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If you are in need of immediate assistance, please see the Crisis and Emergency Assistance page. Resources are listed for depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, anger, insomnia, and general mental health.

As natural disasters get worse, we are going to need more resilient hospitals

Mental Health Web Resources: Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba - http: Lists facts, myths, disorders , services, groups and volunteers. Changeways Clinic — www. Participants must register with the site and agree to its terms to access the free program. The New Mood Therapy , by D. Burns The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing yourself from Chronic Unhappiness , by M.

Complete Self-Help Home Toolkit - www. Rather than trying to make the one right guess as to what will most likely happen, make multiple guesses.

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Place many small bets on a variety of options. This is the way any truly innovative process works, and innovation is a good analogy for prediction. Find and rely on the predictable elements of the situation.

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You may not be able to predict who the next Adam Fuhrer will be for any particular social network, but you know there will be a few participants with extremely high influence, and there will be cascades of sentiment, sometimes sudden. Have a social media policy strong on principle but general enough to be flexible, remembering that actual results can vary.

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And stage a social-media fire drill every so often. Cultivate your reputation for extreme trust. In the end, you have to prepare for failure, success, and everything in between. Focus on doing the right thing , and your customers, employees, and other stakeholders will all have an interest in seeing your company weather whatever unpredictable storm might come your way.

By the way, my son now has a promising sales career with Interactive Brokers —a well-deserved success he earned entirely on his own.

For more leadership coverage, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. By Don Peppers 5 minute Read. So here are six strategies that can help your business deal with increasing levels of uncertainty: Multi-variant trade-off analysis may predict demand for your product quite accurately, but then over one weekend the mommy bloggers suddenly take offense … 2. Prepare for multiple outcomes. Remain agile, and strive to respond quickly.

Ideas Ideas As natural disasters get worse, we are going to need more resilient hospitals Ideas Could a giant underwater wall help save glaciers from collapse? Ideas Want to change the world?

Coping with Uncertainty – 10 Simple Solutions (eBook)

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