harassed him, even getting the government on his case to bleed him dry. Harry always liked Pippa fine, though, and he's a good guy not to mention a mechanic , so he stops One night, heading into town for some fun, Harry Porter sees a car he recognises by the side of the road, clearly having broken down.

    Harry always liked Pippa fine, though, and he's a good guy not to mention a mechanic , so he stops to see if he can help. Pippa is reluctant to accept anything from him, even a lift home, which he finally persuades her into.

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    After seeing her house and noticing that after a few days she still hasn't had her car towed, Harry suspects she must be suffering financially. Surely his friend will help the mother of his child, even if the kid was unwanted? It turns out, to Harry's surprise, that his friend is a real turd. Pippa isn't bleeding him dry; in fact, the sack of shit falsified his books so that it looked like his company was insolvent, just to get out of paying any child support. He's not giving her a cent. Harry doesn't think that's right at all.

    He's ashamed of his friend and he admires Pippa for the way she's been dealing with things, so he decides to help out with stuff, starting with her car. But spending time together leads to attraction, and soon they're both trying to remember why they shouldn't give in to it.. It's a setup with plenty of potential for angst, although mainly on Harry's side, really. He feels uncomfortable with the idea of a relationship with an ex of a friend, even if that friend was the one in the wrong and clearly doesn't have feelings for her any longer. He's also very uncomfortably trying to reconcile his friendship with the man with the knowledge that he behaved so badly to Pippa.

    That felt very real and painful. It's easy to think and that was my instinct that he should just dump the bastard as a friend, but I understood completely how the history they had together would make that easier said than done.

    There's also stuff going on with his father, who wants Harry to take over his garage when he retires, and doesn't understand why Harry would rather do the same work but independently. I loved the way that was developed. Harry's great, but Pippa I found much less engaging. I'm quite a heroine-centric reader, so that was a bit of a problem for me. To be completely honest, I think part of it might be that being on my own with a baby and struggling to make ends meet, forced to live a life very different from the one I'm living and enjoying now, is possibly one of my worst nightmares.

    My difficulty engaging with her as a character might have something to do with that. It's very probably an "it's not the book, it's the reader" situation, and I expect she'll work much better as a romance heroine for most readers. On the whole, though, and even with those issues, this was one I enjoyed very much. Feb 07, Frezanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thank all the agents and editors in Harlequin who found and nurtured Sarah Mayberry. If not, how can I be awed by her talents?

    This book is a testament of how talented Sarah Mayberry is as a writer. I know all the reviews here has already said it often, let me write it again: Her characters are so real. There is nothing fancy about the story in this new book. It's just about a bad boy fell in love with a single mother A plot that has been rehashed so many times by romance novels out th I thank all the agents and editors in Harlequin who found and nurtured Sarah Mayberry.

    It's just about a bad boy fell in love with a single mother A plot that has been rehashed so many times by romance novels out there. The only curve on this particular story is the fact that Pippa was Harry's bestfriend's ex. Pippa is studying for her diploma in teaching. All of them are normal people which we can relate to. Pippa is an ex-girlfriend of Steve, Harry's bestfriend.

    He dumped her when she found out she were pregnant. She's struggling because Steve didn't want to pay child support or visited Alice, his baby daughter. Harry is Steve's bestfriend so his loyalty is with Steve when the breakup happened. It's only accidentally that Harry met Pippa when her car broke down. They became friends again and attracted to each other. Harry saw how badly Steve has behaved in reneging from his responsibility so Harry was torn between his loyalty and his moral value.

    This is why I liked Harry so much. He is the type of best friend that everyone should have. A friend that will tell you when you did something wrong but will not let you go regardless. Steve is really lucky to have Harry as best friend. Sarah Mayberry managed to described the start of the relationship and the development so naturally and intelligently.

    The characterization was done so in depth. Not only the main characters, but also the secondary characters like Steve, Harry's father, and Pippa's mother I just realized Pippa's mother actually never come out in the story except through phone. All these secondary characters make the story richer. Nov 29, Sara HarlequinJunkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pippa is left holding the baby literally and figuratively when the father her ex boyfriend Steve walked away without a single thought or remorse for the well being of her or their little daughter.

    Steve refuses to pay child support and Pippa is struggling financially to keep a roof over their heads. When Pippa's car breaks down and she is stranded in the mid Reviewed at: I loved the way this story unfolded it was full of internal and external conflicts and emotional ups and downs. Sarah Mayberry I absolutely adore your books You constantly amaze me!!! Every time I think I have found a favorite you just have to go and write one better don't you ; Suddenly You is a must read, I loved every little bit of this book.

    It was funny, it was emotional, it was sexy, it was realistically down to earth. Aug 21, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: Love this - sexy, sweet and satisfying. Both Pippa and Harry feel pressure to be a certain something for someone else and so there's a lot of delicious resisting and verbal sparring and of course that makes it even yummier when they give in.

    And it's not just good sex and witty repartee - there's a scene between Harry and his father that had me near to weeping. I loved the relationships these two characters had with their families. I also enjoyed how Mayberry doesn't beat the reader over th Love this - sexy, sweet and satisfying. I also enjoyed how Mayberry doesn't beat the reader over the head with Mel and Flynn's from All They Need continuing HEA like so many other romance novels in a series seem to: Nov 02, Brianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think the thing I loved most about this book was how down to earth and realistic the whole thing was.

    There was no mastery strategy behind the actions of the characters. No one was trying to one up another or get revenge for some past misdeed. There were two people who had been friends who fall in love when maybe they shouldn't and then have to deal with life. All the characters, not just Harry and Pippa, have to make hard decisions and deal with what life throws at them.

    All the relationships I think the thing I loved most about this book was how down to earth and realistic the whole thing was. All the relationships the characters are involved in, not just the main romantic one, are important to them. They have to work for what they want and there is a time when each has to make a leap of faith and trust. This is a keeper for me. Nov 02, Jill Sorenson rated it really liked it.

    Really enjoyed this story about a struggling single mom and tattooed bad boy gone good. What I've noticed about the two Mayberry books I've read this one and Her Secret Fling is that she does hero transformations exceptionally well. They start out as decent men making normal mistakes and end up great men doing the right thing. It makes for a very satisfying read. Also, I loved the setting details and Australianisms. I could really hear the characters speak.

    Aug 21, Nicole Helm rated it it was amazing. I read this book in a day. Probably my favorite Mayberry. It just feels so real and normal. I know that's not what everyone looks for in a romance, but that's my favorite. Realistic, decent people falling in love despite a conflict that's rooted in reality and character. If I had the real book instead of the ebook, I would have hugged it to my chest.

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