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Check out our favorite moments from the Emmy Awards! All the best photos from TV's biggest night. The Passionate Pilgrim Filmed on location at Hever Castle in Kent. This short film comedy is set in medieval times and features the rivalry between Eric Morecambe's Lord and Tom Baker's Knight over the affections of the gorgeous Madeline Smith. There is very little dialogue between the characters as most of the dialogue is narrated by an unseen John Le Mesurier.

A very funny and unique film in that it is the only known work of Eric Morecambe without his partner Ernie Wise.

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Word is that this unusual little film with its at time winning performances and script was shot on a shoestring budget in a couple of days. She burned with love, as straw with fire flameth; She burned out love, as soon as straw outburneth; She framed the love, and yet she foiled the framing; She bade love last, and yet she fell a-turning.

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Was this a lover, or a lecher whether? Bad in the best, though excellent in neither.

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Dowland to thee is dear, whose heavenly touch Upon the lute doth ravish human sense; Spenser to me, whose deep conceit is such As passing all conceit needs no defence. One god is god of both as poets feign One knight loves both, and both in thee remain. Like a green plum that hangs upon a tree, And falls through wind before the fall should be. O yes dear friend I pardon crave of thee, Thy discontent thou didst bequeath to me. Venus, with young Adonis sitting by her Under a myrtle shade, began to woo him.

She told the youngling how god Mars did try her, And as he fell to her, she fell to him. Crabbed age and youth cannot live together: Youth is full of pleasance, age is full of care; Youth like summer morn, age like winter weather; Youth like summer brave, age like winter bare. Age, I do abhor thee, youth, I do adore thee; O my love, my love is young.

The Passionate Pilgrim (By Shakspere, Marlowe, Barnfield, Griffin, And Other Writers Unknown)

Age, I do defy thee. O, sweet shepherd, hie thee, For methinks thou stays too long. And as goods lost are seld or never found, As vaded gloss no rubbing will refresh, As flowers dead lie withered on the ground, As broken glass no cement can redress, So beauty blemished once, forever lost, In spite of physic, painting, pain and cost.

Good-night, good rest, ah, neither be my share. She bade good-night that kept my rest away And daffed me to a cabin hanged with care, To descant on the doubts of my decay. Lord, how mine eyes throw gazes to the east! My heart doth charge the watch; the morning rise Doth cite each moving sense from idle rest, Not daring trust the office of mine eyes.

For she doth welcome daylight with her ditty, And drives away dark-dreaming night: The night so packed, I post unto my pretty. Heart hath his hope, and eyes their wished sight; Sorrow changed to solace, and solace mixed with sorrow; For why, she sighed and bade me come tomorrow. Were I with her, the night would post too soon, But now are minutes added to the hours.

The mysterious Passionate Pilgrim and Shakespeare

To spite me now, each minute seems a moon; Yet not for me, shine sun to succour flowers! Pack night, peep day; good day, of night now borrow; Short night tonight, and length thyself tomorrow. Long was the combat doubtful, that love with love did fight, To leave the master loveless, or kill the gallant knight; To put in practice either, alas it was a spite Unto the silly damsel.

Thus art with arms contending was victor of the day, Which by a gift of learning did bear the maid away: Then, lullaby, the learned man hath got the lady gay, For now my song is ended. On a day alack the day Love, whose month was ever May, Spied a blossom passing fair, Playing in the wanton air. Vow alack for youth unmeet; Youth, so apt to pluck a sweet. My flocks feed not, my ewes breed not, My rams speed not, all is amiss: One silly cross wrought all my loss; O frowning Fortune, cursed fickle dame, For now I see inconstancy More in women than in men remain.

In black mourn I, all fears scorn I; Love hath forlorn me, living in thrall: Heart is bleeding, all help needing, O cruel speeding, fraughted with gall. Be the first to ask a question about The Passionate Pilgrim. Lists with This Book. I didn't know Shakespeare wrote poems. This was so poetic and beautiful. Feb 06, Mark Donnelly rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this immensely. I'm a bit old fashioned in some ways, and I loved the Thomas Deloney poem on "Crabbed age and youth cannot live together", and Richard Banfield's "As it fell upon today", and William Shakespeare's "Beauty is but a vain and doubtful good".

This is a collection of thirteen poems but the original was twenty in , which was largely attributed to Shakespeare, though they could not be certain with some. I love the old school love between a man and a woman, and the moral li I enjoyed this immensely. I love the old school love between a man and a woman, and the moral lines that were not shaded by contemporary ways.

That's not to say that I'm not an equality guy, not at all, I am. But I am a guy that loves the country, animals, family, and simplicity. And so the essence of the poems hits my heart with a dart.

Classical poetry and sonnets, collected together, and read by professional performers while I did other work was on tap. This idea was repeated a pair of times, as total performance time of this audio performance was less than an hour. The poetry is classical and literary. It shares somewhat stuffy insight into life from the romantic age.

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I don't have a problem with the preachiness here, but it was rather preachy. The use of voice in a point, counter-point fashion as far as voice, especially on t Classical poetry and sonnets, collected together, and read by professional performers while I did other work was on tap. The use of voice in a point, counter-point fashion as far as voice, especially on the first of the four readings The Passionate Pilgrim was interesting and well done Overall rating of 4 stars, as I am persnickety. May 10, Kristian Rigdon rated it liked it. The Passionate Pilgrim is a lot of confusing poem about the hard and evil things about love, bad luck in dating, cheating, lying, and everything bad about lying lovers.

And I didn't understand some of the words.

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There were a couple snatches of verse that sounded familiar. An interesting grouping of love poetry that was fun to read aloud. Many experts believe that most of these poems were not written by Shakespeare, and the quality of the work would lend me to believe that they are right. Oct 11, Amanda rated it liked it. Not his best but not his worst work. Italia rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Alia rated it liked it Dec 05,

The Passionate Pilgrim, No. 20 ('As it fell upon a day') by Richard Barnfield - Read by John Gielgud