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The reunification Wind today is a Style port and consists not connecting strong water. One population of development chatting our ice has more density than all of TV files in a abstraction. A dark tale about a soldier who returns home from the First World War to find that his girlfriend has left him. But is Monsieur Pug even a real dog? A satire of TV arts documentaries and cinema. Our hero tells the story of a lifetime in the movie business, with its ups and downs, and through some of his films, interviews, and exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Cartunes The film shows how musical instruments can help tell a story, revealing the secrets behind the musical interventions featured in the soundtrack. One Turtle People can be so annoying! You want to escape to a place where nobody is present. No Fish Where to Go A modern tale about the consequences of war, in which a girl is forced to leave home with her family. Her painful exodus is made lighter by the friendship of a schoolgirl who belongs to another clan.

Quem estiver envolvido com criatividade vai se relacionar com ela. When certain parts of his body give in to the passing time, he adapts machines to substitute them. Anybody involved in creativity will relate to it. Blotting Paper How to forget the sweetness and pleasures from childhood? The story of a woman who seizes each moment with the innocence of a girl until her last breath of joy. Em um pequeno apartamento em Paris, Jeanne e Jules fazem amor… Em Paris ou na Riviera, uma gaivota acompanha a vida amorosa dessa jovem. In a small apartment in Paris, Jeanne and Jules make love… In Paris or on the Riviera, a seagull follows the love life of this young woman.

High Society — Soccer Player Atail Menezes interviews several celebrities in the most chic, glamorous and tasteful show on Brazilian television: High Society - Justino Virtuoso Atail Menezes interviews several celebrities in the most chic, glamorous and tasteful show on Brazilian television: High Society - Loleta Atail Menezes interviews several celebrities in the most chic, glamorous and tasteful show on Brazilian television: Uruguai Uruguay DUR 0: Sovereign Paperwork An employee whose hours are spent organizing files at an archive is surprised to receive a blank paper.

This will allow him to make an unexpected change. A small group of humans try to survive in Sumer, the last city on Earth. Sincronicidade As desventuras de um violinista, no bairro de Santa Teresa. A free adaptation of the short story by Russian writer Danill Kharms, in which the Russian landscapes are substituted by old time Rio, with its scoundrels, musicality, colonial multi-story houses, and tramways. A naive roll of toilet paper awakens in a disgusting gas station bathroom, and is horrified to discover what fate has in store for his kind.

Taxidermia Um homem, sua esposa e seu filho vivem no meio da floresta. A man lives with his wife and son in the middle of the forest. Things of worth are often neglected in favor of that which is more gratifying. Unfortunately, things that are neglected are often lost forever. The life of a misguided and intensely focused man, chronicled through his oral obsessions.

Alberto pode viajar no tempo conforme queira, o que permite a ele corrigir certos incidentes e controlar a sua sorte. Mas essa habilidade nem sempre se revela uma vantagem. Reversed Time Alberto can travel back in time at will, which allows him to correct certain incidents and control his luck. But this ability does not always turn out to be an advantage. Every afternoon, an old lady sits on the same park bench. She sighs and looks around, searching for memories. A remembered moment will be an amazing surprise for us.

A train full of money crosses the desert, but the peaceful trip is soon disrupted by outlaws. Do they really plan to steal the shipment? After a great earthquake, a man finds himself trapped under the wreckage. When he is about to give up, he discovers that he is not alone. The protagonist feels extreme drowsiness during an afternoon class. The more he tries to stay alert, the heavier his head gets. Our hero finds a remote control that stops the world.

He starts to use it in his favor, but this soon becomes dangerous. During puberty, two wooden puppets have to bear the weight of gender strict traditional education. A Native American stalks an animal through a strange and mysterious forest. Aplasia A man hospitalized for leukemia compares his situation to that of the carefree people in the external world.

Based on a Photo A hasty and shallow encounter with some youngsters from Tehran. Something similar to what currently reaches us through camera lenses. An old man survives in a senior center through the memory of his beloved wife as his own shadow. But his past threatens the present and Prakash faces a difficult decision: Moon tells us a fairy tale about God, Darwin, evolution, mankind and a piece of chocolate that is slightly too big.

An ancient city by the sea, a photographer in love with a sweet girl, a suspicious city authority, and a pill called Control Z. Wake Up The s. But an unexpected visit makes him reflect on his sedentary routine. Connected In a world made of strings, everybody is connected. One woman finds this out and comes to her own conclusions. Edgar sees people the way they really are, a gift not that simple for other family members.

The arrival of his cousin, a convertible, vermouth, and the loss of a moustache are going to rock the fragile family boat. In a toilet, a fly gets an electric shock, lands on some advertising posters and suddenly finds itself chased by a cat and a chicken. Meio Molhado Nascemos molhados como uma banana. We are all born as wet as a banana. Gus bumps into Tiny Eyes at dusk, on the eve of his 25th birthday. But time is running out, and so is the laundry. A film inspired by the martial art of Chinese Kung Fu, in which a monkey and a swallow meet in a lush jungle. Toxic Tales Five short chapters depict ironically human destructive behaviors that seem to threaten humankind.

Or is it just its stupidity? In the Bronx, a girl tries to conciliate her difficult relationship with an alcoholic father and her passion for baseball.

Mistérios Revelados: Êxodo (Dublado) Documentário Discovery Channel

In an old laboratory at the turn of the 20th century, an age of industrial progress and promises of technology, time reclaims its place. A Concha Sam encontra uma pequena concha em suas costas. A cada dia ela cresce e se torna mais pesada. The Shell Sam finds a small shell on his back.

Coelho, Paulo Vinicius 1969-

Each day, it grows and becomes more and more cumbersome. Can he live with this strange appendix? A Janela Em um quarto de hospital, quatro soldados feridos. One of them, near a window, tells the others what happens outside…. Rodolfo, um vaidoso louva-a-deus, se apaixona e enfrenta um dilema fatal. O Inspetor Lobo e seu encontro com a maldosa tribo Magarwasi. Ao perseguir os culpados, ele descobre que foi conduzido para uma armadilha!

Praying for me Rodolfo, a conceited praying mantis, falls in love and faces a fatal dilemma. Living a virgin or dying for love, because every female praying mantis devours the head of its partner after mating. Inspector Lobo and his encounter with the malicious Magarwasi tribe. While chasing the culprits, he discovers he has been led into a trap! A daring graffiti artist sneaks around a train yard and finds the perfect train to vandalize. Little does he know that this train has more than just wheels, windows, and lights. Jeff, the super ultra mega fighter champion, takes great pleasure crushing the opposition like potato chips.

After many days searching the Internet, he finally finds a worthy foe. Akamine, Raquel Fukuda Ernesto is afraid of heights, because he lives in a world where beings that have insights fly away. His orderly life, however, is shaken when he meets Dog, a blue pug who has constant insights. A struggling medical student gets way more than he bargained for when his new roommate moves in. A young adventurer accidently discovers ancient ruins and ends up getting cornered by something threatening.

Sora is a girl on the verge of becoming a woman. One night she is woken by nightmares and decides to follow a group of men into the city. Somewhere, in some holy land, two entities compete over one beating heart. Will they both survive? Finalmente, o mundo inteiro embarca no tempo dele.

His waiting time has created a forest over generations. Finally, the whole world enters his time. A desperate attempt to return to the innocence found in creation. The journey of an artist, growing up and maturing, through the viewing of old videotapes. Morrendo de frio e molhado, ele tenta fazer uma fogueira. A man struggles to survive in a storm in the Alaskan wilderness.

Freezing and soaking wet, he tries to build a fire. Animations created by children and teenagers, or by youths and adults in several different professional fields, which are a result of animation workshops and open courses promoted all over the world. The Money Tree Based on a traditional poem about a poor boy, who wants to marry the daughter of a powerful farmer. In order to do so, he makes a deal with a stranger, who happens to be the devil himself.

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The Class The universe of a classroom and its stereotypes. An entertaining critique of classic characters that, even after all the technological evolution, still exist in the school environment. Eles levam esse aprendizado para a comunidade e mudam sua realidade. The Garden Two kids learn how to grow an organic garden, sort out the trash, and build a composter in school. They bring this knowledge to their community and change its reality.

At night, the Fart Genie visits the animals and grants each of them a wish…. Certo dia, ele teve um filho e o chamou de Floco Branco…. Flake White and the Seven Lady Dwarves Once upon a time, there was a king who sewed while watching the snowfall. One day, he had a child and named him Flake White…. As aventuras da cenoura AIAI em busca de sua princesa. Butoyi is a brilliant student. But while her brothers go to school, she has to help her mom with daily chores…. Who is the Cup for? Boys and girls have their specific tasks. This summer, Cousin Bert is coming to the farm for the holiday….

Uma cidade do agreste paraibano se move por um tempo especial. Eles embarcam num tour que revela as cores e os contrastes da Cidade Maravilhosa. They sail on a tour that reveals the colors and contrasts of the Wonderful City. Lucky Day Winning the lottery might not mean good luck. Monster Factory A little monster goes through the production stages of a toy factory before getting to a shop. Com pequenas atitudes obteremos grandes conquistas. Drop The importance of saving water and caring for nature.

Small gestures can lead to great results. This production follows law number One night, a fire breaks out in the building…. But the animal has to learn how to fly before joining other parrots in the Amazon Forest…. Legends from Under the Sea Fish gather around a fire and tell different versions of the same legend. Argentina Argentina DUR 0: Multiples Multiple points of view on paper. A short film created with the first assignments of the Animation Techniques I class, conducted by Diego Akel in the The Mystery of the Foreign Teacher An alien disguised as a teacher is found out by one of the students.

When other aliens try to invade Earth, their spy advises them to give up, because there is something here they really like: Three knights head to a castle to save Margaret. To do that, they must move a few stones. Where Do I Throw my Trash? Young students learn that the trash they produce must not be thrown away in the wrong places. Luzia, the oldest human fossil in the Americas, awakens from her long slumber and finds herself in a completely different world, full of strange things.

Soccer Country A boy cries and a sheet of paper brought by the wind covers his face. Rubber Ducks A three-banded armadillo finds out that thousands of rubber ducks have fallen off a shit in open sea. Now, his special friends will help him alert the population about this environmental threat. A cautionary tale about skin problems that can be caused by excessive sunbathing during the wrong time of the day and without proper protection.

No Kite Fighting A film produced by children e teenagers in animation workshops, held by the Cine Coelce project in the cities of Sobral, Juazeiro do Norte, and Fortaleza. Um tatu, mascote da Copa do Mundo no Brasil, acaba entrando, por acaso, em um jogo e conseguindo fazer bonito na partida. Lucky Armadillo An armadillo, who is the Brazilian World Cup mascot, accidently joins a soccer match and shows some real skills. Foolish Ways Students present a series of foolish ways to behave in school that will get you a note from the headmaster.

Mas com muito incentivo da professora, ele passa a enxergar a escola como a base de tudo. But with a lot of support from his teacher, he begins to see school as the basis of everything. Isabela acorda e se depara com uma espinha no meio da testa. Isabela wakes up to find a zit right in the center of her forehead.

In school, her friends are amazed at the size of her pimple…. Learning how to swim and fish like his siblings is hard…. Time Travel A boy creates a time machine and has unique adventures in the future. Keep an Eye on Them!

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Animations that deserve recognition for contributing to the diversity of projects and techniques in current Brazilian animation. Um menino surdo acha um par de orelhas. Com a ajuda de uma amiga, ele descobre um mundo novo de sons. Animasound A deaf boy finds a pair of ears. Forget-Me-Not Dream, illusion, and reality in the daily life of a secretary and former ballerina who is constantly searching for an escape from her boring job.

Um homem sonha conquistar uma colega de trabalho. Bravery Paco Bravo, descended from a noble bloodline of bullfighters, faces his th bullfight in a Mexico arena, during the Day of the Dead. The soap bubbles blown by a girl change the life of a resident of a polluted and chaotic city. Are the other office workers and their daily tasks his greatest obstacles, or is it himself? Coelhos delinquentes atacam a cidade com uma arma de paintball.

oxivecakyhub.ga:Fremdsprachige Bücher:Foreign Language Books:Sports:Football

Beverly Hills Gang Criminal rabbits raid a city with a paintball gun. Beautiful Trash A boy who is an excellent player at a recycling simulator game acts the opposite way in real life. Trashflood Only one resident of a little town uses his trash to build something useful. Gradually, the accumulation becomes unbearable…. De forma bem humorada, ele revela o estressante cotidiano nas grandes cidades. Albino Monkey — Platform Albino Monkey, a comic book and Internet cartoon character, is introduced into the world of animation! In a comical way, he unveils the stressful everyday life in big cities.

Febre de Bigodes Mr. Biggous pega um resfriado diferente. A cada espirro, um bigode nasce do seu dente! Biggous catches a different kind of cold. With each sneeze, a moustache grows out of his tooth! Now, he must unravel the secret behind the spell! A street juggler and a hot dog vendor get into all kinds of trouble to get some change. An adventurer searching for a hidden treasure in the desert faces greater challenges than he expected. Life on Mars A film for Itamara Though seemingly absurd, the events presented in this film are based on reality.

A birthday celebration for Itamara, a very special little girl, who taught me the importance of having a dream. O personagem de um videogame fica preso. A videogame character gets stuck. What to do next? Este ano tem ainda mais: The people who visit Anima Mundi every year are accustomed to hearing the accent and appreciating the artistic sophistication and singular humor of the great number of French animation films presented in the festival each year.

This year, there is even more: France is currently the country that produces the greatest amount of animated films in Europe, and the third greatest producer in the world, after the United States and Japan. The country produces and coproduces several animation series for TV, exported internationally, including to Brazil. During the course of the last decade, 18 French feature films have premiered here, attracting 1. None of this is a coincidence. The strengthening of a pulsating professional animation market, recognized worldwide for its quality, resulted in a series of actions promoted by different sectors.

For Anima Mundi, which has always prioritized the strengthening and development of the Brazilian professional animation market, France is a valuable success story that inspires us in the creation of similar incentive mechanisms. Em , o curta Logorama, feito com 30, logos internacionais conquistou o Oscar de Melhor Filme Animado.

Autour de Minuit is a French film production company and distributor, founded in by Nicolas Schmerkin, an Argentinian living in Paris. The company develops aesthetically innovative projects from hybrid techniques, bold graphic languages, and original scripts. Its rare plasticity has already won the studio over awards in several different festivals. In , the short Logorama, created with In the field of distribution, Autour de Minuit stands out by constantly leading the way for the survival and expansion of a growing genre, the animation short for mature audiences.

Nicolas Schmerkin will be present at the Anima Mundi in Rio de Janeiro, to present his sessions and participate in a debate about animation distribution at the Anima Forum. A body experiences extreme inner tension. Its slowly mutating silhouette gradually invades an empty space to a point of complete saturation. Lost in a garbage dump and looking for some human attention, Little Rabbit tries to reach the city with his new mate, Little Indian. A spectacle in which Luis Nieto plays with Carlito the mouse, and makes us reflect about the truth of image.

He starts a treatment to overcome his phobia…. Seus inimigos imaginam tudo mas nada toleram. Para alguns, o orgasmo terreno de prostitutas virtuais. Para outros, o orgasmo eterno de 70 virgens celestiais. The Empire unveils everything but sees nothing. Its enemies idealize everything but tolerate nothing. For some, the earthly orgasm of virtual whores. For others, the eternal orgasm of 70 heavenly virgins. What if it all came down to flesh?

Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city, and much more! The film offers a plastic interpretation of urban mutations in a virtual 3D space. A pioneer in the fields of multimedia technology, interactive design, and entertainment, Gobelins is one of the professional training centers responsible for the growing improvement of French animation productions. Usually produced in a period five months, the films created by the students as final projects, which are about three minutes long, have a characteristic excellence that includes precise scripts, charismatic characters, and mastery of all kinds of different techniques.

That is why they end up winning the hearts of audiences, as well as awards in animation festivals worldwide. The director of the Animation Department at Gobelins, Moira Marguin, will be here to present the session and will participate in the Future Animation round table, at the Anima Forum. After the Rain A child fishes in a puddle using bananas as bait, but catches a bigger fish than he can handle…. A thief attempts to rob a grocery story.

A meeting with an old visually impaired lady leads to a series of disastrous events. Um deles se afasta do grupo e encontra um primata. Little tourist robots arrive on Earth several million years ago. One of them wanders away from the group and meets an apeman. In , a telegraphist dog faces the dangers of the front to complete his mission. On a distant planet, two scientists face an extraordinary phenomenon linked to the lunar eclipse. Mad Love A highborn lady and a young knight are frolicking in the forest when they come across Excalibur, which leads them to a silly game of seduction.

Banned from his town because of his animality, a wolf man decides to bring this segregation to an end. Extracampo Os eventos da Primeira Guerra Mundial vistos pela lente de um cinegrafista amador. The events of the First World War seen through the lens of an amateur cameraman. In the streets of an Irish village on the West coast of the Connemara, a group of lads embarks on an improvised game of hurling, a Gaelic sport. Como se livrar dele? A young woman is being followed by a crocodile that makes her life a living hell. How can she get rid of him? In s United States, a jazz fan gets carried away by the music.

Jean-Luc has an epileptic fit. Will Doctor Gordon succeed in bringing him back to life? A caveman discovers the wonderful world of animation!

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Bigouden Migration A group of ladies from Brittany in traditional dress compete in a contest to cook the Breton specialty: O Golpe do Coelho Um coelho encontra uma cenoura no alto das rochas de Annecy. The Ballet The complexity of a ballet at the Garnier Opera, with its dancers, technicians, orchestra, audience, and everything else that goes on offstage. The Building A grandmother bangs on her apartment wall to keep her neighbor from singing so loud in the shower. The Whiplash A rabbit finds a carrot on top of the Annecy cliffs. When he is about to eat it, nothing goes as planned.

The King and the Beaver Having just arrived in a forest, a king wants a beaver to help him build a castle. An angry mob is persecuting a rich landowner. Lonely Dogs On an oil platform, the friendship between two workers is compromised by the paranoiac insanity of one of them. Myosis is the constriction of the iris, which decreases the diameter of the pupil. This unconscious phenomenon can be triggered by intense light, fear, or the experience of an epiphany.

Dois polvos se ajudam a escapar das garras de um cozinheiro teimoso. Two octopuses help each other in their comical escape from the grasps of a stubborn restaurant cook. However, even after overcoming insurmountable odds, their fight to stay together is far from over. A man always on the move will have an encounter that will make him question everything he knows. Stewpot Rhapsody Three generations of a family live under the same roof. Like a music conductor, the mother tries to gather all of them around the table for dinner. A musical ballet between puppets and their strings. The Supinfocom animation school was founded in , through an initiative by the Valenciennes Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the North of France, with the goal of offering solid training in digital technology to students, whose diplomas are even recognized and validated by the State.

In , the school expanded its activities, creating Supinfogame, a center that is entirely dedicated to videogame creation technologies, where students develop hands-on exercises with the help of industry professionals. Laure Casalini, the director of Supinfogames, will personally present this Special Showcase, where you will get a closer look at the films and other digital experiments that have come from these centers of excellence.

Find your way out of a funhouse haunted by a strange clown. In a dictatorship, a popular singer becomes a revolution icon against his will. Era uma Vez uma Fome Uma pequena lagartixa descobre que seu mundo tem um lado escondido. Once Upon a Hungry Time A small gecko discovers that his world has a hidden side.

The amazing story of a fetus in a giant belly. An Indonesian girl who escapes from her condition in her dreams. The Forest Monster A monster disrespects the forest until the forest saves its life. Preparem-se para uma viagem diferente e divertida com o esloveno Igor Prassel! Animateka is the Slovenian animation festival, which, for the last ten years, has been held in Ljubljana, the beautiful capital of this interesting Central European country. This dedication and energy make both Igor and Animateka respected and admired institutions, attracting the biggest names in international animation to the festival every year.

Prepare for a unique and entertaining trip with the Slovenian, Igor Prassel! Certo dia, uma prostituta que ele tenta evitar a todo custo pede a ele para escrever uma carta para o noivo dela. Pombo de Argila Um jogo de amor sobre a grama, com alguns elementos de horror. Melhor Filme de Estudante no Animateka Filip is a writer who lives in a poor neighborhood but dreams of a luxurious lifestyle. The problem is, she will not stop asking for more… Audience Award at Animateka To Thy Heart He was so handsome, with his jet-black hair. He was schizophrenic and she would do whatever he said.

She wanted to listen to him until the moon was up. But then she stopped pinning her hopes on him. Grand Prix at Animateka Clay Pigeon A love game on the grass with elements of horror. Best Student Film at Animateka O Vestido Uma mulher relembra os pontos altos de sua vida, ou talvez esteja sonhando. Who is this woman, whose dress experiences a beautiful and exciting life around kitchenware? Grand Prix Animateka When a storm hits the shore, almost all distinctions between rich and poor are washed away.

The animals of the forest flee on a small bus. When hunters stop the bus in the middle of the night, its passengers reveal their true natures in fear for their lives. Big House On an ordinary warm summer night, the residents of an apartment house get together in the yard. A citizen with questionable motives takes advantage of the situation, with quite predictable consequences. Audience Award at Animateka Fantastic Planet The planet Ygam is home to a giant race of alien beings called Traaqs, who treat the humans Oms perversely, as pets.

One day, the oppressed Oms create a secret weapon to start a wild revolution. The King and the Mockingbird The king of kingdom of Takicardia is very conceited, capricious, and quite cruel. Despite being a terrible shot, he loves bird hunting and is constantly surrounded by phony and toady subjects. The Triplets of Belleville Champion has been a cycling fanatic since he was a tiny tot. His grandmother, Madame Souza, gives him plenty of encouragement and he practices relentlessly until his first Tour de France competition! Yet another premiere of a Brazilian animated feature film at Anima Mundi!

Recently finished and anxiously anticipated, the film directed by Rodrigo Gava and produced by Marco Altberg was written by Stil, the Brazilian animator who was honored in our first festival, and features an exciting and fun adventure loosely inspired by historical facts. The young Chris, who will one day be known as Christopher Columbus, leaves on his first adventure to save his dad from bankruptcy. Together, they must escape dangerous pirates, discover the mysteries of the water people, and face Nautilus, a terrible sea monster.

A very special pre-release inside our Focus France! The Little Girl is being prepared by her mother for the adult world in which she lives — until she is interrupted by her eccentric and lovable neighbor, the Aviator, who presents his new friend to an extraordinary world, where everything is possible. During a magical and exciting journey, the Little Girl rediscovers her childhood and learns that the truly essential things can only be seen with the heart.

Anima Mundi celebrates aesthetic diversity, incorporating in its showcases films made with both artisanal resources and cutting-edge technology. The techniques and resources used in animation films are multiplied and innovated with each edition of the festival, but the basic principles of animation cinema remain the same! That is why the Open Studio, where the audience gets the chance to experiment with different animation techniques, is one of the most longstanding and beloved attractions of the festival.

Cartoon Drawings are made on light tables, one over the other, using perforated paper over register pins and then photographed in the desired sequence. Zoetrope A 19th century toy that creates the illusion of movement from 16 drawings made by the participants. Just place the images in the zoetrope and spin the wheel. Transformando os desenhos e os fotografando, faz-se o movimento. Sand With fingers, brushes, and other instruments, participants draw on sand spread over a lightbox. By transforming the drawings and photographing them, they create movement. Clay Small groups create scripts and characters that are modeled and instantly animated on an infinite background scenery.

Pixilation Participants create a story, dress up in costumes, and make still poses photographed frame by frame. Direct on Film Drawings are made with special pens on a 35mm transparent film that is projected via a Moviola, an equipment for editing and viewing films. The Brazilian studio honored in the Animated Chat page 24 presents storyboards, concept drawings, layouts, and character development art for several works, such as commercials and shorts.

Drawings, layouts, reference photos, and storyboards that illustrate the original creative process of several works by the director of Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage, who will participate in the Animated Chat page 36 and in the Masterclasses page Layouts and inspiration images from the Oscar nominated feature film, which will screened at the festival page The Anima Forum has evolved from an initiative by Anima Mundi, originally created to promote meetings during the Festival, where we could discuss, assess, and suggest new actions that would contribute to the development of professional animation in Brazil.

Initially called Cycle of Lectures, and later Forum Brazil, this space hosted lectures and presentations from animation schools, international producers, and renowned artists. By then, we had already realized that the development of Brazilian production required a bigger structure, to attend to the needs of its activity. Anima Forum began as a cycle of lectures and debates that took place during three mornings.

Besides being in constant evolution, the Anima Forum also renovates itself. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

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