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The Lidcombe Program is a widely used direct behavioural therapy for the treatment of stammering in young children. It's designed to be carried out by the child's parents under the guidance of a speech and language therapist. The programme is based on the principle of providing consistent feedback to the child about their speech in a friendly, non-judgemental and supportive way.

The British Stammering Association and the Australian Stuttering Research Centre have more information about the Lidcombe Program and stammering in children younger than six. Stammering that persists beyond the age of six or has lasted for more than three years is significantly more challenging to treat.

Speech Therapy: Stuttering or Stammering

As time passes, the effects of stammering become an additional part of the problem. These include anxiety about speaking, fear of stammering, and feelings of embarrassment. Therapy with older children and adults will often take account of both the speaking behaviours and the social, emotional and psychological aspects of stammering. When I was very young I assumed there must be a fault in my speech-making machinery — the conclusion that speech theorists drew for millennia. The Greek orator Demosthenes liked to walk round with stones in his mouth, not to give himself an excuse for stumbling over his words but because he thought doing so would cure his stutter.

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The eventual realisation that my impediment was merely psychological was painful. If it was just my mind stopping me from speaking then, surely, it was possible for me to change my mind. It was my fault that I had not changed it already. I can still think this way on occasions, but generally the agency I have over my stammer makes me optimistic. The best way I have found of quelling my stammer is to cultivate an attitude of extreme indifference about whether I stammer or not. It will probably strike readers as bizarre that many stammerers are not entirely ungrateful for their impediment, myself included.

Those writers who stammer generally agree that it has increased their enthusiasm for language.

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An inspiring and hopeful tale of a man crippled by an acute shyness known as social-phobia. Biographical account from Sheila Hale of her husband John Hale's stroke and her determination to find out what happened and how his life might be brought back to normal. A book for and about people who stutter as well as those who seek to understand and help them.

This is a study of famous people who have stammered, written by a stammerer for stammerers. It is intended as a source of inspiration, and to show that stammering need not be a barrier to achievement and success. One man's victory over speech blocks, by M. Essays on life and stuttering, by Victoria Benson. National Stuttering Project of America James Partridge shows how facial disfigurement is not a disability but a challenge that can be successfully overcome by developing self assertiveness and self confidence. Changing Faces Book: Autobiography of Ida Whitten and how she overcame her stammer.

In this book he recalls cases from his early days in practice just after the war.

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Biographical account of the inner world of a person who stammers. A fascinating insight into the family history of one of the godfathers of modern speech and language therapy - and a real catch for the BSA library as it has been out of print for a long time.

Not so much a Penguin - more a rocking horse canter round the unlimited mind of an Irish peer - one of the last of a great herd of humorists that formerly roamed the paper plains of Fleet Street.

Edited by Mike Hughes. Edited by John Ahlbach and Vicki Benson. Edited by John Ahlbach. This book, by a writer who has written about his stammering experiences in the past, is about the law of the countryside, The writer gives many examples from court cases as to how it is applied. SheGate is the third volume in the Jason Loring Trilogy and written by a speech and langage therapist, this is a deeply moving conclusion showing how it is possible to come to terms with a stammer in one's maturity, in this case using mindfulness tachniques.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, This book, set in Australia, is an excellent account of a teenager with a stammer who copes, in the end successfully, with a violent crisis in his family. In a dank village in Worcestershire Jason Taylor, a year-old stammerer and poet, anticipates a stultifying year in the deadest village on earth.

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But he is in for a surprise. Review ; and Article by David Mitchell. The story of Jason as a young boy with a stammer. First of a trilogy.

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A novel by David Shields. The story of a young man who stutters so badly that he worships words. One of the foremost historical novels of our times, and the basis to the BBC series with Derek Jacobi portraying Claudius. Stuttering in history and the quest for a cure.

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Reference Not to be taken out, but can be consulted in the BSA office by appointment - telephone or email mail stammering. Icon Health Publications Sourcebook for non professionals, physicians and healthcare providers wishing to pursue self-directed research. Background information, glossaries, references and directory information.