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Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Goodbye Blue Sky song meanings. Add your thoughts Comments. It is my understanding that the album and movie are about the walls we build up around ourselves. It is analagous to actual war, like WWII, in that the war we fight within ourselves can be very harsh and sometmies is as bad as an actual "real" war.

Look at Pink in the movie He grew up in a time of war, lost his dad to the war and felt isolated and alone On a smaller scale, this guy has basically been fighting a war within himself ever since he was young. I think Goodbye Blue Sky addresses the misconception of what we think life is. We each grow up and are taught that the world is this great place and there are nice loving people out there This life we live can seem all wonderful and great then something can happen and it all comes crashing down like "falling bombs.

There was an error. Flag driftsight on February 20, Christina78 I think this particular song is about the Blitz. The first half of the album is about Pink's life, mostly Flag bill on October 27, General Comment IM sorry but I am gonna go out on a limb here and say it is not about WW2, yes it has distinct connotations and it has to do with war somewhat.

In my opinion it is about dreams, In the middle of the song he says "When the promise of a brave new world Unfurled beneath a clear blue sky" and then the part before it is talking about bombs and fear then the part after it is talking about bombs and fear, I feel that he is trying to instill a sense of hope in between the chaos of whatever goes on in our lives, not just war. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Ok, I have no idea what puts the idea into people's heads that the kid says "theres no plane in the sky". Come on, use some common sense, why the hell would the kid just all of a sudden say to his mom, "Hey look at that, theres no plane in the sky" that doesnt make any sense, thats like saying, "Hey look, theres no monkey there" Why would anyone take the time and point out whats not there?

Plus, if you turn it up, you can clearly hear a plane. If the girl actually did say theres no plane, then you would hear no plane. British kids have that halting way of speaking, plus I'm pretty sure its a boy. And its pointless to fight over what the song really means, just about every Pink Floyd song is geniusly written to have multiple meanings, or be just vague and deep enough to let people put their own views into it and sound right. No one writes songs like Roger Waters did. General Comment To me the song is about an atomic war that never happened. The little girl says theres an aeroplane in the sky.

Cant be the blitz but could be a lonely bomber unloading an atomic bomb on london or somewhere. The fact they have to run for shelter with the promise of a brave new world implies running to a fallout shelter and rebuilding a world shattered by nuclear attacks. Goodbye blue sky is obviously saying goodbye to the pre-nuclear world and its clean blue sky and hello to the scorched sky of post-nuclear world.

The flames are all gone but the pain lingers on implies the radiation left by the fallout from the atomic bombs and its continuation to poison the post-nuclear survivors.

I'll Be Your Blue Sky

Never thought this way. I'm not good with dates, but wasn't the atomic bomb invented before the end of the WW2? If so, no manage of atomic attack in London could be there Flag Gyropilot on January 28, Next Entry Families, The. Previous Entry Families, The. Next Entry First Responses.

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