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Consider the case of Facebook. The trick for the company and its managers will be to keep looking for opportunities to innovate on the fundamentally good idea, and not get bogged down in a massive new model of what Facebook should be. Iterating allows companies to adapt and adjust much more quickly and effectively than legislating or proclaiming what the future will be. This same point extends to strategy itself, that most complex of organisational challenges. Of course, some of this is inevitable as you get bigger.

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Talk less and do more. One final thought on simplicity, especially apropos to larger organisations. The bigger you get, the more important it is to organise your work across the various operations and activities of the firm. The unfortunate reality is that there is a necessary tradeoff between ensuring nimbleness in running your business and avoiding chaos that takes hold when management structure is an afterthought.

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Try out the newest stream computing software — free to download, quick to start. Organizations — and the people in them — must have confidence in the big data or they simply will not use it to its fullest potential. If you have any additional resources that we should add to this please let us know in the comment field. I really enjoyed this. I thought that the structure was great even though there was some overlapping of concepts throughout. I guess that, that's expected if one considers the subject matter of the book.

The interviews were really insightful. Personally, i was introduced to a lot of top level athletes from disciplines i did not even know existed. As someone who is interested in peak performance, and the mental element of it, i found this book quite inspirational.


Nov 20, Julia Webb-harvey rated it it was amazing. Human psychology fascinates me, but particularly the facet of how people improve. Of course I was going to buy it. Brolin has an easy, engaging, uncluttered way of writing.

In The Zone: How Champions Think and Win Big

This suits the subject matter, somehow more of that later. That said, I was in two minds whether to continue after the first 50 pages or so, because of the huge bias to motorsport narratives. I am hugely glad that I read to the end, through the conclusion to the acknowledgments. Part of the joy of In The Zone is reflecting upon its content, and fitting it to my own experience.

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So, as a book, I wish that elements of the conclusion were in the set up. It took him seven years, six without a publisher, and this deeply impresses me… and inspires me. That is a phrase that speaks to me, inspires me. It is a collection of voices with the same themes, but different experiences. Without a structure it would have been a rather rambling narrative. Self-acceptance in order to make the improvements necessary. I can see the flowchart that goes with it. This seems far more right brain, and more intangible.

SUCCESS MINDSET: Change The Way You Think To Win The Game!

I wonder, the construct of the publisher? A gift of a book, that grows and grows. Thank you Clyde Brolin. Clyde Brolin's book on The Zone is quite clearly a labour of love. His own passion for reaching an understanding of peak performance and the flow state permeates this inspiring book.

It's heavy on interviews with some of the greatest sportsmen and women from diverse backgrounds; this is not a 'how to' self help book and yet it will inspire you in a way that a tick-box guide cannot. He has gathered narratives from those who know what it is like to reach the zone and achieve success beyond most dr Clyde Brolin's book on The Zone is quite clearly a labour of love. He has gathered narratives from those who know what it is like to reach the zone and achieve success beyond most dreams, and the most fascinating aspect is that - whilst he has talked to the most dedicated and talented people - one can quite easily picture a better, more dedicated version of oneself in their shoes.

In The Zone is a joyful and optimistic exploration of self-actualisation - even if most of us are too late to win that Olympic or Paralympic gold, we're not too late to consider our dreams and how to achieve them. Sep 13, Sally rated it it was ok. The breadth of people interviewed for this is amazing but there is not enough detail about any of them for any profound discoveries.

Would have preferred half the subjects with twice the details. Left me wanting more. Oct 14, Craig Lock rated it it was amazing.