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But what is it really? What does the Book of Revelation and apocalyptic literature really mean?

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Join Karen and her guest, Rev. Clean Armageddon and the Book of Revelation in , Part 1. To get to the essential message of Jesus, biblical scholars have sifted through the canonical and extra-canonical writings to determine the verses and ideas that seem wholly unique to Jesus. The essential teachings of Jesus can be reduced to 12 lessons.

To get to the essential message of Jesus, biblical scholars have sifted through the canonical and extra-testamental writings to determine the verses and ideas that seem wholly unique to Jesus. The essential teachings of Jesus can be reduced to 12 lesson. The message of Jesus is often interpreted not as the words of Jesus from the Gospels but from the assertions of Paul and the letters attributed to him about what the meaning of Jesus' life is for us all.

As we compare the Gospel According to Paul in exc. We continue to explore some of the teachings of Jesus that come through his most famous examples-those of the parables that are ascribed to him. We will explore the deeper meaning of certain parables and the ways in which there are no easy answers to ar. The Beatitudes as found in the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain give deeper insight into what is needed to live a spiritually connected life. We have long believed that the teachings of Jesus were ahead of the understanding of many people who lived during his time.

But we are learning that to fully understand or unpack the meaning requires a fundamental shift in awareness and consciousness. Clean The Engaged Spiritual Life: The goal of the spiritual journey is continuing transformation and growth in spiritual maturity and awareness of the Divine in every moment. But this transformation is not for the individual alone, but to bring more light to the world. After Jesus' ministry was complete, his disciples and followers banded together to "keep the fires burning" that had been started in their hearts.

They also began to live together in spiritual communities to reinforce and support the teachings they had. As we grow spiritually, the call to put our spirituality into action becomes stronger. In the Scriptures, we find Luke's Gospel to contain many examples of the growing sense of inclusiveness and universality in the message of Jesus. Our own Unity cult. Clean Stages of Faith Development in the Bible: Stage 4—Encounter With the Christ.

Our encounter with Love brings us into stage 4, where we encounter the Christ within and begin to practice the teachings of Jesus, balancing doing and being as a spiritual discipline. Stage 3—Encounter With Love. As we balance following the Law with understanding the spirit of the Law, we enter into the field of Love. As we explore this stage, we will use David's relationship with God, focusing on his transgressions, his repentence and his reconciliation.

Stage 2—Encounter With the Law. After we encounter the Light and begin our faith journey, we soon must adopt a moral and ethical way of living in accordance with this new understanding. While this law offers security and identity in a community, it's shadow of rigidity and judgment mu. Stage 1—Initial Encounter With Light. The four stages of faith development as delineated by Fr. Richard Rohr describe both the dawning of the light of awakening and the subsequent shadow emerging that must be integrated in order to move to the next stage.

In the initial encounter with Light. Clean The Three Faces of David: David is blessed with many children from several wives as were the patriarchs of his time. But even though David was a great king and beloved of God, his own human love blinded him in his role as father. He falls victim to a common parental trap-lovin. Despite David's greatness as king and warrior, he is perhaps equally recognized as a lover of God and beloved of his people, both men and women. He also famously fell in love with another man's wife, Bathsheba. David is introduced in the Bible as a young shepherd, the youngest of a family from the tribe of Benjaminites, the least among the tribes.

But in a classic plot reversal, David becomes not only the mightiest of warriors, but the greatest of kings of Isr. Clean The Coming of the Messiah? They will give the historical context behind these familiar images and words and perhaps new meaning as we hear them sung by our fav. Clean Hannah and Mary: In accepting the gift of the miraculous birth of their sons, both Hannah and Mary shared some similar experiences, whether in actual fact or by folklore.

Clean Voices of Conscience: Prophet Ezekiel, Part 3. The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah represent the changing consciousness and increasing conscience of the Jewish people. At the destruction of Jerusalem, we hear Ezekiel, who follows Jeremiah, voicing God's message of hope to the people and giving them vis.

Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah—Part 2. The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah both represent the changing consciousness and increasing conscience of the Jewish people. The message of these two prophets was that in addition to being true to God, Israel was also taken to task when it failed to take. Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, Part 1. The message of these two prophets to Israel was that in addition to being true to God, it was also taken to task when it failed to.

From Abraham to the letters of Paul, eight biblical covenants with God can be found that not only trace the changing relationship with God but also the evolution of human consciousness. Clean The Book of Job. As part of the Wisdom literature in the Jewish and Christian traditions, the Book of Job holds some of the most powerful and sweeping images of God and creation, as well as some of the most poignant and daunting conditions of human life. While world religions developed independently from one another for the most part and drew from the cultures and experiences of the people they arose from, there came a time of great change in world culture, known as the Axial Age.

During this time, worl. As we hold that there are common truths that underlie all faith traditions, we also see the value in the Wisdom literature that has evolved with different traditions and cultures. Our own Wisdom literature is influenced by the culture that the Israelite. Clean Prayers From the Bible. The Bible is a theological, historical, symbolic, mythological collection of literature that records the evolution of morality and human relationship with God, as God has been known through the ages.

It also has a smattering of prayers sprinkled throug. Clean The Transfiguration of Jesus. Like so many of the life events captured in the Gospels about Jesus, the transfiguration is a referential image from the Hebrew Bible with a couple of twists thrown in. Clean The Eschatological Jesus, Part 2. Could he have been both? Or some combination of the two or what? Clean The Eschatological Jesus. Or some combination of the two? Clean Jesus and the Q Document, Part 2. The source document, known as Q, may have been one of several sources that are not available to us today or have not yet been recovered.

Clean Jesus and the Q Document, Part 1. Zoroastrianism was prevalent in the years before and after Jesus' life, and its influence on t. Clean The Infancy Gospels: In the days of early Christianity, interest in Jesus' early life began to grow, and out of that stories arose about the circumstances of his birth and childhood that are not conveyed in the canonical gospels.

The Gospel of Thomas contains the stories ab. In the first days of Christianity, interest in Jesus' early life began to grow. Consequently, stories arose about the circumstances of his birth and childhood that are not conveyed in the canonical Gospels. The Gospel of James, for example, contains sto. Out of that interest arose stories about the circumstances of his birth and childhood that are not conveyed in the canonical gospels.

The Gospel of Thomas contains the stori. Clean The Gospel of Mary—Part 2. As we explore the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, we discover that it not only contains controversial references to the possible relationship she had with Jesus, but also has rich spiritual teaching that we can apply to our own lives today. In addition, her s. Clean The Gospel of Mary. Different versions of the arrest and trial, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are depicted in the Gospels.

As we compare them, we find differences that the Gospel writers wanted to convey in telling them with a specific purpose, and we see how th. Different versions of the arrest and trial, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus appear in the Gospels. As we compare them, we find that each Gospel writer had a specific purpose in telling his story, and we see how the stories and their difference.

Different versions of the arrest, trial, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are depicted in the Gospels. As we compare them, we find differences that the Gospel writers wanted to convey in telling them with a specific purpose, and we see how they. Who was Mary Magdalene really? What was her relationship with Jesus? Why has she been depicted as a scandalizing figure in Christianity? The answers to these questions and many more may surprise you.

Ideas such as hell, purgatory and limbo were developed hundreds of years after Jesus' life. Learn what led to their inclusion in Christian cosmolo. Clean The Devil in the Details of Christianity. Where did the notion of the devil come from? In this program, we will e. Clean Christianity Before the Gospels, Part 3. Clean Christianity Before the Gospels, Part 2. After Jesus' death and before the Gospels were written, groups known as the Jesus Movement promoted philosophical ideas that they believed were embodied by the teachings of Jesus.

Among those ideas was that of the establishment of the "kingdom of God" h. Clean Christianity Before the Gospels, Part 1. After Jesus' death and before the gospels were written, the Jesus Movement consisted of groups who considered radical ideas for living as a community. Some of these ideas came from philosophies of the day but were fueled by the teachings of Jesus and hi. Clean Women Who Challenged Jesus 3: The Woman at the Well, Part 2.

The Gospel writers often described the Pharisees, scribes and lawyers as "challenging" Jesus, usually with regard to some point of Jewish law. Out of those encounters, Jesus often taught an expanded understanding of Jewish law-the spirit of the law-that. Clean Women Who Challenged Jesus 2: The Woman at the Well, Part 1. Clean Women Who Challenged Jesus, 1: Known and Nameless Women.

The Gospel writers often described the Pharisees, scribes and lawyers as challenging Jesus, usually with regard to some point of Jewish law. Out of those encounters, Jesus often taught an expanded understanding of Jewish lawthe spirit of the lawthat has. Clean Origins of the Gospels: Scholars have given us much insight into who the authors may h.

To anyone who has read the five Gospels about the life and ministry of Jesus, it is clear that there are similarities, contradictions and stark differences in style and content among them. Scholars have given us much insight into who the authors may hav. To anyone who has read the five gospels about the life and ministry of Jesus, it is clear that there are similarities, contradictions and stark differences in style and content among them.

Clean The Teachings of Jesus, Part 3: Biblical archeology and scholarship have revealed much about the time of Jesus: Clean The Teachings of Jesus, Part 2: Clean Returning Home, Part 3. These books of the canonical bible reflect this growing acceptance. Clean Returning Home, Part 2. As the Israelites return to their homeland, the process of rebuilding the temple begins.

They struggle with the prophet Ezra's exhortations to return to their old pre-Babylonian ways as they acclimate themselves to a home they barely remember or never. Clean Returning Home, Part 1. The prophets whose writings originated in the sixth century BC. We will explore these writings from the perspective of the consciousness of the writers in this time period, the me. The prophets whose writings originated in the eighth century BC. We will explore these writings from the perspective of the consciousness of the writers in this time period, the message intende.

E include Amos, Hosea, 1 Isaiah and Micah. We will explore these writings from the perspective of the consciousness of the writers in this time period, the message intended for the Israelit. As we complete this series on the allegories, we describe how the stories from other cultures are reflected in those we find in Genesis. This influence does not diminish their importance to our spiritual lives, but enhances its relevance to the human co. Clean In the Beginning, Part 2. Clean In the Beginning, Part 1. Did you know that there are two creation stories in the Bible? That there is an allusion to a time "when giants walked the earth?

Clean The Books of the Apocrypha: The establishment of the Hasmonean dynasty over the independent state of Judea after Seleucid oppression is the subject of this account of history of the Jewish state. There is political intrigue as well as warfare; the desecration of the temple and its. This book parallels the Book of Daniel so closely, it appears to be the book rewritten in some parts.

Still there are parallels to some of the other prophets, and it represents the Jewish thought and belief that served the Jewish community during times. Like Proverbs, this book is full of wisdom teachings on such subjects as proper speech, riches and poverty, honesty, diligence, choice of friends, sin and death, retribution and wisdom itself. Join Jim and Karen as they discover what insights may still. While this book was attributed to Solomon, he is not mentioned nor involved in its writing.

This is more of a philosophical understanding of the author of the first century BCE about immortality of righeousness and karmic consequences. Join Karen and Ji. In the tradition of David and Goliath, Deborah as warrior and Esther as savior of her people, comes the story of Judith, a pious widow who by her faith in God takes matters into her own hands and saves her people and Jerusalem. Learn about this little-k. Clean Books of the Apocrypha: Clean A Nutshell History of the Bible. How did the Bible get written? While we may think of the Bible as inspired, it was clearly written by different individuals in different times in history.

Some books are from the hand of more than one author. Some were written, rewritten and edited ove. Clean Sayings of the Historical Jesus: Observations of Jesus, Part 2. Many of the sayings of Jesus were in the form of simple descriptions or observations. They tell us something about how Jesus looked at the world and suggest much about the nature of human existence and about what it means to "put on the mind of Christ. Observations of Jesus, Part 1. They tell us something about how Jesus looked at the world and suggest much about the nature of human existence and about what it means to put on the mind of Christ.

Not all of the original stories Jesus told began with the kingdom is like To understand his message, we must look at the parables from a fresh perspec. Clean Sayings of the Historical Jesus, 3. Many of the teachings of Jesus were in the form of parables and observations, rather than in the form of commands. To interpret Jesus parables and observations, it is helpful to consider his direct commandments, that is, the statements he made in the im.

As in the first part of this two-part series on The kingdom of God is like In part 2, we read more of t. Biblical scholars have long known that much attributed to Jesus were not likely his words. But through cultural studies of the people of Jesus' time and archaeological findings, much more is known and understood about the historical Jesus. Clean God as Good Shepherd, Part 2. Clean God as Good Shepherd. Clean The Season of Advent: In the weeks preparing for Christmas, the Christian church has observed a set of themes for spiritual contemplation and growth.

Join Jim and Karen as they explore these themes using the scriptural references from the Christian liturgy. Clean Scandals of the Bible. Scandals abound in the Bible! Clean Scoundrels of the Bible. When you think of people in the Bible, do they conjure up righteous, pious images? Did you know that there are some real scoundrels who often create situations that require the heroes to step forward in faith and courage and to act heroically? Clean Unity's Five Basic Teachings: If we are made in God's image and God is everywhere present and all good, then what role does prayer play?

Unity teaches that we create our world and our experience through the activity of our thoughts. Learn how the Bible demonstrates this truth in stories and verses when you join Jim and Karen for this lively discussion! Perhaps this second teaching of Unity could be considered the most controversial and the point at which Unity deviates from traditional Christianity.

Learn how the Bible supports this teaching and why this one idea changes everything! The first and central teaching of Unity is that God is good and everywhere present. The Bible is full of illustrations and references of the nature of God and the notion of only one God. Join Karen and Jim as they explore the Bible in reference to this. Clean Shadow Women of the Bible. Women are often overlooked or downplayed in the Bible, used as foils for men's actions and even remaining nameless in stories told about them.

Emerging from the shadows are a number of very interesting women in the Bible who display both positive and ne. Clean Miracle Mothers of the Bible. Many of the heroes and patriarchs had miraculous or sensational births to herald the greatness that they would achieve. But their mothers often played an important role in their births besides the obvious one! Clean Heroines of the Bible. Women played key roles at various times in the history of the Jewish people and even in gospels. Join Karen and Jim as they explore several important heroines outlined in both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and learn what they can teach us today.

Every encounter is an opportunity to demonstrate respect and honor for who people are. If we see talent in action, we should regard it. A few posts ago I mentioned another very powerful principle of the universe: If we honor people, we will receive honor. If we realize our need for those who are talented in areas in which we have no ability, we can do nothing but honor them.

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We are the benefactors of their talent and ability. Each one, no matter their station in life, is contributing to the betterment of our life. We can learn to use our words and actions to lift others. If we all honored and respected each other, we would release people to become much more than they are today. It would be a revolution which would transform the world.

We would change the world in the most important way; we would help people believe in themselves and their ability to live their dreams. Everyone should have a purpose, vision, or goal to pursue but there are many pitfalls which can keep us from living our dream. There are, however, some pitfalls which can sideline our plans for significance. Working together becomes a win-win for them. These formal collaborations between organizations are not the only way to collaborate. Each of us is collaborating with others, whether we know it or not.

Our friends, family, and supporters are informally collaborating with us to help us achieve our goal. The family we grew up in and their value system are by far the most significant part of who we are. If trust and integrity are number 1 in importance in building character, then having a positive mental attitude is right behind them. It destroys faith, hope, and happiness if left untreated.

Our bitterness may not be directly connected to our vision or project but it affects us in a way that can diminish our emotional strength and positive expectation of good. Our values are at the heart of who we are and what we want to achieve. Our emotional condition and our values influence our motives at a level deeper than we may be aware. We can believe we know our motives, but our choices and actions better reveal them. Love is a shield and a compass. It directs and it protects. When we see our vision for the first time, we delight in its beauty and splendor. We may imagine many scenarios which enhance our own personal needs which later we attach to the vision.

People either enlarge or diminish the scope of their vision. By scope I mean, for example, we may want to change public policy in our community, our state or province, or our nation. Each of these geographic domains has a significantly different scope of influence and required approach; therefore, the scope of the vision is key to getting our vision into perspective. Living for something bigger and more important than our next self-indulgence is the only way to live a full and meaningful life.

Success, celebrity, and notoriety can come to a person early before they have the character to handle its distortions of reality. The development of character is directly linked to the unfolding of our success. The power that creates celebrity is also there to tear it down because both are profitable. The challenges a person faces when they achieve this so-called success will test their character and values.

If they are found lacking, they become victims of a system that routinely destroys lives. Of course, not all of us are in careers that expose us to the challenges that notoriety brings; however, we can be challenged by success within our realm of influence. What we believe does matter to our emotional safety and to the pursuit of our vision. How we conduct our life is based on our values and they either contribute to our success or they hinder it. We know their values — who they are! We either trust someone or we have learned not to trust them. We regard people for who they are and not only for their talent.

Talent is a gift, but character and values are founded in choices and the growth that comes from struggles and difficulties. We recognize wisdom and understanding but that comes from the experience of our journey. No book will teach us compassion, empathy, or love. We grow into caring, compassionate human beings while we develop our skills and talents.

Exceptional talent without the character to manage the success it will bring will only lead to pain. As good as that is, there are potential pitfalls. The people with whom we associate may well enhance our focus and development of our talent but may, at the same time, be a detriment in the development of our character and values. We inherit our values from our family. The influence of friends can temporarily sideline our growth. They can introduce their values and coping habits to us. How a person faces disappointment, failure, and victories will either lead to recovery or avoidance.

Coping with the challenges of life is one the main hindrances to going forward. He was known for his daily use of marijuana. It was like a time-warp, except for the aging process. People cope with their challenges in different ways; some eat, shop, read, pursue sex, drink, or do drugs. No person achieves their objective without developing these skills. How to Pick a Partner Choosing a partner is unquestionably the most important thing you will do in life. Though opposites attract, similarities build the foundation for relationship.

Values and purpose are among the most important similarities on that list. If the other person has similar giftings or ones that enhance your own, then they pass the first test. Our partner should contribute to helping us reach our objective and we theirs. Anything less than that is not a good fit. Galileo proved over the centuries to be among the all-time great thinkers and founders of modern science.

His statement reveals two things about him and the nature of giftedness within humanity. Galileo was able to see in every individual that bright-spot where giftedness and superior ability reside. In so doing, he was able to see past their deficits into their place of ability and recognize their unique and superior capability. Secondly, Galileo believed that every person has an interconnected series of talents and strengths that enable them to offer something uniquely inherent to them, that the world needs.

If everyone has something to give the world, then it would appear there is order and design in the universe. Each person not only has a talent or strength but also a place, task, or objective in which they can use that strength to contribute and advance humanity. There are people to design roads and buildings, while others play sports and entertain us, govern, or grow our food.

Without this order, society would be chaotic and dysfunctional. It is super-natural that among the 7 billion plus people on the planet, each of us has a role we want to play in making the world a better place. It means that they have surrendered their right to be happy in order to make someone else happy or for a false happiness, like money.

Neither is a good reason to not pursue your passion. There are still millions of people who are ignorant of the concept of talent and motivation and their right to live their life with passion. Some are oppressed by economics and, therefore, have very limited opportunity to develop their talent or follow their motivation. Every life is precious because of the potential for greatness that lies within each of us.

The use of our gifts is a day-to-day journey toward an unknown destination. Opportunity is progressive and is revealed as we journey down the road. The greater the effort, the greater the results. If basketball star, Michael Jordon, practiced only occasionally, his life would have been a waste of his talent. We live our life for and with the rest of humanity. Every decision and every action impacts the people around us, positively or negatively. We are judged for who we really are on our actions ahead of our accomplishments. The choices we make determine the results we get.

If our understanding of success is to use our talent to serve others, then we will have a foundation from which we can navigate the challenges of our journey. Success comes to those who are as concerned about their character development as their talent development. Managers are looking for ways to get talented people to reach their potential. Here are 8 things that work that managers can do to inspire people to do their best. Many forerunners are loners, or have trouble connecting with people. They try to do things for which they have little ability in order to move their projects forward.

Those forerunners who can build and manage a team are more likely to build their vision in a way that has a larger impact because they, and their project, are able to build more mass. That dream was not his own; it was the hope of every black leader in the Civil Rights movement of the time. Had Martin been alone, his level of achievement would have been greatly diminished. When forerunners use their gifts to co-create a common vision in a group, they create synergy, mass, and mutual encouragement. Power and authority come from a group and it transforms an idea into a movement.

Team Building In the corporate or non-profit sector, building a team of people who have various talents but the same forerunner motivation is critical to success. A person can not continually generate motivation himself. And money is only a temporary motivation. It also provides a renewal of motivation that keeps visionaries struggling forward in the dark moments of any successful project.

Creating Safety Forerunners are idea machines. They have ideas — lots of them. For the organization, these ideas are valuable, even if most of them are never used. Creating an atmosphere where every idea is honored and regarded as important is pivotal to the continued flow of new ideas. What you honor, you encourage.

They also will not join. Most government agencies are forerunner unfriendly because creativity and innovation are regarded as a threat. In this fast paced world, innovation and creativity are more valuable than capital. Coupled with their idea generation, they can very often be used by a group to trouble-shoot and solve problems in various areas of the organization.

Guided and focused problem-solving are productive ways to engage forerunners in making positive change within the organization. Giving them a problem to solve is like giving a kid a candy. Furthermore, problem-solving becomes a venue to test ideas. Forerunners have no way to evaluate their ideas except by the comments of their colleagues and the practical application of them. Evaluation of ideas is one of the most important skills an organization can develop. Some ideas are not relevant to the project and others are ahead of their time, but some are potent and powerful.

Recognizing which is which is the challenge. Honoring Talent If we honor ideas, we get more of them. When we show regard for them because of the gifts within them, we give them significance, a sense of belonging, and a purpose — to use their talent. It inspires them to do more. Forerunners are motivated to build, create, innovate, and reform.

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  • The best way to manage a forerunner is to help them identify their talents and to engage them in using them. Good managers create atmospheres where talented people can do their best work. Is your child struggling at school? It may not be their fault. Educational institutions have been designed by academics who require a student to receive information then spit it back to the teacher as proof that they know something. In fact, the measurements for gifted students are largely blind to a vast array of abilities which are not tested or even acknowledged by our schools.

    They quickly outgrow the limitations of the system and drop-out, one way or another. Non-academics are branded as intellectually inferior. Schools are not forerunner friendly because they have a year old approach to education which does not accommodate the motivation of the learner. Learning is linear and it does matter in which order we learn things — and we are not all alike. Schools are not forerunner friendly!

    Help a student discover who they are and what they love to do and the dropout rate will become non-existent. The best education a parent can give to their forerunner child is one which is guided and rich in opportunity to self-discover their intrinsic motivation and abilities. Secondly, students need to learn how to collaborate and work together with other like-mind and gifted students in order for them to co-create.

    The ability to collaborate and contribute as part of a team is one of the most important skills a student can learn. Being able to put the objectives of the group ahead of their own is a mark of maturity which some people never achieve. It is, however, a key to success. The best motive for using your talents is service to humanity; we all need to have a purpose which is bigger than our personal goals.

    So what do you do for an encore? Service is the path to greatness. Martin Luther King or Bill Gates? Mother Teresa or Warren Buffet? This is not an understanding that can be learned from a text book; it requires a revelation that comes from an experience. If we make it work, we hinder adults as well as children.

    Some of them teach to the talent and provide a much better environment for learning; however, the best educator by far is you. You know your child and the relationship of trust adds value to the process. Families are already teaching most of what a child will take with them for the rest of their life. You are their model. Your values and your life-view are being absorbed. You can use a variety of methods and tools to provide a rich and full experience.

    What makes you excited? What matters the most to you? What is the passion that drives your life? Do you care about making positive change? Are you a forerunner? Forerunners may be working in a laboratory intently focused on a cure for cancer, whereas another forerunner may be marching for social action, making a documentary film, or tinkering in the backyard with a new device which will improve gas mileage. All of these examples of forerunners have the common thread of problem-solving.

    Problem Solvers Forerunners are not intimated by problems. They are commonly very able to identify problems and to develop solutions. Their ability to analyze complex situations and to reveal where problems exist makes them particularly good at fixing things, consulting, and innovating to create solutions to problems. This big-picture helps the forerunner to put information into categories and quickly analyze it and make deductions which could not easily be reached other ways. Ideas Forerunners value creativity and, more particularly, ideas.

    Ideas are their most important commodity because ideas are the seeds of change. Forerunners prefer to create solutions with innovative methods that break through the boundaries of the status quo. Ideas are the stock and trade of forerunners and their change-making motivation. No Fear Forerunners love adventure and are considered risk-takers. My observation is that because they require a high level of stimulation, forerunners love adventure. They love to travel and participate in sports which could be considered risky. Forerunners are thought to process fear differently.

    They focus on the vision of the future with great intensity, thus avoiding the assessment of the possibility for down-side risk. It also causes them to quickly adopt new ideas, technologies, and products. Visionaries Forerunners are visual people. They are visual learners usually and use pictures in their mind to associate ideas and to understand things. Those who are the most extreme have a photographic memory. The path to solutions is linear; problem-solving is following that path to the solution.

    Forerunners are familiar with this world. They are as comfortable there as they are in their physical home. High Level of Simulation Forerunners move mentally very fast. They usually have the mental capacity to work on a problem while doing several other things. They require a high level of stimulation and mental activity at all times. They have spent their life developing their mental capacity and find it hard to turn it off and live even for a short time exclusively in this reality.

    Forerunners have so much they want to do and just one lifetime to do it. With so much to do and so little time, forerunners are very conscious of moving forward. They need to feel like they are advancing toward their objective. Values — Freedom, Justice and Equality Motivation is best expressed by passion. It comes out in waves of emotion most commonly interpreted as anger. Forerunners have a sharp sense of justice and equality. They have experienced bigotry and bias simply because they have chosen to speak or act about their concerns in a variety of arenas. For forerunners, the freedom to speak about their values is not just a platitude that must be given lip-service to, but it must be lived out, protected, and cherished.

    Many forerunners dedicate their lives to fighting for justice and equality. They have given their money, time, and comfort in order to stand against corruption and lies so that freedom and justice for all are preserved.

    Garments by Khalil Gibran - Parable

    These strong moral values cause forerunners to resist joining groups. In order to participate in a group, you have to give up some of your freedom. You may be asked to compromise your values for the group. Forerunners prefer to work independently where they can chart their own course and live their own values. They are best suited to leading, co-leading, or having great influence on the projects in which they are engaged.

    These are definitive strengths but with each strength there is also great weakness. They are usually none of these although they may appear to be all of them. Forerunners naturally understand the single-minded effort and mental strength it takes to overcome the resistance to change which is inherent in people and the universe. Ideas are best birthed in the heart of a person, then later in the world. Their lack of communication can be viewed as arrogance and lead to misunderstandings about their intentions and motives.

    Forerunners prefer to work alone but their success often depends on their ability to offset their weaknesses by building a team. I have known many forerunners who never lived their dreams because they were unable to work successfully with others. It is among the most common pitfalls for forerunners, but these challenges can be overcome. Forerunners are motivated to build, create, innovate, and reform, but why should they pursue their vision and how will they know they have succeeded? He had read thousands of magazine articles before but this time it was different.

    Something inside him was stirred. Instead of being overwhelmed at the magnitude of the challenge, he felt confident that there was a solution and that he could find it. Ira Needles believed that cooperative education between industry and universities held the key for building a better experience for the student and a better structure for the university. Co-op education allowed for the continuous and more efficient use of the facilities. It also funded the acquisition of the best professors and teachers. The concept helped vault the University of Waterloo onto the world stage among educators in a matter of a decade.

    When Needles cast the vision and began the journey to build this dream, there was nothing in it for him. He and his team saw the good their vision could release. It modeled cooperative education for other universities and it was a forerunner in computer technology. The high-tech companies that have collected around the university have been an economic foundation for the community. When Needles was awarded honours for his contribution to the founding of the University of Waterloo, he assured his peers that seeing his vision come to reality was more than enough reward for all his efforts.

    For Needles, nothing they could do for him could make him more pleased, or more honoured, or more happy than succeeding in bringing his vision to life. Some things are better than money and fame. He set out to serve and he was able to create something that made a huge difference in the world. That was more than enough for Needles. Others want to introduce new and better processes and products from which they will become rich and possibly famous. Few people become as rich as Bill Gates. His success was primarily caused by being in the right place at the right time. That could also be true of Steve Jobs and a host of other giants in technology.

    They made wrong predictions and missed opportunities. They failed to treat their employees kindly. What can we learn from this? The majority of people who become rich and famous never set out to be rich and famous. They set out to accomplish something which, in turn, made them rich and famous. Artists, musicians, software developers, etc. They set out to serve humanity. The people who get to serve the most, of course, are those who serve the best. The best servers become the most successful. The premise of business is service to humanity.

    This is not old fashioned or naive — it is a reality which drives all business. Any other premise will lead to destruction. Forerunners who use their motivation and strengths to serve others will find fulfillment and satisfaction. Happiness is our ability to manage the challenges of life in a way that never causes us to lose our peace. Some of the richest, most successful, and respected people have committed suicide — what does that say for riches and fame?

    You are rich already! Everything you need to be happy now is available to you. Happiness and success are a mental and emotional state that is not connected to your circumstances. Money can not buy fulfillment nor the satisfaction of knowing that your life mattered to more than just your family. Forerunners are people motivated by different values and objectives but forerunners are not only people. The forerunner motivation can be a dominant characteristic in a people group or nation. For example, in just after WWII when most nations were arming themselves to the teeth, Costa Rica declared to the world they were about to take a more rational route to peace — by disbanding their army.

    They also were early adopters in offering universal healthcare and were peacemakers during the Nicaragua civil war, for which their President received a Noble Peace Prize. Forerunners are particularly concerned with justice. On the other hand, anyone who has been to CR for more than a vacation could list the numerous flaws of their government and culture; this however, does not negate their strengths.

    Britain and the Nordic nations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark have also led the world in providing universal healthcare. Nations have characteristics and roles to play among the nations. All of these nations who have led change in a particular area have, at the same time, obvious flaws and shortcomings. Critics try to dismiss strengths and leadership because of weaknesses. All of us are flawed and have weaknesses. Does that mean you have to be perfect before you can make a positive contribution?

    Humble people know that we are all subject to weaknesses; therefore, we must learn from the grace that some people, groups, and nations have for modeling change in the world. Shortcomings do not negate the grace of God — they just make it hard for religious people to benefit from it! Shortcomings are stumbling blocks to the arrogant. You could avoid shortcomings, but only if you also avoid strengths. If you want people with exceptional talents, you must be prepared to compensate for their overt weaknesses. Unlike most humans, God looks mostly on our strengths.

    He sees our weaknesses in a diminished light and focuses on what we can accomplish. In a world desperate for leadership, being able to model positive change or point to solutions is of paramount importance. If our life amounts to just a few occasions of significance, their value overshadows all our weaknesses and failings. Forerunners lead change because they live to fulfill their vision and are risk-takers. They have a high potential to hit home runs, but also to strike out. If we want to empower and free our strengths, we have to learn to overcome our weaknesses.

    The more we live out of our strengths, the more positive impact our life will have. We may gravitate toward negativity, unbelief, gossip, or anger, but those are just patterns of behavior which are familiar to us. Overcoming Weakness Forerunners are meant to work with others so they can off-set their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. Synergy can occur when a team of like-minded and gifted people are committed to one objective. The lone visionary is a Hollywood fantasy. Most forerunners prefer to work alone, so the challenge for visionaries is to build a team.

    It takes people skills and communication skills to tell and sell their vision.

    In That Day Teachings

    These challenges are prevalent among companies of all sizes, not just start-ups. That could be the reason why mediocrity is so common in business and in the church. When each person is committed to reach a clear objective and fills a role within their talent, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. That should freak out a lot of people.

    On the other hand, forerunners do have an enhanced sense of justice. Forerunners are less motivated by money and more moved by their personal passion for the greater good and the manifestation of their vision — and they are risk-takers. They also have a diminished sense of fear which may make them better risk-takers. Most artists are undervalued in a monetary and material driven world.

    They endure poverty in exchange for the pleasure and emotional well-being inherent in their work of bringing their vision from the spiritual realm into this dimension. During the conquest of the Promised Land by the Children of Israel, the musicians were placed on the front line of the army.

    In That Day Teachings

    Unarmed musicians playing music on the front lines seems illogical but it was very successful. They were proclaiming that the change that had already occurred in the spiritual realm was now coming to Earth. Music and art are spiritual and yet they are created in the temporal world. For this reason, they are powerful tools in change making. Artists help us look at our world not the way it is, but the way it could be. Their prophetic art encourages a different way of looking at things.

    The increasing influence of art and the rising up of forerunners come at a critical time in history. Our ability to share information and to collaborate has challenged, awakened, and enabled forerunners to declare that something new is coming. TED Talks are just one example of the great up-swell of ideas, innovation, creativity, and advocacy for the benefit of humanity and the planet. That says something profound about the Kingdom of God.

    Jesus was the first to enter the Kingdom and He also enabled those who avail themselves of His redemption to enter it as well. Jesus Christ is THE forerunner of all forerunners. His ministry was to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth and to make it possible for sinners to enter into it. He was the first of many who will enter and benefit from this Kingdom.

    This system is destructive, failing, and evil. They do, however, know that love, truth, justice, and protecting the Earth and its inhabitants are our only hope. Forerunners are introducing a new era with new rules and new values. Forerunners are reforming the Earth by the grace God with the power of the Holy Spirit and the provision of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the truth and if you love the truth — you love Jesus. If you care about people and the planet and act upon it, you are following Him.

    His sheep know His voice even though not all of them know His name. The Forerunner Generation Never in the history of humanity has there been a more important time for forerunners. Humanity is facing what seems like impossible challenges. Problems of cataclysmic proportions in every domain of society threaten our very existence. In the midst of great darkness, there is also great revelation, innovation, and discovery unequaled in any other era of humanity.

    This is the time for forerunners to lead — this is the forerunner generation. By coming together, forerunners can self-identify, become empowered, and encourage each other. They will build collaborations and release on the Earth a powerful spiritual demonstration of the grace of God to make change.

    The uprising of forerunners over recent years announces that change is here. They are declaring Kingdom values and truth for those who have ears to hear. Nothing is more common among humanity than unused potential. Aligning our career or occupation with our motivation is, therefore, our first step in self-discovery.

    How do we determine our motivation and how do we align ourselves with it? In my quest to understand motivation, I had a very unusual experience. Costner was troubled by a voice he heard which repeatedly taunted him: The purpose, he later discovered, was to provide a place to play for the ghosts of the 7 shamed Chicago White Sox who were convicted of throwing the World Series. In my experience, I recognized the voice but the words were quite different. In the spring of , I repeatedly heard: It was unexpected, and it took some time to make some sense out of what was being communicated.

    What Is a Forerunner? I discovered that the motivation intrinsic to forerunners was to build, create, innovate, and reform. They are not limited in their operation of these motivations to any one area of industry or strata of society. They can be found peppered throughout every institution of our world. These are the people who believe that there is a better future. Forerunners push us all out of the comfort of what we know in order to make things better. How to save us,. God of mercy, what is the cost? Satan brings it destruction,. You awaken a few,.

    Is it in adoption,. Adopted-in-spirit sons and daughters,. But how to turn off,. You are a God of justice and good-heart,. I will believe in no other,. Save our families, oh Lord, with the,. Love of Jesus, our brother. And I die as well,. Alone in my home weeping, praying in my bathtub,. I scream my voice flat. Something wrong with your throat, son?

    My mother tells me,. God, set us free! Years come, years pass,. Give me one kin, oh Lord,. In which to fully, completely partner,. Our family shall be praised,. For the love of God and art in her! This not too much to ask,. For a too-proud family,. With little to brag on,. Until all are free. Governments govern at behest of governed,. And three-part government limits powers,. That government not tyrannize sheeple. If this is so, and it of course is,. Why does popular post-Enlightenment narcissism make,. Is not unknown in history! Even if it is not true,. It is well conceived.

    Se non e vero,. Them that got, shall get,. Take worship of supine weakness,. Take inane mantras unquestioned repeated,. Take earth-wide full corruption,. Not ferreted out by preachers , but throne-seated! And you get a world of confusion,. Only Satan and his minions can keep. Take how hard it is to,. Read and honor the author of this poem,. Thank God you see better! As for blind leaders: But the Christian deceivers,. They say, You owe them all! I say you owe me nothing,.

    But to pray for their fall. The Christian broadcast deceivers,. Say, Do not wake up from their matrix! Only they interpret scripture,. They say, Let them be: Love them and their trollup doxie! To laugh them naked: We who are not deceived,. While the seers are grieved. The seers are grieved,.

    Just remove pride and prejudice,. And salute God in true-taught men,. Christian Broadcast Matrix Makers Unite! C hristian Broadcast Matrix Makers unite! And choose yourselves this day,. To repent of epic shenanigans,. Or blow the thought away. If you think your matrix witchcraft,. Can bring your ignorant-taught to enlightenment heaven,. Then you believe what never can be,. And you believe what never is and never once has been. Deceivers making the deceived,. Cast no true light,. Wrong is always wrong,.

    Before it is too late,. Now unmake your fate. Now teach the world,. How your shenanigans worked! Your wicked wiles then besmirched! Wolves for the first time! You can free them,. Matrix makers of religion,. You served the world poorly,. Entrapping sheep to wiles,.

    They needed to see sorely! Wiles of business, politics and media,. You pioneered to enslave,. Now you will expose to audiences,. So none again ever be knave. Stop it, you Christian fools! No glory to dung,. Be infilled, God-bearing jewels! But now you are neither,. You glorify dung piled high,. Even the elect would not see,. Must repent and set yourselves free. A n angel from heaven visited me,. To tell me something more,. The angel from heaven told me,. Each person on earth, he told me,.

    Can get four coins stored in heaven! Or, he said, the reverse is true,. The first gold coin of heaven,. He said, is called the Gift of Life,. Peace in earthly strife. The first bad coin of hell,. He said, is called the Curse of Death,. The second coin of heaven,. Front is named Equality,. Treat others with no prejudice,. Life and our God too,. And little to rue. The second coin of hell,. Front is named Advantage,.

    Third coin of heaven: Back refers to your work in day,. Third coin of hell: Fourth coin of heaven,. Fourth coin of hell,. Both sides each say,. Now there are exceptions,. The angel told me,. Bind me as a fool. Oh man, work for coins,. That moth nor rust nor thief can steal! These coins of heaven,. And hell are entirely real! Learn and earn them, oh humans,. And with us angels and God on earth you shall dance!

    Is what God is always,. Is what Satan imbues,. What will you be buying? The angel asked me,. It had better be what,. Sets man and God free! Twice the angel asked me,. Thrice, the angel asked me,. M an invented the internet,. And man invented blogs,. But God created a crawler,. That beats all the odds! This crawling angel robot,. Searches the internet for sites,. Which sell wares to pastors,. God hates this matrix plenty,. With wiles sold by many,. Sniffs out bad blogs and books,. And discerns if the participants,. Are deceived Christian crooks! If so, then the robot,. Dispatches one hundred eighty angels,.

    Past, present and future: P eople are fallen by nature,. And inclined to fall,. This Enlightenment tells us,. To stop the worst of all. And what is the worst of all? Always illogical mystic tyranny,. Keeps mankind from being truly free! And who are mystic tyrants? They are the look-good-are-bad,.

    Who, by trickery, circumvent thought,. To get and hold power: Always we must believe give-to-get,. From the look-good-are-bad ,. They are at the top of getting: We at the bottom of giving: For our own good we give-to-get,. Mystic tyrants always misconstrue! Whether preacher, king or teacher,. Mystic tyrants are what they do! Do they demand no question,. Do they avoid critical reasoning? Watch out there, buddy! When it is muddy. Vote with your feet, partner,. Vote with your wallet,.

    The way to stop tyrants,. Leave and close pocket. That hits mystic tyrants,. People are fallen by nature,. Woe and Carbon Offsets. That bought carbon offsets,. For my fleet of ego-bling,. Like Catholics of old,. I sell sheep give-to-get,. But the money I spent,. Here I con others,. That I fly without guilt,. Offsets now a lie,. I am sergeant of my platoon,.

    My platoon of the corps,. We are recon rangers,. On the edges of war. Peace on all fronts,. Home runs and bunts. From Doogan on patrol,. From hot to over boil! Our general is a girl,. A girl just fourteen,. Cute as a button,. Satan wants her soul,. Sergeant Anger of the Devil,.

    Is now full rising up,. Sergeant Anger blinded her sight! Doogan, tell the artillery,. To bombard her with love! Get her to put on some music,. Command our canine corps,. To motivate her dog,. To dance around her room,. We can bring from the rear,. Bring in sleepy brother,. She gave dog and brother: Send in her father,.

    Has blocked our ploy! Dad is with his crying son,. Whose sister took from him joy. Doogan, where is mom? We need a tender touch! Oh yes, she divorced dad,. They miss her all so much. Doogan, I hate losing,. In her tantrum over socks,. Let her see note from Aunt Marge! This is a note from your aunt,. I do love you! For you, I always give thank! Your aunt now lives alone,. And I can get so depressed! But I think of you,. To keep those spirits suppressed! If ever you get angry,. We must think of us,.

    We beat the bastards,. Our little one has found her socks,. Hiding in a drawer! And what we are here for. We fight and others fight,. We fight like hell for you,. So God comes quick imbued. Father God is really,. Would all to Him salute,. You can beat the hell out of,. All your inner demons,. Think of me and Doogan,. And your angelic friends. When a spirit like anger,. Begins to rise up,.

    Take control, stop that demon,. Empty out its cup! The morning report now ends with me saying,. You are in charge of your own soul,. I hope you work with your sergeant angel,. And with God, to make it whole! D id you know heaven has an internet? It has its own divine search engine,. We have Google, heaven: It works in the prophetic,. Which is bad on earth today. On earth if you Google prophetic ,. You get a crazy jam,. Because of hidden sin! Pastors and preachers screwing around,.

    As deep as a drop,. Is the true trollup! We cannot go there! We love our Matrix of Fat Lies,. Of trollup doxie stew,. Is there any truth of the Bible,. Now look at your greed,. It stinks to highest heaven! It destroys Western Enlightenment,. With touch-not priests of leaven! Google prophetic will then say,. Google prophetic will say,. Then what about chaotic emotion? Or seeker-friendly untruth potion? With the non-orthodox bunch,.

    As the idiotic hunch! Known by elect bunches. Know that I come quickly in man! Google prophetic says, No! We be the rapture-supine fan! Google prophetic says, Shut up! God, let us prophetic be! Google prophetic says, We know best,. The church is due for correction! We lust to correct lusty folk! That is our true-hard erection!

    Born of your own false doctrines,. Until In That Day you care! Google prophetic says, Oh, we know of,. The In That Day Teachings site,. We ignore all it says, or ever will,. Is outgunned by majority? From Moses to Jesus,. Thus does heaven have an internet,. It does not agree with the prophets,. Our Father, which art in heaven,.

    Jesus Never Tarries

    Thy will on earth be done,. Agreeing with true prophets,. First one, then ten million! Well, can it be this outlandish? A correction so large that only few can speak? It aligns with truth,. And see more truth! God comes quick in such,. G od cares what we think,. So, what do we think,. Of the future, demure? God is judging America: How do we clean house? You see, scandals come and scandals: Pick a comfortably-not-us scandal,. That way, we keep our unclean mantle,. They are not foul harlots: A matrix potion of fear, greed and slouch,.

    Actually, we deceived shall be shocked, surprised! Like a deer in headlights in fright,. We are the smartest, unaware lemmings in history,. Virtually consumed in hubris is: What is God thinking? What should we think? A fundamental breakdown in logic,. Current I AM is,. Oft not manifesting in us: What our forefathers worked hard to achieve,. Con-games, give-to-get, corrupt government,. That children not yet born will in angst grieve. Current Christ mind is,.

    Behold, I come quickly! But not in body,. Wrapped in pride all can see.