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Painting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. The Impressionist painter Claude Monet used pink, blue and green to capture the effects of light and shadows on a white dress in Springtime Oil on canvas 68 x Shocking pink, a mix of magenta with a little white, was the signature color of Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Jacqueline Kennedy , the wife of President John F.

Kennedy , made pink a popular high-fashion color. Pink combined with black or violet is associated with seduction. Marilyn Monroe in the trailer for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Pink lipstick is thought to attract attention and harmonize with flesh colors, clothes and fashion accessories. Detail of "Pink," a poster created by Sheila de Bretteville in It was meant to explore the notions of gender as associated with the color pink, for an American Institute of Graphic Arts exhibition about color.

The US presidential inauguration of Dwight D. Eisenhower in when Eisenhower's wife Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink dress as her inaugural gown is thought to have been a key turning point to the association of pink as a color associated with girls. Mamie's strong liking of pink led to the public association with pink being a color that "ladylike women wear. In the 20th century, pinks became bolder, brighter, and more assertive, in part because of the invention of chemical dyes which did not fade. The pioneer in the creation of the new wave of pinks was the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli , who was aligned with the artists of the surrealist movement, including Jean Cocteau.

In she created a new variety of the color, called shocking pink , made by mixing magenta with a small amount of white. She launched a perfume called Shocking, sold in a bottle in the shape of a woman's torso, said to be modelled on that of Mae West. Her fashions, co-designed with artists such as Cocteau, featured the new pinks. In Nazi Germany in the s and s, inmates of Nazi concentration camps who were accused of homosexuality were forced to wear a pink triangle.

The transition to pink as a sexually differentiating color for girls occurred gradually, through the selective process of the marketplace, in the s and 40s. In the s, some groups had been describing pink as a masculine color, an equivalent of the red that was considered to be for men, but lighter for boys. But stores nonetheless found that people were increasingly choosing to buy pink for girls, and blue for boys, until this became an accepted norm in the s.

In optics, the word "pink" can refer to any of the pale shades of colors between bluish red to red in hue, of medium to high lightness, and of low to moderate saturation. A few variations of pink, such as salmon color, lean toward orange. As a ray of white sunlight travels through the atmosphere, some of the colors are scattered out of the beam by air molecules and airborne particles.

This is called Rayleigh scattering. Colors with a shorter wavelength, such as blue and green, scatter more strongly, and are removed from the light that finally reaches the eye. The remaining pinkish sunlight can also be scattered by cloud droplets and other relatively large particles, which give the sky above the horizon a pink or reddish glow. Sunrise in southeast Alaska.

Sunsets and sunrises are sometimes pink because of an optical effect called Rayleigh scattering. Sunset in Santa Monica, California. Pink topaz from Ouro Preto , Brazil. Corundum , or pink sapphire, from the Dodoma Region of Tanzania. Calcite from Bou Azzer, Morocco. Clinochlore from Erzerum Province , Turkey. The pink color comes from grains of reddish hematite mixed with white quartz. A Strigilla carnaria shell from Dominica , in the West Indies.

An Ocelated frogfish Antennarius ocellatus , from East Timor. The frogfish is camouflaged to look like a rock covered with algae or seaweed; it lies motionless and waits for its prey to come to it. The pink iguana of the Galapagos Islands was first identified in and first recognized as a distinct species in The so-called " white elephant " is revered in several countries in Southeast Asia and is naturally pinkish gray.

They are actually albino elephants. The pig has been domesticated over ten thousand years and selectively bred to have a pink skin, without melanin , which farmers traditionally have preferred to a dark color. Flamingoes in Laguna Colorada , Bolivia.

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The pink or reddish color of flamingos comes from carotenoid proteins in their diet of animal and plant plankton. A unhealthy or malnourished flamingo, or one kept in captivity and not fed sufficient carotene, is usually pale or white. Its pink color, like that of the flamingo, comes from the carotenoid pigments in its diet. The Lophochroa leadbeateri , commonly known as Major Mitchell's Cockatoo or the pink cockatoo, is a native of the arid interior regions of Australia. Raw beef is red, because the muscles of vertebrate animals, such as cows and pigs, contain a protein called myoglobin , which binds oxygen and iron atoms.

When beef is cooked, the myoglobin proteins undergo oxidation, and gradually turn from red to pink to brown; that is, from rare to medium to well-done. Pork contains less myoglobin than beef and therefore is less red; when heated, it changes from pinkish-red to less pink to tan or white.

Ham , though it contains myoglobins like beef, undergoes a different transformation. Traditional hams, such as prosciutto , are made by taking the hind leg or thigh of a pig, covering it with sea salt, which removes the moisture content, and then letting it dry or cure for as long as two years.


The salt sodium nitrate permits the ham to retain its original pink color, even when dried out. Supermarket hams are made by a different and faster process; they are brined, or infused with a salt-water solution, containing sodium nitrite , which transfers nitric oxide , which bonds with the myoglobin to form the traditional pink cured ham color. The shells and flesh of crustaceans such as crabs , lobsters and shrimp contain a pink carotenoid pigment called astaxanthin.

Their shells, naturally blue-green, turn pink or red when cooked. The flesh of the salmon also contains astaxanthins, which makes it pink. Farm-bred salmon are sometimes fed these pigments to improve their pinkness, and it is sometimes also used to enhance the color of egg yolks. Roast beef gets its distinctive pink color from myoglobin , which gradually turns from red to pink to brown rare to medium to well-done when heated. Prosciutto hams also get their pink color from salt combined with the natural protein called myoglobin.

The shells and flesh of steamed shrimp contain a natural carotenoid pigment called astaxanthin , which turns pink when heated. The same process turns cooked lobster and crab from blue-green to red when they are boiled.

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The meat of the salmon is also colored pink by the natural carotenoid pigment called astaxanthin. Pink is one of the most common colors of flowers; it serves to attract the insects and birds necessary for pollination and perhaps also to deter predators. The color comes from natural pigments called anthocyanins , which also provide the pink in raspberries. Pink tulips in the botanical gardens of Moscow State University. A Japanese cherry tree Prunus serrulata in bloom.

In the 17th century, the word pink or pinke was also used to describe a yellowish pigment, which was mixed with blue colors to yield greenish colors. In William Salmon 's Polygraphice , "Pink yellow" is mentioned amongst the chief yellow pigments p. According to public opinion surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, softness, childhood, the feminine, and the romantic.

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  7. Pink was the favorite color of only two-percent of respondents, compared with forty-five-percent who chose blue. There was a notable difference between men and women; three percent of women chose pink as their favorite color, compared with less than one percent of men. Many of the men surveyed were unable to even identify pink correctly, confusing it with mauve.

    Pink was also more popular with older people than younger; twenty-five percent of women under twenty-five called pink their least favorite color, compared with only eight percent of women over fifty. Twenty-nine percent of men under the age of twenty-five said pink was their least favorite color, compared with eight percent of men over fifty. In Japan, pink is the color most commonly associated with springtime due to the blooming cherry blossoms.

    In Danish, Faroese and Finnish, the color pink is described as a lighter shade of red: In Icelandic, the color is called bleikur , originally meaning "pale". There is a separate word for the color of the cherry blossom: Early pink buildings were usually built of brick or sandstone , which takes its pale red color from hematite, or iron ore.

    In the 18th century - the golden age of pink and other pastel colors - pink mansions and churches were built all across Europe. More modern pink buildings usually use the color pink to appear exotic or to attract attention. Malbork Castle in Poland, built by the Teutonic Knights in , is the largest brick structure in the world. Casa Rosada , or the "Pink House", in Buenos Aires , built between and as a fort and then customs house, is the official residence and office of the President of Argentina. Ostankino Palace , outside of Moscow, is an 18th-century country house built by Pyotr Sheremetev , then the richest man in Russia.

    Macau Government Headquarters , an example of Portuguese colonial architecture and the Pombaline style in Macau. Its pink color was designed to match an exotic setting, and to contrast with the blue of the sea and green of the landscape. We may choose to run away from our roots because they are too painful to face. Ultimately however, our past holds the key to our future.

    If we do not face where we come from, we will have difficulty understanding our present and future. The stick-together families are happier by far Than the brothers and the sisters who take separate highways are. The gladdest people living are the wholesome folks who make A circle at the fireside that no power but death can break.

    I was trying to come up with something to post on Facebook so my 2 sons could read it. I wanted to say something about family that would touch They say the world is round, and yet I often think it square, So many little hurts we get From corners here and there. This poem reminds me of my mom's side of the family and my dad's side. We love each other and we're glad that God put us together.

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    One night I saw a snowflake fall, Past memories it did recall, And as the snow fell to the ground,. Great style, honest writing. This hit close to home for me and made me think Thank you very much, and please keep sharing your They say that times were tough then That money was very tight But I remember my childhood And I know that can't be right The album, named Missundaztood because of Pink's belief that people had a wrong image of her, [38] was released in November It also became a worldwide hit, reaching number one in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, and Spain, as well as spending four weeks at the top of the European Hot Singles chart.

    Missundaztood remains Pink's best-selling record with over 13 million copies sold worldwide. Pink was named the Top Female Billboard Artist of Featuring electronic music artist William Orbit , it became Pink's first single to miss the top 40 on Billboard' s Hot chart, although it was a hit in Europe and in Australia.

    It was later included on non-U. Eight of the 13 tracks were co-written with Tim Armstrong of the band Rancid. Linda Perry was featured on the album as a writer and musician. Despite the album reaching the top ten on album charts in the US, in Canada, in the UK, and in Australia, sales were considerably lower than those of Missundaztood.

    However, it did go platinum in the US. Pink took a break to write the songs for her fourth album, I'm Not Dead , which she said she titled as such because "It's about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up even though people would like you to. The album's release through LaFace Records in April was a substantial success throughout the world, particularly in Australia. Bush which featured the Indigo Girls and became a No.

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    The album has sold over 1. The album proved very popular in Australia, with six top five singles and a record-breaking 62 weeks in the top 10; so far the album has gone 10 times platinum. In support of the album, Pink embarked on the world I'm Not Dead Tour , for which ticket sales in Australia were particularly high; she sold approximately , tickets in Australia, giving her the record for the biggest concert attendance for an arena tour by a female artist.

    She was featured on India. It reached the top twenty on the albums chart and was certified Gold, selling over 35, units. On August 7, , Pink's single " So What " was leaked online, and radio stations across Australia were quick to give it massive airplay. Less than six hours after the leak, "So What" was voted No. There she sang "So What". On November 3, , Funhouse debuted at No. In Australia it sold over 86, units in its first week, and was eventually certified eleven times platinum.

    In Australia, " Bad Influence " was released as the album's fourth single [57] as a promotional single for her Funhouse Tour , and " Funhouse " was later released as the fifth single. However, "Bad Influence" was not released as a single in Europe until March , which was after "Funhouse" had been released. Pink then performed a series of shows in Australia, all of which sold out. Between May and August , she performed for a total of more than , Australian fans at 58 shows around the country. She received a standing ovation. In , Billboard ranked the performance as the best between and Pink was a soloist in the remake of the charity single, " We Are the World ".

    On July 15, , during a concert in Nurnberg, Germany, Pink was preparing to end her concert with an aerial acrobatic routine when she was pulled offstage and onto a barricade below. Her left-side flywire had been activated before the right-side one had been properly attached to her harness.

    In the first week of October , Pink released " Raise Your Glass ", the first single from her first compilation album, Greatest Hits The song celebrates a decade since Pink's debut in and is dedicated to her fans who have been supporting her over the years. The song reached the top of the Billboard Hot , becoming Pink's tenth Top 10 hit, and her third number-one on the chart. The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot , [71] and peaked at number one in Germany. She also sings the movie's theme song, " Bridge of Light ".

    With the shutdown, Pink and all other artists previously signed to the labels would release any future material through RCA Records. Released in September, The Truth About Love made its debut atop the Billboard with first-week sales of ,, making it her first number-one album in the United States.

    The album was certified double platinum by the RIAA for two million copies shipped and has sold over seven million copies worldwide. It became the most successful single from The Truth About Love , topping the record charts in more than 20 countries worldwide and becoming Pink's fourth number-one hit on the Billboard Hot According to the IFPI, the song was the fourth best-selling digital single of with 9.

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    Her role as Dede was heavily praised by critics. Pink, like Macy Gray in her Lee Daniels movie roles, knows instinctively how to behave on camera by just pretending that the camera isn't there. Billboard named Pink Woman of the Year The Immortal World Tour. The singer was quoted about the deal saying "I am super-duper excited to continue onwards and upwards with RCA and my team there". The album, titled Rose Ave. Pink took a break to write songs for her upcoming seventh album.

    In June , Pink confirmed that she was making her next studio album. She also performed a medley of some of her hits, including her new single, "What About Us", before accepting the award, which was presented to her by Ellen DeGeneres. Although it only managed to peak at number seventy-eight on the Billboard Hot , it topped on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

    She later decided to extend the tour until May including Europe. On April 17, , People teased its "Most Beautiful" cover star by calling her "a performer, mother and role model whose honesty, humour, confidence and sheer star power make her one of the most beloved and fascinating entertainers on the planet. The magazine issue was named the "beautiful issue. Pink's daughter, Willow Sage Hart is also featured on the album performing the song's reprise. Pink has named Madonna and Janis Joplin as her biggest musical influences. I didn't speak to my mother for a year, because I was sure she adopted me.

    I was a fan right from the first time I heard ' Holiday '. She was so witty and charming and intelligent, but she also battled an ugly-duckling syndrome. I would love to play her in a movie. As a child, she admired the leader of 4 Non Blondes , Linda Perry , whom she would later track down and form a close relationship with on her second album. Being in pain and being on drugs and being misunderstood and, yeah she spoke my language. Without having to say anything, she could sing a note and it was what I was feeling.

    I used to sit at three or four o' clock in the morning, tripping on whatever, screaming 4 Non Blondes out the window until the cops were called". Blige , Billy Joel , and Whitney Houston. Throughout her career, she has received applause from critics for her powerful vocals. The Inquirer defined her voice as "husky" and "gutsy", further complimenting her for developing into a "powerfully emotive vocalist", while comparing her to Janis Joplin.

    Aside from her music, Pink has been noted for her fashion style, such the "adventurous" hairstyles she has worn, which have included fluorescent spikes to pink-streaked dreadlocks to a pitch-black skater cut. I'm a tomboy, but I'm kind of a hippie and kind of a gangster [ Pink is an animal-rights activist and a prominent campaigner for PETA , contributing her voice toward causes such as the protest against KFC.

    In January , she stated that she had been misled by PETA about mulesing and that she had not done enough research before lending her name to the campaign. Pink is also outspoken about LGBT rights and supports same-sex marriage. In June , Pink told Cosmopolitan magazine that her diet is mostly vegan , but she occasionally eats chicken and fish. In August , Pink became a spokesmodel for CoverGirl , featuring in a fall advertising campaign themed "beauty with an edge". On August 21, , Pink stopped and halted her concert for a grieving fan. I lost my beautiful Mum last month.

    The signs grabbed the attention of Pink. Pink has been credited for breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope throughout her career. She is regarded as the "most trailblazing artist" of her pop generation. This is a prolific pop artist who is sometimes famous and successful, sometimes obscure, who nonetheless keeps making her own kind of music. James Montgomery of MTV describes her as "a fabulously fearless pop artist" who can "out-sing almost anyone out there.

    She can out-crazy Gaga or Lily. And still, she remains oddly off the radar.

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    Such is the price of busting borders". Pink changed the game.

    Without her, the last 13 years of big-voiced, tough chick music is hard to imagine. All-time chart records are handed to vacuous acts such as the Black Eyed Peas and singing awards are given to vocal lightweights such as Taylor Swift [