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Art Hamel System Workbook page workbook The workbook is to be used in conjunction with each lesson in 1. For the full description of each interview click here. Two-part audio, Part One is 41 minutes and Part Two is 63 minutes, page transcript. Sample Letters And Scripts.

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Proven samples of letters, emails, scripts, and messages that you can customize. For the full description of each segment click here. Listen to the lessons in your Art Hamel System and the bonus audio interviews below and you'll gain an understanding about the most powerful wealth secret known to man. Owning your own profitable business. You'll be able to locate, evaluate, negotiate and acquire any business that fits the Arthur Hamel formula. You'll understand the power of owning cash-flow, the world's best income.

And you'll be able to take advantage of Art's business buying secrets that will short-cut your way to owning your own business. It may take a second or two for the order window to open up. The second after you place your order, Paypal will re-direct you to a page with a yellow button. When you see it, click on that button and this will take you to your download page. After your payment is complete you'll see an image similar to the one below. Click on that button to access your downloads.

I'll also send you the direct links to your download page to the Paypal e-mail address you use when you place your order. I'll be sending it by email. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me at This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 8 minutes and Part Two is 9 minutes and accompanying page transcript of both audios.

This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 21 minutes and Part Two is 20 minutes and accompanying page transcript of both audios. Lesson Three - Profit And Loss. This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 19 minutes and Part Two is 19 minutes and accompanying page transcript. This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 15 minutes and Part Two is 15 minutes and accompanying page transcript.

This audio lesson consists of a four-part audio Part One is 36 minutes, Part Two is 35 minutes, Part Three is 37 minutes, and Part Four is 33 minutes and accompanying page transcript. This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 36 minutes and Part Two is 36 minutes and accompanying page transcript. This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 43 minutes and Part Two is 31 minutes and accompanying page transcript.

This audio lesson consists of a minute audio and accompanying page transcript. This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 16 minutes and Part Two is 16 minutes and accompanying page transcript. This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 12 minutes and Part Two is 12 minutes and accompanying page transcript.

This audio lesson consists of a two-part audio Part One is 23 minutes and Part Two is 22 minutes and accompanying page transcript. I send out an email to my entire list about the upcoming interview and asked people to email their questions so that I could pose them to Art during the interview. This audio is a goldmine for anyone who is considering buying a franchise! Art gives a down-to-earth, honest opinion of each question.

Here are just a few of the questions: If so, where can I obtain information on this subject? I know that you will enjoy this 50 minute interview that contains such a wealth of information about franchising! This audio interview consists of a minute audio and the accompanying page transcript. Art also talks about Robert Allen's real estate methods and how you can use what Robert Allan teaches in conjunction with his secrets.

Robert Allen actually recommends Art Hamel in his book, Nothing Down, and when you listen to this short audio interview This audio interview consists of a minute audio and an accompanying page transcript.

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As a result, more specific questions are being asked that have not been covered in some of the other of my interviews with Art. As you listen, you will hear detailed answers to questions such as: Hear Art answer this question giving detailed examples and the math behind the examples based on his personal experience of more than fifty years of business buying.

What kind of involvement in running the business is the buyer going to have if Art becomes involved? Art gives great examples in answering this question as well as what his involvement would be when a deal is made with his assistance and services. What kind of businesses should potential buyers look for? Should it always be a manufacturing company? Listen as Art explains why manufacturing businesses are his favorite because the risks are less than buying a service business.

Find out why service businesses can not only be riskier, but more reasons that they may not be your best choice. What does Art think about buying an offshore manufacturing company — specifically one based in China? Art explains that it can still be a good deal, but how more negotiation may be necessary in China or in the Middle East. Would Art be interested in financing a movie project?

Well, with all of his business buying and financing experience, you can probably guess that Art has, indeed, been involved with the financing of movie projects during his career. Listen as Art talks about the deals that he has been involved with in the past and what his personal opinion is currently about getting involved with more of these. He goes on to suggest a few important questions that should be asked by the buyer in that first meeting and the most important information that the buyer should request from the seller.

When talking to a seller, is Art available to explain his credibility and services to obtain financing? This is the part that I like best: Art suggests that the buyer send the seller to my web site, www. I encourage you to add this recording or transcript to your collection of business buying resources. In this forty-minute interview, you will learn how Barry, a financing genius has carved out a niche in the financing field.

He is so good at what he does that many of the leading banks send their customers to Barry as a last ditch effort to get the needed money. Barry and his team have the ability to arrange financing because of their strong relationships within the financing community. These industry insider allow Barry to deal directly with the decision makers of these select lending institutions.

You will hear Barry give an in-depth explanation of each of their services along with example case studies where they acted as the intermediary to the process. This is a fascinating new approach that will broaden your knowledge of the requirements necessary to engage a person with connections like Barry to help you to achieve your desired business growth.

Want more business buying secrets? This was my first minute conversation with Mr. Arthur Hamel is essential listening. Arthur may be the best expert in how to buy an existing business successfully. I met him through an eBay ad. He was selling his business—buying training courses on ebay. I called him up, turned on the tape recorder and captured every fascinating minute of our conversation.

Shafin is gifted not only with his talent for hypnosis but with compassion and empathy. It was a long road that led me to seek the help of a professional and I am immensely grateful that it led me to him. I have studied with some of the world class gurus of self improvement but I can confidently say I have never even thought that transformation of this kind was even possible. It took me by surprise and changed me from inside.

Shafin, thanks for everything! I am really inspired. I know that I will have a bright future! Shafin is without a doubt a terrific speaker!

How To Buy A Million Dollar Business With No Money

His wisdom far surpasses his age. An extremely knowledgeable person with a big heart too. A great, great teacher-in-life. More than the course contents I was impressed by Mr. He is a born teacher, everything a pupil looks upon in an instructor. Zane has given me the key to unlock my mind and slowly but surely dissolve the frustration, anger and other negative feelings that were blocking every aspect of my life. I have no words to repay what I have been taught.

I will cherish his teachings for as long as know I have a soul and want to cleanse it. How do you say thank you to the person who changes your whole perception of reality? But I wish him all the luck and a long life. This man is an asset to humanity. But I feel that Shafin summarizes the truth and teaches it very well. Simple and easy to understand. Shafin, firstly, I really want to thank you for bringing me through this journey.

I know this perhaps is the beginning or perhaps I have found the purpose in life that brought me here. Your knowledge, wisdom, patience and love have shown me a lot. A lot of things which I always doubted if I will be able to achieve have suddenly become clearer and attainable. Once again, thank you. I have enjoyed learning from him and believe that a lot of the success I am having is because I have been well taught.

Looking forward to more. Mr Shafin is a gifted instructor and is very well versed in his subject and has a special way of delivering his subject. My sincere thanks to Mr Shafin for doing good for the humanity in his own way. A big thank you for the bottom of my heart. Shafin is a powerful, knowledgeable, spiritual Guru.

I feel blessed that I was brought in touch with Shafin because he has opened my life full of wonderful possibilities. Shafin, Thank you for allowing me to have a glimpse of my future! You have definitely planted a seed into my life and it has started to change from today onwards!!!! Shafin is more than a trainer and would be more of a teacher to the unopened new doors in my life. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Marianne Williamson - Return to Love.

So here is what you are going to get: This book is sold online and downloaded by hundreds of people around the world every month! Yes, if you have been waiting to get this, this is your chance. Here with the extra bonus, by signing up today, you can read the book and meet me live in class just a few days from now. Here are some sample reviews that this book alone gets regularly: I feel more energetic, focused, and "connected" with myself and this has led me to some wonderful individuals and incredible opportunities both in business and my personal life.

Thank you for helping me to create the life I have always dreamed of. In the end it really is all about me! You can check out the book at www. An amazing number of our students are friends or family members of our ex students! Because once you go through our life transforming events, you realize how much it can help your loved ones by if they go through this also.

Million Dollar Mortgage Minute

Take a look at the list below and it needs no introduction. These books are responsible for changing lives of tens of millions people around the world. Learn to earn money at will with the residual income you make after you buy and resell your first low-cost trailer home. Do it in your own town, in your spare time. Do not confuse this with the complicated, time-consuming field of real estate. Investing in trailer homes is totally different than real estate and times easier. Better yet, the market is vast and untapped. There may be thousands of deals right in your town. A unique combination of circumstances makes this system embarrassingly simple and quite profitable.

If you do not get a tingling sensation deep in your gut after hearing this information, I will be shocked. This interview is filled with step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly the same thing in your area. The conversation starts off a bit slow but heats up two to three minutes into the talk. It runs about 55 minutes. Audio 9 How to use PayPal and one simple e-mail letter to set up the easiest and most profitable Joint Ventures on the planet. Paypal is the online world that can make you rich using my Joint Venture Papal idea. There is no disputing the fact that joint ventures are the most powerful way to generate sales with the least amount of effort.

Your success doing a joint venture is dependent on you finding a good, reliable, accurate customer list to offer your product or service to. I have developed a way to joint venture with Papal customers that is so easy it will make you cry with joy. Listen to this recording as I teach my system to my personal assistant.

This joint venture strategy is a novel technique for creating, finding, establishing, and implementing joint ventures with ease. I provide you all my insights, all my techniques, all my strategies; I give it all away so that you too can go out and make some money doing joint ventures with Papal. Air freshener manufacturer from Atlanta Georgia reveals 17 hidden marketing strategies he uses to explode his business. This is a minute consultation on the many ways for a year old air freshener manufacturer from Atlanta to build his business fast. The sound has a little static at the beginning but clears up soon after.

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You should really enjoy this recording. Hear it from start to finish! Click below for advice to Greg Chain and his start-up air freshener sales business. How to pick a market, buy related products for pennies on the dollar and resell them for huge profits to create a business to take care of you and your family for the rest of your life.

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This was my very first recording before the birth of hardtofindseminars. It is a conversation with Bill Hibler. I contracted Bill to do a copywriting project for me in early Bill is a great copywriter. We started talking about marketing. Our talk turned into an hour-long information dump of all the secrets to my business. Nothing was held back. In this private conversation, I reveal seven of my best secrets about selling pre-owned marketing seminars and how you can do the same with different information product categories. I reveal exactly how I did it, what makes products sell for more money, how I used photos in my advertisements to sell at a much higher price than my competition, and how to up-sell prospects interested in related items.

I reveal some very valuable information in this audio recording. I have seriously considered taking this recording off my site. I sometimes think, I reveal too much. Anyway, listen to it before it's too late as I give my friend Bill Hibler great advice on his publishing projects and as I reveal my story when I was just starting with this crazy business. Here is a comment from one of my customers about the Luis Arauz interview. The key websites and tools he reveals are alone worth several times more than the price you are charging.

In fact, I am hard at work right now, integrating these fabulous new discoveries into my business.

I know they are going to save me time and make me money. Truly, it would have taken me months to have discovered even a small part of what I have learned from Luis. Thanks a bunch for 4 of the best hours I have ever spent in my marketing education. How to get all the up front paying clients you can handle for your marketing consultancy business.

He is an expert on all facets of marketing and has been studying and consulting for the last 13 years. Listen in as he explains a few of his philosophies on how to get clients, the best kind of clients to take, how to get money in your hands up front, why you can never help a client whose product won't sell, why the best contract won't help you if the deal goes bad, and much more.

A very valuable insight into what it is really like to be in the trenches as a marketing consultant. Audio recording is 27 minutes. Chris is a roofer who is looking for prospects with roofs damaged by hail storms. We develop a marketing plan for him to find his exact prospects. Hear how asking the right questions can identify the profit center in a business. Lean how to cut the fat out of your business.