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Linda Fairstein is the perfect author to set a series of juvenile mysteries in New York City. Who knows it any better than the author of the Alexandra Cooper novels? Fairstein, a former prosecutor for Manhattan, utilizes the city's landmarks as essential elements in her mysteries. When Liza comes out, she and Devlin chase after a man that Liza claims cut a page from a rare book in the Map Division. It's a chase that ends in the subway, but Devlin has a poor photo of the man. Unfortunately, no one believes the two girls, including Devlin's mother, Blaine Quick, the police commissioner of NYC.

But, Devlin believes Liza. Together with Devlin's friend, Booker, the three do research at the library, and, using a few resources at One Police Plaza, or the Puzzle Palace as Devlin calls it, they narrow their suspects to three. Devlin's online research, and their interview with a librarian, reveals a world of valuable maps and ruthless thefts of maps.

How do three young people track down a map thief when librarians, scholars, and the police have not yet caught him? It features a trio of intrepid young sleuths, a library, and New York City sites.

Into the Lion's Den

The three amateur detectives, led by Devlin Quick, utilize online resources, modern detective methods, and their own ingenuity to find and trap a thief. It's an entertaining, fast-paced mystery. I hope today's young mystery readers are as eager to follow future adventures of Devlin Quick as I would have been at that age.

Bratty, self-involved kid, daughter of the NYPD commissioner involves herself in a mystery which involves accusing her step sister's boyfriend of being a thief and lying to an NY Public special-librarian. Dec 18, Kara rated it really liked it Shelves: Okay, so usually when authors of adult fiction try to write in the middle grade or young adult genre, it's not usually so successful. I am really picky about requesting those books because usually they are terrible.

But in this case, it worked pretty well. Into the Lion's Den was pitched to me as a modern Nancy Drew, and that's exactly what it is. I was a huge Nancy Drew fan as a child. I read so many of those books, and this was very similar. Intelligent beyond her years teenager helps someone w Okay, so usually when authors of adult fiction try to write in the middle grade or young adult genre, it's not usually so successful. Intelligent beyond her years teenager helps someone with solving a crime, and said crime takes her and her friends all over New York City.

It's fun, it's exciting, and I really enjoyed the tightly plotted story. This is the first book in a series. I have no idea how long it's going to be or if the entire thing will be in NYC, but I'm excited to see where it goes next. This is exactly what I am looking for in a middle grade novel. Adventure, excitement, and a great story. The only complaint I have? I liked her, but 7th graders do not speak the way she speaks. It is entirely TOO adult. I wish the author had taken more time to understand how kids actually talk.

Even intelligent kids do not use the turns of phrase that Devlin uses. There were times it got a bit bizarre and yanked me out of the narrative. This sometimes happens when adults write children, and I hope it's more realistic in future books. Jul 10, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: This might be the last time I take book recommendations from a middle schooler. For a book that takes place entirely in our world, with no magic or fantastic elements, it was thoroughly unbelievable. The entire mystery revolves around the main character's friend kinda-sorta, not really, seeing someone steal a page from a library book.

Instead of going to the librarian, the friend chases the possible book destroyer out of the library where she runs into the main character, who decides this i Ugh. Instead of going to the librarian, the friend chases the possible book destroyer out of the library where she runs into the main character, who decides this is a worthwhile mystery and sets about using all of the resources of the NYPD to track down this person and the possibly stolen page. Oh, her mom's the head of the NYPD, so naturally Dev knows absolutely everything about policing, because all children know everything their parents do about their jobs.

It was like reading Nancy Drew, but not as interesting. This book, written for the eight to twelve age bracket, is a fun read for adults, too. Although the characters in Into the Lion's Den all seem a bit too good to be true, I had to remind myself that I wasn't reading my usual fare. Devlin is smart and resourceful-- a born detective-- and her grandmother Louella "Lu" Atwell is my favorite adult.

This is a fun, fast-pac This book, written for the eight to twelve age bracket, is a fun read for adults, too. This is a fun, fast-paced, intriguing read for children, and it makes a nice change of pace for adults, too. How about some quality reading time together? Dec 06, Peter Swanson rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a good example of a book aimed at a young audience which can be enjoyed by adults.

I'm about the same age as the protagonist's grandmother, and I found it to be—in the words of someone—a Rattling Good Yarn. The adolescent characters are shown as intelligent and sensible, as are the adults. It's a refreshing change from much entertainment created during the last 30 years, wherein the kids are wiseass little manipulators, and the adults are clueless comedy relief, horrid, or both.

It was a This is a good example of a book aimed at a young audience which can be enjoyed by adults. It was also great fun to learn about the inner workings of a massive library, as well as the world of collectible maps. Sep 26, Kari rated it really liked it Shelves: The student they are hosting from South America, Liza, thinks she sees a man tear a page out of rare map book in the special collections room of the New York Public Library.

But who's going to believe a year-old girl? Clever premise, and well-written. I look forward to more in the series. Dec 07, Kevin Tiemeyer rated it really liked it. Even in a children's book, Linda Fairstein conveys a lot of the history about a location. This time the New York Public Library.

Though the mystery itself was ok; it is her telling of tidbits of the legendary library that made it worth reading. I am eager to see what she does with the characters in the next installment and what NYC landmark the mystery will take place.

Tionne Rogers' World: More on Into the Lion's Den

Then again, it might not be NYC. While the premise of this book wasn't bad, the writing did not work for MG. Some adult and YA authors seem to really find their stride in MG, but it didn't happen hear. The characters felt forced and unrealistic. There's better MG mysteries out there. Pass on this one. An awesome kids crime book. Devlin and her friend Liza work to track down a criminal mastermind stealing valuable pages from irreplaceable books.

Devlin is thrilled —now she can help solve a mystery —something her mom does all the time as the Police Commissioner. With the help of her friend Booker as well —the trio discover the world of antique maps and the theft of them. They find some suspects and get to work investigating. I am always on the lookout for a good mystery, so with its cover appeal I was excited to read this book. Its easy to see why Nancy Drew is older —she has some autonomy. The big bad plot about the stolen maps is kind of boring —as are the suspects. Combine this with overly long and I found myself struggling to finish reading it.

Mar 09, Emily Carlyn rated it liked it. I may have ruined myself by reading a review before though, but I got weird vibes from this book. That made it all cheesy and unbelievable. The characters fell flat as well. Decline was kind of rude and Liza was too timid. Aug 20, Katrina Weiss rated it did not like it. We are the ones who suffer his bad mood when the boy shouts with him because he has done something nasty.

Milan took the highway to the airport and Guntram was surprised by the change of route. She learned well her lesson and has muffins this time. Too bad you go away because we are going out to celebrate it without him. He wants to go to bed early. A couple of young, recently married, traders from UBS was not fitting in any of those categories, but keeping the Summus Marescalus of one of the most powerful and secret organizations in the world sleepless, was a serious offence. The young couple had laughed shamelessly at his face when Goran had complained five weeks ago, much to Guntram's horror.

They swore it didn't belong to them, but they had to accompany the police officers to the police station. Two days later, the couple was released without charges, but with a serious warning. Instead of taking the normal and sensible course of action, the Americans decided to throw one party after the other and Goran's lack of sleep was trying everybody's patience as he was more impossible to deal with than ever before.

He was not going to relinquish his territory: Finally, Goran bought the flat two weeks ago, and evicted the rowdy young couple, offering a compensation of Goran told them he was planning a party with General Kalashnikov. The idiots didn't believe it and their dog went to the south for holidays. Guntram paled at the last sentence and quickly checked if the children had heard it, but they were busy exchanging trading cards from the Sendung mit der Maus with each other.

The yuppies left yesterday and the flat is in perfect conditions. Goran hasn't lost his touch. It needs a painting job. Great view over the lake. Guntram still couldn't believe the story of Konrad beheading five men for treason. My Konrad is violent, I know, but he wouldn't do something like this! It's just too barbaric! The black Audi Q7 parked in the airport's private area, near the jet's nose and the boys ran to the engines to make a close inspection of them, while Marie, the stewardess did her best to look professional and bear the required complimentary smile.

Guntram noticed that Konrad's car had not yet arrived and there was no one from the bank around. He called the boys and they ran back to him and climbed the stairs up, excited to be in their father's plane once more, after Guntram had given them a long lecture on how to behave inside planes. True to their word, the boys behaved like two young gentlemen in the flight back from Vienna, drawing or playing with some cars over the mahogany table. It's a short flight today and I have prepared a small refreshment for the princes. I have to serve the food.

I'm the spinster now. So it happens, Guntram.

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Even Holgersen got a girlfriend in the internet. The boys waited for Marie to serve them a glass of milk and ate in silence while Guntram searched for his mobile phone in his jacket. He dialled Goran's number and the Serb answered after the second ring as usual. Are you in the plane now? How do you know?

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Right, don't tell me. Milan told me that you got rid of the bugs in your flat. I'll sleep much better. Tell me if you need some paintings for the walls. A published one even! Sleep well before the construction workers invade you. Three nights at the Opera or in a concert to cast away that dreadful music made by low-class gangsters from my mind.

This is not folklore or even pop music! I'll go home and open a Facebook account and one in Twitter too. Still chuckling, Guntram hung up and checked that his young charges were still being nice. Konrad stood at the entrance -unnoticed by Guntram, more focused than the boys in drawing some reading cards-, and contemplated the domestic scene he had yearned for so long to participate, but he had been denied because of his own foolishness and Guntram's stubbornness. Repin would have stolen my Guntram had it not been for the distraction his wife created. Getting rid of that slug was the best thing ever.

My boys couldn't have found someone better than my kitten and I couldn't have had them without him. Still unnoticed, Konrad crouched next to Guntram's large seat -the young man was concentrated on the final touches of the BEAR- and noticed his two little devils containing their laughter and pretending to be busy.

Thank God'- and kissed deeply his love on the lips, almost making him shout at the unexpected attack. Guntram preferred to keep himself quiet while the other man took the seat on the opposite side.

There's a huge Dinosaurs exhibition again, Giants from Argentina or something like that with the largest dinosaur in the world. Unique pieces and the boys should take a look at them before they return to the Pampas. We will stay at my house there. Rosenkrantz will take care of the boys. Once the boys gulped their dinners in their haste to watch the film, Konrad sent them to sit in the aisle of four seats and allowed them to watch the film, while he dined more relaxed, sitting next to Guntram, enjoying when the boy leaned his head against his shoulder, looking for some cuddling and comfort.

Guntram de Lisle's Diary. September 15 th Monday. When will I learn that Konrad von Lintorff has always something hidden up his sleeve? I still don't know. Once more, I've been moved and forced to take holidays for a full week and no one bothered to ask me if I had free time.

Had it not been such a wonderful idea, I would have been shouting with Konrad for a long time. I'm in a hotel-farm near Fulda now, in the middle of a natural park and we're supposed to stay here till Sunday afternoon when we will return from Frankfurt to Zurich. We were apart for a long time. The boys don't believe this house belongs to their father; there's no children's room like in Zurich, London, Rome, Sylt or Buenos Aires. It's a turn of the century villa in Frankfurt, near Kennedy Allee and I'm still surprised how can you still own such a large places, surrounded with trees and quiet, less than 10 minutes away from the main financial area.

It's just across the river, so to speak. I was shocked by the frenzy pulse of the city. I mean, I saw all those skyscrapers from the distance and when we were crossing the bridge, but it's really impressive once you're in. Is there no risk of mistakes? Because in Buenos Aires is the same.

Hot girls and hot stocks living in peace and harmony. Guess, Monday mornings are also the bankers' working days. The car left us in front of his building; belongs to him, but only uses the six upper floors for his business -it has wonderful views of the city- and the rest is rented to some of his friends or associates. I briefly saw Ferdinand. As it was sunny, he told me we could walk to the Something Frankfurter Hof, a hotel where he normally has lunch when he is in the city.

It was a huge shock to see him speaking to the newsboy -well a man past his 80's, who had a news stand on the square where the ECB stands-. He spoke for some minutes with him and I couldn't understand a single word and the spoken language seemed to be German. Perhaps I should return to school. It comes from the Darmstadt area. My father learned during the war because this man and he were comrades in Stalingrad.

His family had a farm and moved to Frankfurt in the 70's. My father learned the dialect in the trenches and taught me some. We were always speaking it when we had to discuss personal or sensitive matters. He was one of the last soldiers to leave Berlin. Surrendering to the Russians was a hard blow for his pride, even if he was nothing more than a lieutenant in the regular army. Our lands in Mecklenburg were seized by the Russians and our castle bombed. At least, we were able to get all the artworks and send them to Switzerland before the war started. After the war, my grandfather moved to Vaduz and lived there, reconstructing all that was destroyed.

He relaunched the Order and made its rules more flexible. My father married and moved to Zurich with my mother, although she wanted to remain in Liechtenstein or go to Vienna. Arranged marriages are not a good solution. My parents barely tolerated each other and after having my brother, my mother didn't want more children.

It took seven years for me to come and when I did, for some reason she despised me since the first day. I did my best to please her, but nothing was good enough. When my brother passed away, she hated me more than ever before. It wasn't really my fault. I was not even there.

You don't know how you would react if you lose a child. I don't know too.

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Don't know why Guntram still considered Repin as kind when Repin basically murdered everyone who flirted with Guntram. Hence the head-banging-on-wall naivety Konrad is only better in that department, but not by much. This version only reinforces my belief that Konrad was the lesser evil of the two when it comes to loving Guntram. View all 4 comments.

Jun 17, Thuly Tran rated it it was amazing. While it is not necessary for new readers to read "The Substitute" first in order to understand the book, it provides a better background to the important side characters like Goran, Frederich, Ferdinand, and etc. However, one drawback is that the readers can't help but compare the two books and the different way the characters are portray. Since I already read TS before picking up this book, it amazed me how some characters will act the same even if they're in a different situation while some I While it is not necessary for new readers to read "The Substitute" first in order to understand the book, it provides a better background to the important side characters like Goran, Frederich, Ferdinand, and etc.

Since I already read TS before picking up this book, it amazed me how some characters will act the same even if they're in a different situation while some I am actually surprised at. One of which is Goran who I see played a bigger part in supporting Guntram in this book I absolutely adore him versus Ferdinand who is a bit on edge toward Guntram. To the popular question in TS where the readers start to question themselves whether Guntram is better with Constantine or Konrad, the answer might be tough for some to swallow with the ordeals that Guntram has to go through.

Both men are cruel,controlling, possessive, and terrifying but are terribly obsessed and in love with Guntram. Is he better off with the mafia boss who kill all that tried to steal Guntram away or the duke of the powerful secret organization that hides his own insecurities behind his alpha-male position. It almost seem like the person has to be crazy to even choose! I sympathize with Guntram like never before because he actually need someone to love him Sure, Guntram has his dad but I doubt he really needs him since his name wasn't the one being called when Guntram is in the hospital.

Through all of this, I guess what only matters is that Guntram truly loves Konrad as he admitted himself. Tionne's style and the characters' dialogues are just so beautiful and effortless that I am only pleased to have the books in my possession. It's only the start of Guntram and Konrad's life together in which I am dying to find out the next step. Jan 16, Jerry rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an interesting alternate universe of The Substitute.

It starts with Repin working at getting Guntram to his bed instead of Konrad. Guntram is still naive and he still belittles his art ability. Repin seems to have a better ability to handle and pursue Guntram. Unfortunately Repin treats Guntram like a toy.

Tionne Rogers' Blog

Terrible things happen to Guntram and he jumps at the chance to be a "hostage" with Konrad. At the castle he falls in love with Konrad. This situation almost causes war between the two This is an interesting alternate universe of The Substitute. This situation almost causes war between the two advisories. Gun tram's father is still alive but has changed identities to conceal him from Konrad. He comes back into the fray and makes things both better and worse. Guntram is very much weaker in body but stinger in soul.

A HEA is strongly hinted at, but not conclusive. Everyone around Guntram wants to control him. It takes a lot from him but in the end I believe he will achieve a good amount of independence. I did not like Repin in either book--just a major slime ball. I am neutral about Guntram's father. I really liked Konrad in this book. He showed a lot more emotion and understanding. I missed the cathartic artwork of the Italian mistress and how that showed how good Guntrsm really is as an artist. I loved seeing more into the inner workings of the Order. I wished there was more about the babies, but maybe that will be in the sequel.

I would love to talk with the author about her reasons for creating the two different books. The main characters are the same but some the circumstances are different. It makes me realize there are thousands of possibilities of what can happen when you place these people in motion.

I gave 4 stars to "The Substitute" dropped from 5 due to grammar and editing. I am giving 5 stars to "Into the Lions Den" because the grammar and editing are better. The story of both is well beyond a star system, however they both still need work. The contractions thru out ItLD are atrocious, but there were less continuity issues. These are deeply moving books. I am very glad to have read them. The charchters will stay with me a long time.

I am very happy to place them in my favorites shelf. View all 16 comments. Jun 29, Lilia Ford rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's almost as if Rogers wrote an AU fanfic of her own novel: Plotwise it's crazy stuff since Constantin is like Konrad on steroids--at least as controlling but in a far more manipulative, deceptive manner, n It's almost as if Rogers wrote an AU fanfic of her own novel: Plotwise it's crazy stuff since Constantin is like Konrad on steroids--at least as controlling but in a far more manipulative, deceptive manner, not leaving out the fact that he's a possessive, murdering psycho.

He more than makes up for the fact that Konrad here is marginally less crazy and abusive. But since this is the world created by Tionne Rogers , bizarrely a case can be made that Constantin is actually more likable than Konrad--go figure. An added advantage is that Into the Lion's Den has a tighter plot and better editing, including a much reduced role for the loathsome Stefania, as well as being available for e-readers. View all 6 comments. May 31, Moniqee rated it really liked it. In the beginning, I wonder how would this parallel story be different from The Substitute.