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Ah, and that ALT guitaring: One iconic, one ironic. Be careful of believing this troubadour all the time. Whatever the medicine is, dear pal, keep taking it because it suits you. All he can do is worry- worry about changes, about loss, about what the future may hold. But the boy is here. Please, Baba, a story? It is an emotional rather than logical equation, an earthly rather than heavenly one, which posits that a boy's supplications and a father's love add up to silence.

Lee, "A Story", Rag and Bone , p.

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His son is still pleading for his story, but the equation is too charged with emotion for the two to communicate. When small boys plead, and fathers are absorbed with their worries they cannot talk, and they cannot tell stories. Only one result is possible: I know that the context of this story is a father telling a story to a boy. However, if I didn't know the context of the story, I might think that the story represents the identity of the man, his purpose in life.

It's like someone asking you, "Who are you? That would be sad. The man is sad he can't please his child. His five-year-old son waits in his lap. Not the same story, Baba. These lines remind me of my childhood when my dad or mom would put me to bed, and I'd ask them to tell a story or sing a song. If I had heard it before, like the boy in poem, I would ask for a different one. The equivalent of "dad" in a different language? Lee's parents were Chinese. It reminds me that our society grows tired when we think life becomes monotonous. We like new things, though we often don't like change.

These lines also help me picture a tiny little boy, sitting comfortably in his dad's lap, waiting for his treat. I think the dad is stalling, and sincerely asking himself, "Hmm, a story?? Why doesn't the father just grab one of the many books and read it to his son? But how much of the world does the father want to bring his 5-year-old son? Perhaps that is why he can't think of one In the vast expanse of the world, the father cannot think of one story. The dad is waiting for the boy to stop asking so he will not have to tell a story.

The father is impatient with the boy for asking and he is waiting for the boy to become impatient with him. However, this may be an example of the father coming home from work tired, too tired to spend time with his son. How many times are we too tired for the things that really matter in life? The father may be glad for his boy to give up on him now, but what about the future?

While his boy is only 5 years old, he is already thinking years ahead. He is not only thinking years ahead, he is "living" ahead. One of my personal goals this year is to live in the present. As college students, it is hard not to think about the future, graduate school, jobs, etc. Sometimes we have count-downs until spring break or we're worried about a big paper we have do. I think we need to slow down, we need to look at the little boy sitting on our lap, asking for a story. Hear the alligator story! The angel story once more! You love the spider story. You laugh at the spider. Let me tell it!

The father is thinking in the future now, imagining the time when his son does not want to hear the stories. No longer is the boy begging for his father's time, the father is begging for his boy. Perhaps the boy isn't a boy anymore. He doesn't need to hear stories of the world because he is going out in the world. The father says "Let me tell it! But the boy is packing his shirts, he is looking for his keys.

Silver Tears

Are you a god,. If he's looking for his keys, he is no longer a boy, but a young man. Maybe he is leaving for college. The man's words are no longer kind. Perhaps the father feels his son thinks he is above his dad. In reality, the little boy is still sitting in his dad's lap, but his dad is lost in imagination and is screaming at the boy, who in his mind, is now a young man. There is intense anger. There is no communication between father and son. Note, the father is sitting, he is not standing over his son, he is not bigger, they are equal. And yet, the father is not ready for that equality.

The father cannot talk, he is mute. The speechless are often considered "mute" or dumb. They have no voice, and the voiceless have no power. Now the father is comparing himself to a god. The father feels his son has too high expectations of him. The father is asking him, "Am I supposed to be perfect? First, the father compares his son as an uppity god who is above him, and then the father compares himself to a god. Does the father expect God to be perfect? Has he been disappointed by God in the past?

The father is angry. We return to the present, the five-year-old boy on his lap who is still kindly asking for a story. I am puzzled at the word "equation" because that implies the adding or subtracting or 2 or more things to find a sum, difference. It is as if the father is weighing the consequences of reading or not reading the story. If he reads the story, he keeps his "control" in the father son relationship, and keeps himself safe so in the future, he won't be affected when the boy leaves home or the boy is too good for his father.

If he does tell a story, he is supposedly giving in to his son. While this would create a deeper bond between them, he is thinking of the consequences of the future. Emotion is separated from logic. In this case, the father is going to rely on his feelings. Once again, there is a separation, heaven and earth. Emotion and earthly are connected versus logic and heaven. I find that contrast interesting.

I would associate emotions with heaven rather than the earth. Perhaps the father is thinking of his reference to god earlier, and that is why he chooses the earthly thought. The boy is simply asking for a story. Once again, the definition refers to "praying" yet another image associated with god, heaven. Somehow, I cannot put my finger on how it all ties together. Even after reading this poem many times, I am still confused by the ending.

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The father cannot honor the boy's simple request because he cannot think of a story. That is too simple. Because the father loves the boy, he feels he is keeping the boy safe by not telling him stories of the outside world, stories that might make the boy try to reach heaven, try to reach God??? In his silence, the father thinks he is protecting himself and his son from future pain when they both have to break away from each other. However, if he is silent, they will never have a chance to really know one another.

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We once again have the reference to "equation" mentioned earlier in the poem. The first word of this poem is "sad". For me this sets a solemn tone and creates confusion at the end of the first line. It would seem a man asking for a story is a nice thing. Now I notice that the man isn't asking, but asked, this has already happened and there is more to this story. This line makes the previous complete and concrete. The expression "come up with" grabs my attention.

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