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I should certainly hope not. Having had more than a few ghostly encounters myself over the years, and being a self avowed paranormal junkie, it's not like I'm going to go out of my way to NOT read the subsequent volumes in this series. I enjoyed this book, so I'm definitely going to read on, but I really do hope that the overall writing style improves somewhat.

Don't get me wrong though. This is NOT a bad little book. Not by any means. The author's paranormal chronicles are thoroughly interesting, entertaining and thrilling - though not nearly as much as many other ghost books currently on the market. So, besides some minor grammar faux pas here and there, my only real problem with the book was Ms. Simmons' repeated use of words like "recalcitrant" and "discipline.

The ghosts all have stories to tell, always interesting, but sometimes sad and tragic. I suppose it's natural to come on so strong when dealing with naughty, terribly misbehaving ghosts who refuse to scurry on cue into "The Light" that the author so oft refers to , but come on! Back off just a smidge, will ya?

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By all means, enlighten us poor dumb corporeal readers, but please don't feel the need to preach. Even if you are a self styled badass "senior-citizen-ghost hunter" and all. Simmons' Ghost Hunting Diary Volume 1 is a pretty decent book. It's actually a rather entertaining read, despite the fact that the manuscript really could have used a good thorough editing before its perhaps overly confident and somewhat hasty publication. Likewise, the tough old "senior-citizen-ghost hunter" routine is a bit off putting, but nothing that the vast majority of readers can't quite easily overlook.

The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce

Truth be told, there's really not all that much objectionable about anything that Ms. Simmons has to say in her book, but rather, it's just sometimes Nevertheless, I eagerly look forward to reading the next volume in the series. Jan 15, Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it. Rather than a big team of people with ultra up-to-date tech equipment, this book is about the activities of 'natural' psychics who are hunting ghosts without all the scientific equipment.

There is a very interesting story about a haunted house, the investigation, and how the investigation involved talking with two ghosts who gave a number of specific details. These details were later checked out and found to be accurate, including the name of one of the ghosts and her married lover which was fou Rather than a big team of people with ultra up-to-date tech equipment, this book is about the activities of 'natural' psychics who are hunting ghosts without all the scientific equipment.

These details were later checked out and found to be accurate, including the name of one of the ghosts and her married lover which was found underneath wallpaper in a home the ghost mentioned. There was also the ghost of a slave woman. Photographs were taken but, unfortunately, they are not included in the book. Whether this is because it is an e-book or not I don't know.

The photos would have been valuable to study. Other stories deal with ghosts that are very nasty, even one that is downright evil. The book also includes information on proper behavior during ghost hunts and seances. Mar 29, Nicholas Siney rated it really liked it. After reading this book, I was intrigued with the ammount of information and experience provided within the Diary. Most of which I read was a little less believable than other encounters, but still, I was drawn into the moment of the investigation.

Regardless of the truthfulness of some of them, I find this Diary an easy read, and it does draw you into the moment as if After reading this book, I was intrigued with the ammount of information and experience provided within the Diary. Regardless of the truthfulness of some of them, I find this Diary an easy read, and it does draw you into the moment as if you were there witnessing it for your own eyes. Can't wait to start Volume Nov 08, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really loved this book! The Diary is really cool. I love how T. Simmons pulls you right in and makes you feel that you're on the hunt with her.

I loved it so much that I downloaded book 2, 3, 4, and 5 in one night to prepare myself for some creepy ghost hunting reading in the days to come. This is definitely a five star read!

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume 1

Good story but there wasn't any photos included in this so it's hard to get it in ur head if its the truth or not. I would have love to have seen the author and her friends ghost hunting in these parts because I don't live in the United States. Oct 01, Flora Brooks rated it it was amazing. Perfect book but beware real ghost storie when you open this book you will have a lot of surprises and scarings you can read it at night for in the day time still scary and spooky. Mar 18, John S Wolfe rated it it was amazing. Great read Great details.

Description of houses and land makes you feel like your there! I would love to read more of these stories. Sep 16, cleda bulger rated it it was ok. Dangerous You never participate in a seance a use a Ouija board. This can leave you vulnerable to demonic activity which is very real. Dec 28, KyBunnies rated it it was ok Shelves: I downloaded this book from the Kindle store because it was free.

Well as I have always been told you get what you pay for. I will admit that the book was interesting but Sorry to the author I do not believe any of this is true. Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers. This book is suppose to be about true encounters with ghost. Maybe it is just me but sorry again I do not believe in ghost.

While the stories were interesting I find them hard to believe. But then I guess if I believe I downloaded this book from the Kindle store because it was free. But then I guess if I believed in ghost it would be easier to comprehend these stories. When the author started stating that she was quoting the bible to a ghost made me laugh so much. Honestly how can someone state that they are quoting a bible to a ghost. I live in a house that is over years old. I honestly think that is there was such a thing as ghost I would of encounter then years ago in my own house.

Since I have researched the history of my house I know for a fact that people have died here and someone was once murdered near my house. There is a cemetery with the original owner buried about feet away from my house. So with that being said. Sorry these stories sound like something made up in the authors imagination. None of the stories sound real or ring true for me. The bunnies and I give this book 2 carrots. I would of rated this book only one carrot but I gave two since the author has a great imagination.

This is the only reason why i decided to read this 'book'. I say 'book' because it was a very short read, Only 85 pages actually.

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If this book cost even 99 cents, I would not pay for this ridiculous book. I frequently spotted typographical and grammatical errors throughout this book. I'm wondering how she could ever publish this without proofreading. Like others have stated, you get what you pay for. It was a big waste of my time. I actually wanted to stop reading this more than once, but carried on because I do NOT like to stop reading in the middle of a book, no matter how boring it is. Although it's said to be a diary, I felt like the author could've made it more exciting and go into a little bit more detail.

Reading this wasn't like you're reading a book. It was written in a way that information is just thrown at you, with little detail. There was no atmosphere whatsoever so it was very hard for me to become scared. This book is for people that truly believe in ghosts, spirits, and the paranormal.

For the record, i do not believe in ghosts but that shouldn't stop me from enjoying a ghost story. This was an utter mess. Simmons stepped into the world of the paranormal with the guidance of her Aunt Belle. Using their unique psychic abilities they investigated paranormal activities together and separately. With her curiosity and writing skills, T.

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume 1 was interesting and educational in understanding more about the world of entities. The writing was straight forward with facts and ghost hunting tips T. The writing was straight forward with facts and ghost hunting tips, short stories told in a light, easy-going manner. Coming from the viewpoint of the writer, I had learned the difference between a ghost and a spirit, how The Light and The Veil pertained to the entities and the importance of protection and preparedness when entering the powerful realm.

Adding definitions at the end continued the respect conveyed throughout the book. It presented an inside look in a gentle way without going into great depth of detail, a beginner hand-holding step into the unknown. My rating for this book was 2. May 01, Laurie rated it really liked it. Those that don't believe in ghosts, or at least have an open mind on the subject, probably shouldn't read this book. They would just think it hogwash or superstitious drivel. There are quite a few interesting stories in this book, but I find it hard to judge if the quality of the storytelling makes up for all of the errors.

It was actually kind of entertaining when I realized that not only the author capitalized The Light when talking of a ghost moving on towards The Light, but anytime as well.

Turn on The Light in the hall. Hand me The Lighter fluid. It got old pretty quick though. By signing up you enjoy subscriber-only access to the latest news, personalized book picks and special offers, delivered right to your inbox. We never share your information and you can unsubscribe at any time. Written by William L Pierce, one of America's most prominent white nationalist leaders of the late 20th century, this novel deals with a military white uprising and revolution against the establishment, first in America and then spreading around the globe.

Labelled as the "most dangerous book in America" by law-enforcement agencies, this book has served as an inspiration to at least two militant white groups, "The Order" in America and the "Order Boervolk" in South Africa, both of whom turned to violent action. This book is in the form of a diary kept by its hero, Earl Turner.

Drawn into a secret white resistance army, Turner takes part in and describes large parts of the revolution which spreads across the globe and ultimately sees Israel, New York City and Washington D. Often derided, but acknowledged even by its bitterest enemies as one of the most influential novels of modern times. Guaranteed to make the reader not stop until the very last page. Choose your shipping method in Checkout. Costs may vary based on destination. Trade paperback, Very Good. There were parts of Turner Dairies that were scary because there is a very good chance of the government doiig the things that are written in them especially the gub control part.

However the book was too racists and hateful in parts to be a really reading. My one-star rating of The Turner Diaries probably stands in stark contrast to my position that I would recommend it to a friend. I would recommend it to a thinking friend, an individual who can tell the difference between good fiction and a racist rant offered under a sheltering pseudonym.

Also, I would recommend reading it for the purpose of staying aware of the disturbed thinking of some Americans, too many who have achieved high academic status among us. He was on a fast track to developing his white separatist views by that time and soon after quit the university to further develop and advance his racist, separatist position. Regarding the book, Pierce uses the sham of an assumed, recently discovered diary of a fictitious Earl Turner to expound Pierce?

His writing style is flawed and typical of an amateur in the craft. Pierce is clearly insecure and unstudied in writing dialog, and has chosen the narration of the diary as a way to put forth his insidious and aberrant, racist views. I purchased the book as a means to explore my theory that too many high-achieving academics exist on the knife-edge of sanity. I came away with my theory intact, and, indeed, reinforced.

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