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The hall leads you outdoors to a cluttered courtyard with just a few enemies. You can get the drop on a couple guys, executing them with close-range attacks before taking to cover and clearing the yard. When the coast is clear, look for a doorway into the building to your left.

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The hall leads to a construction room with a few workers inside. Be ready to blast them quick, as there's not a lot of room to take cover.

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When the workers are dead, watch your back. A few more baddies will storm into the room through the same hall you used to enter. Take 'em down, then look for a lift platform inside the room. While riding the lift upwards, jump off at the second floor the elevator will keep going.

You can find another collectible phone number on the platform just above the door you entered this room from.


Drop down to the ground level and call the lift back so you can ride it to the third floor. As you move forward on the walkway, a door ahead will open as a guy peeks out just enough for a quick headshot. Just ahead is a small room with a window that leads outside. Crawl through the window to a fire escape and then climb the ladder to your right. Once at the top of the ladder, immediately take aim at the shattered window straight ahead. A construction worker fires a couple of warning shots that should let you know where he is.

Walk Through Darkness

Among those hunting William is Morrison, a Scot who as a young man fled the miseries of his homeland only to discover more brutal realities in the New World. Bearing many scars, including the loss of his beloved brother, Morrison tracks William for reasons of his own, a personal agenda rooted in tragic events that have haunted him for decades. Walk Through Darkness is a provocative meditation on racial identity, freedom and equality.

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