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How do we shift? Study temperament and development. Train a child in the way he should go. Each kid is purposed to go unique ways. Pray, "Who did you make her to be? Give me wisdom to understand what is happening developmentally. Sometimes aggression is due to over simulation or because of sitting still all day at school. Have a space in your house for all family member can access it where you can go to work through some emotions. What did you enjoy about this episode? What was your takeaway. I wanted to remind you that you can purchase a copy of my book Body. Thank you for following along life with me.

I love being apart of your day.

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And as always, I hope this show helps you survive a little easier. A new episode every Tuesday Women who are surviving and thriving. You don't have to do life alone.

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Golden, Mo Isom, Annie F. My goal each week is to encourage you to survive in this very thing called life.

Here is a recent one from Lori Lehrmann: You will find authentic conversations with women just like you. Sarah definitely has a gift. You will laugh, be inspired and encouraged! So go ahead, grab a chair and scoot on up to the table! Your review will help get the podcast in front of new listeners who are just like you looking to know that they aren't alone in life.

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  • Episode David Thomas — Surviving Sarah.

Thank you for being awesome! So, unthinkably horrible as it is, we may very well be entering a new era, the era of the Thomas court. Trump is on record saying he intends to nominate justices who oppose Roe.

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Thomas is the lone surviving justice who voted in the minority in Casey v Planned Parenthood, the landmark decision that upheld Roe. In a joint dissent, the conservative minority, including Thomas, said in Casey: This would be the ultimate irony, given that one of the epic lies Thomas told during his confirmation hearing was that he had never discussed Roe v Wade.

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In subsequent books and articles, various people have said they heard him express his opposition to abortion before he joined the court. That organization is headed by Carrie Severino, a former Thomas law clerk. The group is closely allied with the Federalist Society, which has screened virtually all of the Trump judicial appointments. JCN operates as a dark money pit and does not disclose its donors.

Justice Clarence Thomas leading the US supreme court? A scary thought

Wellspring, in turn, is run by a couple known to be close to Justice Thomas and his wife, Ginni, who has been active in various rightwing groups and causes. It is likely that Ginni Thomas will be a player, visible or not, in any upcoming supreme court confirmation battle. Where once he spoke only before rather obscure and reliably friendly conservative audiences, Thomas has been more public of late.

In February, according to Slate:. These waiting periods have been shown to save lives. He also rebuked the lower court for protecting the free expression of nude dancers and the marriage rights of same-sex couples.