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I am not going to mention the series because that has been done so often in other cases and I know I tends to irritate me — not going there … And what can I say … it did not last long and my mind was drawing lines to connect dots in the plot right to THOSE books…. Still I can not get all those thoughts out of my mind because really there are a lot of similarities in the plotline but the characters themselves are completely different.

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If there is one thing I do not like about these books it is the triangle factor. I always struggle with that — no matter the novel. The blurb never mentioned that and I am not sure what my reaction would have been when it came to choosing this book to read it — if I had known about that. Other than that I am not really sure what to say about the plot that has not been mentioned in the blurb. Telling much more would be spoilering parts of the story and I think I already did enough of that by simply mentioning the triangle … But on the other hand these few lines feel insignificant and insufficient for the quantity of pages that I read.

So lets stick to feelings during reading. From the first pages the reader feels welcome in this new world that the author created. It seems to be a simple world and the reader is slowly eased into the plot. Then step by step this world becomes more complicated until you realize that you have been drawn into it and I could not put the book down. So yes I am happy to have decided that I will only start reading until this series is completed. In total the way this story is written it might have been better to make the characters a tiny bit older… more college than high school, because they felt so grown up … all of them from the first page on that some moments you wondered how old they really were.

Oct 12, Dai Alvarado rated it liked it Shelves: Los personajes no me encantan. Eso por no decir lo mucho que se infravaloran estas chicas. Apr 24, Sandra Love rated it it was amazing. Reviewing for Hooked on books. Ghost, demons, necromancers, and Witches Oh my.. This book had me addicted on page one. Page after page I had to know what was about to happen. The author did a great job making this intriguing, and taking paranormal to the next level. Carrie went to Iowa to spend the summer with her grandparents.

Later in the book you find out her secret. One day Lucas walked in to the store and her life is turn a co Reviewing for Hooked on books. One day Lucas walked in to the store and her life is turn a complete Carrie finds out what this secret is and her world is turned upside down.

This is a wonderful book and I am glad I read it. I promise you this, you will not be disappointed in this book. It is definitely a must read. Nichole for writing an amazing book. Jan 14, Laura Thalassa rated it it was amazing. Books like The Spirit are the reason that I love the paranormal genre so much. It has two star crossed lovers—and a forbidden romance—an intriguing mystery, spooky villians, and a delightfully eerie ambience.

I loved seeing her grow throughout the novel—especially at the end. I absolutely loved Lucas. I loved the idea that he and Carrie are soul mates—it makes the whole relationship that much more sweet.

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The setting in The Spirit was the perfect place for a supernatural tale—the American Midwest. The plot—okay, two words: Lucas Love the tortured souls! There is no coming back. Carrie running through the corn field—the situation and the ambience gave me shivers! Nov 19, Debra Lavoie rated it really liked it Shelves: The Spirit is a wonderful paranormal love affair. Here we have a story about a regular teenager in high school with a broken family. Carrie goes to live In Villisca Iowa with her grandparents for the summer. This mystery is anything but regular; it involves The Moore House and death, demons, ghosts and a few other supernatural entities.

Carrie falls in love with Lucas and soon learns his secrets. Nichole King has written a very good novel with believable characters; she has the teenage angst down pretty well. I loved her telling of her story and look forward to the next in the trilogy The Body Oct 30, Christy rated it really liked it. Yeah let that sink in, lol. The Spirit created a world where the focus was the character storyline and not the creature storyline. I feel as this is the best way to introduce a series, with this slow build of information.

I am literally jumping at the chance to read book 2 now. This author is to now on mine to be read list for any new books. Jan 14, Temperance Elisabeth rated it it was amazing. I am honored to say that I helped critique this book in its early stages. The characters are deep. The story line is captivating.

The attention to detail is perfect. Page after page, I was left craving more of this wonderfully captivating tale of true love in the face of insurmountable odds. The Spirit has a balanced mix of all the right ingredients to make for a book that will steal your heart from chapter one to the very end. Nichole King is, in my opinion, one of those timeless writers who I am honored to say that I helped critique this book in its early stages. Nichole King is, in my opinion, one of those timeless writers who delivers what readers want.

Apr 29, Heather Duff rated it it was amazing. But you will be pleased to know I finished the book during the day! On arrival in Villisca she starts to experience strange things like cool drafts and she also sees a strange man staring at her with bright green eyes. But of course she puts this all to the back of her mind and gets stuck in to her new life, her grandparents have a farm which her grandad works on and her grandma runs an antiques shop which is where Carrie will spend her summer.

The town is also the unfortunate site of a house where a family where murdered many years before and it suffers from the notoriety that goes with it. Carrie keeps experiencing the strange draft but tries not to think to much, whilst working in the shop an attractive stranger comes in, one who causes a lot of hormonal feelings to rise to the surface and he has bright green eyes! She cant stop thinking about him! She also has another man on her mind, Mike, who is charming and interested but as Carrie keeps thinking about the guy with the green eyes he doesn't stand a chance.

The attractive stranger is Lucas and he starts to get to know Carrie a lot better. But he is hiding something beneath his charming behaviour, he never seems to eat and he doesn't want to reveal anything about his past. But Carrie is smitten and starts to experience the first flush of love. This book is truly awesome, my problem now is how much to tell you without giving you spoilers! Carrie starts to get more involved with Lucas but the course of true love is never easy and a extremely large spanner is thrown in to the works, he disappears for a while and she tries to continue without him, getting to know Mike a little better but he is a poor substitute for Lucas.

It was at this point I actually really wanted her to get together with Mike, he is such a nice guy and good with horses!! After discovering what Lucas is hiding she finds out a lot more about the town she is living in, she also finds out that strange forces are at work and people who she though unremarkable are anything but. As I said this book is awesome, it scared me several times remember reading in the dark is a no no it was romantic and it had really great imagery too, the scene near the end with the storm was phenomenal.

Its also the first book in a trilogy, Carrie, Lucas and Mike are great characters and a really can't wait to see what they come across next, at the end of this book there was hints of vampires and werewolves which is right up my street! I award The Spirit 5 out of 5 though I should really deduct a point for scaring me!!!! Apr 01, Dede rated it really liked it. So, every time, when I read fantasy, I remember why I love to read. It world is so perfect, because the limits are not that strong. We can escape in that world that brings to your mind perfect creatures.

The Spirit reminds me of that perfect world of fantasy. This book is about a girl named Carrie, who is send to there grandparents. Her mama and her father are divorce, so she is kinda feel left out and aban " Years on earth were nothing but milliseconds in forever. Her mama and her father are divorce, so she is kinda feel left out and abandoned by them.

Carrie is a strong character.

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To be send away for the summer, away from your friends that are there for you when you have a difficult time, to be away from the place that you grown up. But still, she manage to be strong and built a small life in Villisca. This town has a secret and soon she will find out. She has a beautiful and a strong power to be selfish and brave, kind in the same time. Apr 29, Marcia rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is book 1 in the Spirit Trilogy, you definitely need to read these books in order, though the second two are not yet published at the time of this review. Unexplained cold breezes, strange men with glowing green eyes, and the Villisca Axe Murder House.

Officially, Carrie is there for a break, staying with her grandparents while her mom and dad go through a break up. She has had to leave h This is book 1 in the Spirit Trilogy, you definitely need to read these books in order, though the second two are not yet published at the time of this review. She has had to leave her mother, her best friends, and her home behind. She meets a very nice boy, Mike Carson, when he stays for dinner after working on her grandparents farm.

After a rocky start, they start over and start hanging out. Soon after, she meets Lucas when he comes in to her grandmothers antique shop. Lucas leaves her speechless, she is instantly drawn to him and his extreme good looks.

Diamond Spirit (Diamond Spirit 1)

With two boys vying for her attention, Carrie must navigate the strange happenings in Villisca, from eyes outside the kitchen window to the unexplained cold breezes. Add in ghosts, demons, and witches and you have a great young adult novel that will keep you turning the pages to the very end. I read this book in roughly 4 hours. I kept having to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, and definitely to keep you wanting more.

While this book wraps up this story arc quite nicely, there are two more books planned in the series and readers who hate to wait for follow ups should keep that in mind. Sep 18, Neilliza Swaffar rated it really liked it. Will Carrie help Lucas find his soul and crossover? Or will they find a way to stay together. Read and find out. This beautiful story of Carrie and Lucas, was refreshing as this is my first ghost love story and I loved it.

It was sweet, it was interesting and super addicting. I cannot wait to dig into the next book in the series. View all 3 comments. Apr 22, Tammy Hall rated it it was amazing. The Spirit is a unique twist on how one may perceive ghosts and the after life. Th story takes place in Villisca, Iowa the town that had one of the most horrific and gruesome killings in the early 's that unfortunately went unsolved. Now although this is the town the story takes place in it is not what the story surrounds itself with.

No The Spirit is a little different and shows us that sometimes love can bloom in the most unexpected way. Families can talk about mixing books you like with online fun. Did you read this and immediately go find your spirit animal on the website? Will you go back to the website before the next book comes out?

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Stay up to date on new reviews. Her once-in-a-lifetime-horse is a little chestnut fellow called Reo. Karen has an Arts degree majoring in communications and a diploma in horticulture. She has syndicated a gardening column in several newspapers throughout Australia, published feature articles in various magazines, and published photographs in bushwalking guides.

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Teachers reviews This book is the first in a new trilogy by Karen Wood. Although no horse lover myself, the plot of this book contained enough mystery and drama to keep me reading. There is an interesting cast of characters, each with their own issues and foibles. The story opens with the start of the summer holidays. Jess suspects Shara knows more about this accident than she is letting on and their friendship is in jeopardy.

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Jess makes some new friends who encourage her to enter the campdrafting competition and win some money towards buying a new horse, Walkabout. I would recommend this book for ten to fifteen year olds, though I think girls would enjoy it more than boys.