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What does the mobile network state mean? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Chat Mobile Computing Web 2. Systems Monitoring for Dummies: What's really going on in that Cisco ASA of yours?: Compliance is Not Enough: Planning a Complete Security Strategy: Protecting Your Web Apps. Its simplicity, however, is one of its b est features: You can also resize the chat windows to make use of as much space on your screen as you want. Google has replaced Google Talk with Hangouts.

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You can download Hangouts here. I hope google talk never end. Great and interesting not like the others app,you can chat with friends around the More I hope google talk never end. Great and interesting not like the others app,you can chat with friends around the world with just one click.

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Google would pay the pr More a very good ex Google App. More Stuff IDK what specifically!!! Google talk was Hero but hangouts is Zero. A good username is your first initial, followed by your last name, and then a series of numbers. Your password should be complex enough that it isn't easy for others to guess, but not so complex that you can't possibly remember it. Read our article about how to make a good password for some advice. You are asked to enter your current e-mail address so that if you ever forget your password or username, Google will have a secure place to send it to.

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Click the "Next Step" button. This button is located at the bottom of the input fields. Press the button in order to confirm your information.

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  • You may be asked to re-enter some information. For example, if your username has already been taken by another user, you will be prompted to choose a new username. Download and install the latest version of the Hangouts plugin.

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    If you have Safari or Firefox, you will need to download the plugin at this link: Chrome will already have the plugin installed. Click on the big, blue "Download Plugin" button in the top right of the window. After seeing the notification that your download has started, click on the downloaded file that ends with ". Access your contacts, make calls and send messages. Look on the left side of your screen to find the icons that correlate with this functionality. The icons should all be beneath your profile picture and name. The icon that looks like a tiny person houses your contacts.

    Double-click on a contact's name to start a conversation with that person. The icon that looks like a dialog box with a quotation mark will show past conversations you have had over Google Hangouts. The icon that looks like a phone will let you make new calls to any of your contacts. Assuming that you are signed into the same Google account on your mobile device, you will see all the contacts from your phone as people available to call. Open up Google Plus. Go to this web address: Click on the speech bubble icon in the upper right corner of you screen.

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    Clicking on this icon will open up all the Hangout features accessible in Google Plus. Send a text message. Enter the name of the person you want to talk to in the input box next to the magnifying glass. The input box should say "search for people. Click on the name of the person you wish to talk to.

    Then, type your message in the "send message" input box. Start a video call. While in a conversation with a person, press the icon in the upper left corner of the chat box that looks like a video camera.

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    Add more people to the conversation. While in a conversation, press the icon in the upper left of the chat box that looks like a person next to a plus sign. You will be prompted to type in the name of the person you wish to add. Click on the smiley face icon in the bottom left of the chat box. You can pick from a wide variety of different faces to better express your emotions over text. Send a picture over chat.