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One of my research participants reported this example of counseling by coincidence. Synchronicity and meaningful coincidence can come to your attention in many different ways. You may find yourself urged to self-reflect by a sign, a TV moment, or a song. You may stumble upon something online at exactly the right moment.

A stranger may say a few words you needed to hear. Useful reminders to wonder may show up almost anywhere if you are willing to notice. Free Enlightened Living Course: Some meaningful coincidences show us how deeply we are connected to those we love. Many people report having felt the pain of a loved who was at a distance from them. Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson collected many such stories and our research participants confirmed this experience. I call it simulpathity and here is what happened to me:. Meaningful coincidences can also help get us to places we need to be without knowing how we got there.

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Mothers just seem to know things about their children. Sometimes this knowledge is extraordinary. The mother of six-year-old Ruth went into town to shop, when she suddenly had the feeling that she must return home. There at the edge sat both children with their shoes off ready to go wading. I believe each of us possesses a human GPS which gives us the ability to get where we need to be without knowing how we did it. Meaningful coincidences can expand our understanding of how the world works and uncover some of our untapped abilities. Believing in the usefulness of coincidences and synchronicities means acting as if the section of reality you inhabit is a you—friendly place.

Call it positive paranoia, or pronoia, which means that things have a tendency to work out in your favor.


Belief in the usefulness of coincidence develops with experience. A person might first noticed some ambiguous patterns that seem remarkable, but these are usually dismissed as chance events and easily forgotten. Later the person might be struck with a blast of convergence between mental and environmental events that become life-changing.

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After this threshold of awareness is crossed, a new attitude toward meaningful coincidences is achieved. They become an expected part of everyday life. Ideally a disciplined alertness to them then develops, characterized by acknowledgment of their existence and a careful interpretation of their meaning and potential usefulness.


Coinciders, those people who tend to see more synchronicities and coincidences of meaning, tend to be self defined as spiritual or religious, tend to be highly intuitive and also to be searching for meaning in life. Since many meaningful coincidences involve a thought in your mind and an event in your environment, activating your observing self will increase your ability to make those connections. Like an incisive comment from a friend or therapist, the jolt of a coincidence opens up possibilities, makes you stop and think, and encourages you to observe your now energized mind.

What does this coincidence mean? What are its implications? What if anything should I do with this? This activation of your observing self by coincidences is one of their primary benefits. You become more conscious of the potential for connections between your mind and your environment. The more coincidences you experience, the more fluidly your mind will move between you and your environment.

The benefits of synchronicity and coincidence use include: Many coincidences serve just to remind you to pay attention to coincidences. Coincidences alert us to the mysterious hiding in plain sight. Minor and funny coincidences act as reminders of their greater possibilities. In a quandary we look around for evidence to support a decision.

When caught in tempests of uncertainty, coincidences can help generate confidence in specific decisions. Some seem to confirm the decision to marry or divorce, to take a job or to go this way or that. She took the part and received the Emmy for the best actress of the year. People, ideas, and things can show up in our lines of vision with meaningful coincidence that fit important needs. Romantic needs, employment questions, health issues, creativity blocks, and many other challenges can be met, not only by careful planning but also by surprising serendipity and synchronicity.

Needing a new research direction as I was leaving town, I went to say goodbye to a colleague and there, lying on his desk, was a journal that provided the foundation of my future academic success. You may need to be ready to act quickly.


A person passing you in an airport may hold the key to your future. You will need to move quickly or the opportunity may disappear into a crowd. Meaningful coincidence can help us become more who we are. Carl Jung was dealing with a young woman who was stuck in a pattern of rational thought. Jung was frustrated and hoped for something that might break the rigidity of her absolute certainty. She told a recent dream involving a Golden scarab. Startled and amazed the woman began loosened her tight rationality. Events like this mirror our minds. Their surprise synchronicity can trigger shifts in the way we think about ourselves and the world.

Expanding Awareness of Personal Powers. Recognition of simulpathity propels us to accept what seems to be unbelievable. References in classic literature? When I was a young man, I always meant to write a 'History of Coincidence.

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Then the Material Interest found a tongue, and by a strange coincidence it was its own tongue. The word wind, in this passage, suggested to the minds of some, who afterwards gave an account of this meeting, a coincidence which might, in the spirit of the times, be construed into a special appointment of Providence. By a fortunate coincidence , Lady Janet's ball takes place in a fortnight. All this is only the coincidence of conditions in which all vital organic and elemental events occur.

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Ridiculous, doubtless, but a coincidence ," Major Thomson replied, turning over the next page of his book. By a strange coincidence , he happened to be at Aldborough, inquiring after Mr. And yet it may have been pure coincidence ; my better judgment tells me that it is coincidence that in Caspak the term for speechless man is Alus, and in the outer world of our own day it is Alalus. Fentolin remarked quietly, "but there is a certain amount of coincidence about your question. If I were to plead anything in mitigation of the preposterous fancy that a bad design will sometimes claim to be a good and an expressly religious design, it would be the curious coincidence that it has been brought to its climax in these pages, in the days of the public examination of late Directors of a Royal British Bank.