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The history of interpretation concerning the correlation of a person with the number has only resulted in endless speculations.

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One of the most prominent candidates has been the first-century Roman emperor Nero. This rare form of Nero's name was actually found in an Aramaic document from Qumran cf.


John's play on Hebrew words in the Book of Revelation at 9: It is also noteworthy that a variant reading in Greek New Testament manuscripts exits that cites the number as "" rather than " There was also a belief in a revived Nero as the antichrist from the first century cf. Irenaeus, however, wrote within a century of the apostle John and did not mention Nero. A few modern scholars have noted that the numbers can also argue for a connection with Babylon and Nimrod.

The list is expanded with the creative use of numbers during times of modern crises e. It is possible that John merely intended the number to be symbolic of what the beast and his followers represent: John explains in The number 7 is well established as a number of completeness or perfection.

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The number 6, being one less than 7, may symbolize humankind, which falls short of perfection. Irenaeus notes that the image set up by Nebuchadnezzar was 60 cubits high by 6 cubits wide. The number could well personify the imperfection of man, even implying in the triple number the unholy trinity of the dragon, antichrist, and the false prophet. The identity of those who follow the Lamb or the beast is self-evident to the observer, whether it is the first century or the eschatological future.

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The vision calls John and his audience to discern the spirit of sinful humanity that accompanies the antichrist rather than to decode his identity. See also Numbers, Symbolic meaning of ; Revelation, Theology of. Bauckham, The Climax of Prophecy ; I.

Beckwith, The Apocalypse of John ; M. Boring, Revelation ; G. Deissmann, Bible Studies ; G. Massyngberde Ford, Revelation ; R. Mounce, The Book of Revelation ; H. Swete, Commentary on Revelation ; J.

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The mark of the beast will clearly manifest those who accept or reject Satan's definition of good and evil. It will be used to fulfill the devil's lust to be the only being humans worship Isaiah In order to fulfill his goal, however, he first needs to know or mark those who agree with him.

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  • Those against him are quickly found and killed Revelation All those not martyred will worship him as a deity. There are several reasons why the literal number will not be the mark of the beast placed on people's heads, arms and so on.

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    The most obvious justification it will not be used is that most humans, even those with no religious background, think it will be! Satan operates based on subtlety and, in a world which he has deceived Revelation A person in the end time could avoid the dreaded number and STILL have the mark of disobedience through their unwillingness to repent see Revelation 9: The true mark of the beast is a heart that refuses to submit to the commandments and the actions that follow those choices.

    Those who choose to obey God, though they lose their lives, will be rewarded with eternal life. May the Lord help you make the right decision and avoid his wrath in the fearful Day of the Lord Joel 2: What is the mark of the beast? Is it a special number that will be forced upon people? How big is Satan's evil army? What is the lake of fire? How is related to wealth?