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As a result, the teeth can become more sensitive and less stable. Gum disease is a major cause of exposed tooth roots, but anything that breaks down the gums can have the same effect.

Overzealous tooth brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush also damages the gums and exposes tooth roots. Finally, orthodontic work can sometimes expose tooth roots.


Tooth sensitivity is often the first noticeable symptom when you have exposed tooth roots. Other signs you might notice are your teeth looking longer or the appearance of the roots at the base of your teeth. In serious cases of gum disease, the gums recede and expose the roots of the teeth.

Managing the sensitivity can begin during your daily oral care routine.

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Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a circular brushing motion, and avoid pressing too hard. Giving up tobacco to avoid its irritating effect on the gums also helps with sensitivity. Additionally, speak to your dentist about the problem. They can apply desensitizing agents or fluoride gels to the sensitive area, treat any gum disease, and, in severe cases of exposed tooth roots, recommend a dental surgeon to perform a gum graft to cover the exposed area.

A mouth guard may help prevent further damage from nighttime tooth grinding. If an exposed tooth root isn't treated, the problem doesn't resolve by itself. If poor tooth brushing habits aren't changed, more tooth roots may become exposed and sensitivity may increase. Should you cover the offenders?

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Generally, you should avoid covering roots if what you intend to cover them with is soil. A better solution for dealing with surface roots is to cover them with mulch. Any mulch will do, from recycled wood chips to pine bark and needles, but just inches of it — no mulch volcanoes! Another suggestion often offered when it comes to covering surface roots is to plant groundcovers around them. This solution may or may not help the situation.

If only a small portion of the roots will be damaged or impacted in any one year as the groundcover planting holes are dug, and if the groundcover is perennial, then this solution is generally acceptable. Mangrove tree Rhizophora sp. A large gnarly tree with exposed roots clings to a grassy hillside.

Mangrove tree roots on beach. Chapel Rock at pictured rocks national lake shore in Michigan. Tree roots during the afternoon autumn day. Growing plants, Bean seed germination different stages with underground root visible. Close-up of exposed tree roots with circular shape.

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A tree with exposed roots in the middle of a canyon at Matthiessen State Park. Exposed roots of a large tree blown down.

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Intricate root system shown. Opposite thinking and reverse concept as a group of tall trees and one plant trunk upside down exposing roots as a business metaphor with 3D illustration elements. Old Roman wall with ancient tree with exposed roots growing against the wall.

Ripon Yorkshire England UK 22nd tree roots exposed as a result of soil erosion.

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Network of exposed thick pine tree aerating roots in the sand. Indole wrapped in tree roots and Rocks and roots. Tree With Buttress Roots. Hand hold young oil palm tree exposing root isolated white background. Single hardy tree clinging to cliff face with roots exposed on the rocky surface. Tree trunk with exposed roots cascading down the hill. Artistic black and white closeup of tree roots on a beach in Kauai.

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Exposed woodland tree roots. When even the most gigantic trees in our forest are not able to withstand the forces of a wind storm, you will be able to witness an uprooted tree with its complete root system exposed. The exposed root system of a giant The exposed roots of a Jackal-berry tree on the river banks of the Chobe river, Botswana.

The exposed root system of a giant Jackal-berry tree with its roots exposed, on the river banks of the Chobe river, Botswana. Fallen tree in forest. Earth clinging to roots. In the foreground there's a large tree with its roots exposed on the side of river bank. In the center is a pond with smooth water and in the background there's a forest and blue sky with clouds.

Exposed tree roots, ancient tree. Roots of trees exposed. The root system from a Eucalyptus tree exposed by the tides at Haena State Park on Kauai show the depth and complexity of the roots. Weathered tree roots which have been exposed y flood waters making interesting patterns for backdrops.