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But, this cannot be since it would violate the biblical teaching that God knows all things. Following is taken from an email complaining that God's foreknowledge means we have no free will. The person wrote six points.

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I reproduced them and have inserted comments, in green below the points. If God is all-knowing and He knows our future, then how is that free will? God knows every decision that I am going to make tomorrow. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that I am going to make only one decision tomorrow. My decision will be whether or not to go to my aerobics class at the gym.

A decision is a choice about something that you want to do or believe.

It is drawing a conclusion while considering the options. Your statement that you are going to make the decision means that you admit that you are the one making the choice. By definition then, you are freely choosing to do something. Therefore, to later say that you have no choice in what you are doing is a contradiction of your statement here. God knows what decision I will make. He has it written on his "list. The knowledge of God is not a list.

It is simply necessarily complete since He knows all things.

Who is God?

This is because God's nature requires that He know all things since He is everywhere all the time: His "list" can't be wrong. This is not an issue of the list being wrong. It is simply a fact that God knows all things. Whatever you choose to do is what God knows will happen. If you chose not to go to the class, then that is what God would have known would be your choice. So, whichever choice you freely make is the one God knows you will make. Furthermore, the "list" will always be right. That is, it is always right because it is a list of the free will choices you want to make.

If his "list" says I am going to my aerobics class, I must go. The problem here is that the idea of a list introduces the error that there is a set list of things that the person must accomplish because it is on a list for them to do. This is not the case. You do not go to the gym because it is on the list that you must fulfill. It is simply an advance recording of what you will do based on the choices you will freely make.

If God is all-knowing and He knows our future, then how is that free will? | oxivecakyhub.ga

A better understanding of the "list" idea would be if God wrote a list of the things you did after you did them. He can do this since He is in the future and can look back from the future to see what you chose to do at any time. Time is relative to God. Because you have already done them freely from God's future perspective looking backward , the list can be made accurately by God. Since He is also in the past and present, He can even show us this list in advance So, since God is in all places at all time, He can look back in time to get the list, and then even reveal it in advance to you.

It would be a list of things you freely chose to do -- or should I say, that you will freely choose to do. The fact that "I must go" is incompatible with the statement that I am free to decide whether to go or not to go. There is no "must" in this situation. You will freely choose. He also knows that His plan is so much better.

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As I stand here looking at my own dreams, I find it hard to pick them up. Somewhere in my sadness I must remind myself that it is ok to be sad, but I must also move on. My inability to write has been because of the loss of my Mom. She lived a good life, and now so must I. While I still feel like Job a bit, I am becoming more and more excited about the life that is before me.

The door is opening and I must walk through it. My Mom would want me to. She was the one that read every Devotion I ever wrote. It is a road I will never be sorry for taking. You never know what the plans are that God has for you. You cannot know the road He will take you on. I learned many things about myself while taking care of my Mother - lessons that God felt I needed to learn.

If God is all-knowing and He knows our future, then how is that free will?

I am more patient now. I am somehow quieter as well. I am more reflective than I was before. My Mother and I spent the last eight months of her life studying the Bible. God knew all of this.

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He knew that I needed her just as much or more than she needed me! My life has been enriched because of the time spent with her.

Does God Know Me?

I am thankful for that time. My writing is much better now than it was before, and somehow God knew that too. God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God. You can also send us your prayer requests.