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Undercover participant observation, particularly when performed with the intent of producing literature hostile to the groups observed, is regarded as unethical by most international association of scholars. A less frequent guest of international academic conferences on new religious movements after these controversies, Gatto Trocchi somewhat reinvented her public persona as an anti-cult activist and almost professional guest of TV and radio talk shows on cults.

Although she did not create the Italian anti-cult movement, she was widely regarded as its most vocal spokesperson and one of the few with academic credentials.

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In recent years she was suffering from a serious form of depression, which worsened after the premature death of her son two years ago. Many in the field of the scholarly studies of new religious movements knew of her situation, and preferred not to respond to her most recent anti-cult production. On the other hand, talk show hosts apparently decided to ignore her problems and continued to invite her for sessions of cult-bashing, where she displayed an increasing bitterness obviously not unconnected with her personal condition.

In a way, she was exploited, with some amount of cynicism, by talk show hosts to the bitter end. She was often articulate and humorous, and remains influential, as evidenced by the fact that in the current discussion about a proposed anti-brainwashing law in Italy almost all electronic media which were frequently advised by Gatto Trocchi are in favour of the law, whilst most printed media are against. CESNUR disagreed with almost everything she published, except perhaps her early books on fairy tales. Popular as a power spot, giant trees such as the Kodakara-no-Sugi thrive A historic shrine built by the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi, it is located very close to Shuzen-ji Temple.

It is also famous for being the place of confinement for Noriyori Minamoto, who was suspected of rebellion by his brother Yoritomo.

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A quiet old shrine where splendid ancient trees thrive Hie Shrine was built in the year It is said that when Kobo Daishi established Shuzen-ji Temple, a village shrine was built in the location northeast of the temple as protection since the direction was considered unlucky. Afterwards, with the issuing of the edict separating Shinto and Buddhism at the beginning of the Meiji Era, this shrine was made independent and was re-named to its current name of Hie Shrine. Once you go beyond the torii gate at the entrance, you will pass wonderful The huge column-shaped cliffs that spread out below are examples of world-class scenery The picturesque scenery of these massive strangely-shaped rocks going along the coastline is a wonderful natural sight created from ancient volcanoes and eons of erosion by the sea.

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Explore these valuable precipices that are said to be only one of three such sights in the world. Created from volcanic activity 13 million years ago, strangely-shaped rocks were carved out from the rough waves of the Sea of Japan and countless huge columns rose up to make this astounding landscape of dynamic beauty. This extremely valuable topography is one of just three examples in the world of the geological feature known as columnar joints.

Check out the intensity that is quite hard to capture in a photograph. From downtown Nikko to a nature spot Kegon Falls is located by the outlet for Lake Chuzenji which was formed from the eruption of Mt. The underground water from the steep cliffs flows out forming 12 small waterfalls that are wrapped into the main waterfall which creates a unique scene.