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Look along the sides for panels to throw your axe at to tilt the pendant to the side, then jump to it after climbing the block. From the pendant, climb over it and jump down to an upper balcony to find a Legendary Chest that holds Blessing of the Frost - a Heavy Runic Attack. Head to the dock that leads to Thamur's Corpse, and while facing the Mystic Doorway, be sure to look up to spot a small green glowing raven perched on top of some ruins above you - far enough away you can barely hear him.

Head down the lift and you'll find the raven down below in the arena. Play to your strengths for the first Valkyrie fight. Because Gunnr is the easiest of the bunch, you can find what works best for you while getting a taste of what these unique fights are like. Prefer a defensive Kratos? Use gear that elevates your protective stat, or dump all of your points into strength if you'd rather try pummeling Gunnr.

Now is also a good time to test out what talisman you'd like to use for your fights. The Reaml Shift talisman is a solid option. As you're acclimating to the speed of these Valkyries, being able to slow down time at key points in their attacks could make the differense between life or death.

Gunnr has many attacks at her disposal, but most of them can be blocked if you learn the pattern. Her main attacks will either include swiping with her bladed wings, or summong a scythe for a lunging attack. If she charges at you at ground level with a scythe, you'll either need to parry her first staggering attack or get out of the way, as simply blocking it will knock you off-guard for her follow up spin.

She can also do this after slicing with her wings - or she can end the wing slice combo with an unblockable wing jab from her right wing. For this reason, if you are dodging - always dodge right, so you don't accidentally roll left into her jab. He features all of the same attacks as the standard Trolls such as the thrusts with the pillar and the swinging pillar move too. He adds an Ice Stomp to his arsenal of attacks, when you see the left foot raise and glow, get back because a series of Frost based fissures will shoot out of the ground. Likewise, whenever he slams the pillar into the ground, he will cause a Frost based shockwave.

Once his health is depleted, trigger the finisher with [R3] to fell this frosty fiend. At max level it does solid Regular, Frost and Stun damage in a line based attack. These add a unique stance change by pausing after an [R1] attack and then pressing [R1] once again causing the axe to fly around Kratos.

Return to the main room now and push the mine cart as far as it will go. Head over to the wheel now and spin it back as far as it will go to lower the claw over the mine cart. Before you follow Atreus, head back to the lift you just took and look around to the west side of it to find a Hacksilver chest hidden behind the rubble. Pick up the pace and catch up with Atreus to spot the jets of fire in front, Kratos sends Atreus through the tunnel to your side and then wait for the fire to stop before making your own way past.

For the next trap, wait until the final jet goes out before making your leap across the gap. Wait for the nearest jet to pass you by and then head in, following it around and climbing up the first ledge nearby to snag a sack of Hacksilver. Wait for the flames to pass again and then drop back down and continue to follow it around, picking up another sack of Hacksilver in the middle. A Projectile Draugr will spawn on a platform at the back, use the pillars as cover from the flame jets and toss your axe at it to defeat it. Leap the small ledge and defeat the next Draugr as you continue around to the wheel and use it to lower the column into the ground.

You can now head over and open the coffin to obtain the Plated Pauldrons of Focus.

God of War boss guide: How to beat Hraezlyr

The elevator only rises a short distance before stopping, jump off this platform to find a small sack of Hacksilver along with a Hacksilver chest. Return to the elevator and push the other rock off to continue your ascent. Your pleasant journey will be interrupted by Draugrs who wish to do your harm, thankfully the elevator is large enough to accompany you all.

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Make use of area of effect Runic Attacks and Summons and pay attention to the fact that you can knock enemies off the elevator for easy kills. The elevator will rise a little more before getting stuck on the side of the shaft and another group of Draugrs see this as an opportunity to continue their assault.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

At this point, the elevator will continue to rise as more Draugrs arrive on it. Use the same methods such as area of effect and Runic Summons to clear the elevator of hostiles. The next time the elevator gets stuck, an Ogre joins the party along with yet more Draugrs. Turn your attention to stunning it at all costs before beginning the mount process, using the now controlled Ogre to knock the Draugrs over the sides. Once the enemies are slain, pick up the loot on the ground including the rarer resources from the dead Ogre. The elevator will continue to rise while you tackle this monstrous fiend.

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Rapidly press the [Circle] button to wrestle it free and send it hurtling towards the Dragon, knocking it back. As the Dragon scampers off into a cave, the elevator will be caught on his tail dragging you into the cave along with it.

Test this out for yourself right now, pick up a Shatter Crystal from nearby and throw it at the World Tree Sap obstacle in front, destroying it in the process. Follow the path and shimmy along the wall to the next stump, pick up a Shatter Crystal and toss it at the Sap to destroy it. Continue to follow the path through the cave, leaping the gap and taking note of the screaming ahead. Once he has spewed the lightning, look to the ground to spot static circles, be sure to avoid these indicators of where the lightning will strike.

The Dragon will then follow this up with another charge up of electrical energy which, when fired, will cause more static circles to appear around the arena. Beware now as the Dragon clambers across the arena to the other side before rising high in the air and slamming down to the ground, creating a shockwave that will shoot towards you.

This can be blocked without penalty so be sure to have your shield at the ready once you see it rise. This time, once charged up, the electrical discharge will be in a line along the arena and the effect will persist on the ground, dodge to either side and pick up a Shatter Crystal, throwing it at the Dragon to damage it heavily again.

Once again the Dragon will turn to electrical blasts again, repeat the tactic of dodging and throwing a Scatter Crystal to cause it to fall to the ground once more and ripe for more strikes from your axe. The dragon follows up with two more smaller stomps before lunging in for a bite. Two Shatter Crystals will bring the Dragon to the ground, dash in and strike some more and wait for the [Square] button prompt to have Atreus fire an arrow at the rope holding the claw in the air, bringing it down on the Dragon.

Sindri rewards Atreus with some new arrows for his quiver and then asks Kratos to procure a tooth from the Dragon for him. Oblige and head over to the gaping mouth in front of you and use the axe to break one free, obtaining a Dragon Tooth , Dragon Tear and XP along with it. Shock Arrows have fantastic use both in and out of battle.

Shock Arrows are where Atreus truly comes into his own in battle. They are by far the best arrow type for him to use and should be a permanent fixture as your go to arrow. These arrows will allow you to lock down enemies in place and when combined with certain Runic Summons, gain complete control over the battlefield. Be sure to visit the Skills screen and purchase as many of the Shock related skills that is available to you, this should be your main priority for skill unlocking for the time being. He now sells the Superior Resurrection Stone which will restore more health upon use, sell your old one and buy this one.

Sell any Artefacts you may have on you and any unwanted armor to gain more Hacksilver. Head into the now accessible cave ahead and when you reach the makeshift ladder at the end, look to the right to see a Legendary Chest tangled with vines. These are known as Nightmare Parasites and they enhance their hosts with a health regeneration effect as well as increasing their damage, whenever you see one of these, put them down quickly. Move to the left side of the sap covered bucket to find a Shatter Crystal you can target, take aim and destroy it to remove the sap from the bucket.

Head to where the bucket is and search behind it to find the next Artefact hiding at the back. Turn behind you to find a wheel, begin moving the bucket up using the wheel and then have Atreus aim at it once it sits in front of the next sap obstacle.

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This releases another two Nightmare Parasites, thankfully there are no hosts for them to infect so make use of the Shock Arrows to put them down. You can now climb the block in front and jump up to the ledge above. Follow the path into the dark cave and be prepared for an ambush from a group of Hel-Reavers and a Hel-Walker. Use Atreus to pin down the enemies and then switch to barefisted to deal with the the Hel-Walker, your axe will only deflect.

Get the jump on them with a Runic Summon if you can and then focus all your attacks on the Hel-Viken first. These are more durable than their standard counterpart and take some beating to put them down, if you can, try and knock them over the side or fill the stun gauge to deal heavy damage with a Stun Grab. Head back to the previous room where you may have spotted a Nornir Chest along with the entire area covered in sap.

Begin by picking up a Shatter Crystal and throw it at the portion of the bridge at the back before shooting it to lower the bridge a little. Now pick up another Shatter Crystal and use it to destroy the sap just above your head to gain access to the bridge itself.

As you cross the bridge another two Hel-Shadow Archers and a Nightmare Parasite infected Hel-Viken will attack, quickly take out the archers with arrows while you focus on stunning the Hel-Viken. Look to the west here to see the first Nornir Rune nestled in the rubble and then use the nearby wheel. This will raise the bridge to its upper position, lock it in place by tossing the axe at the gear to your right and cross to the other side before recalling your axe. Be careful when you open this, a Hel-Walker will reanimate and attack, defeat him to receive the spoils inside.

Pick up one more Shatter Crystal as you cross the bridge again and destroy the sap obstacle to your right to find another Lore Marker. Follow this path and climb the wooden ladder at the end and open the large doors to finally reach The Summit.