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By Ben Walter

T cell receptor structure and function. Simona Seizova PhD student View all student profiles. You are here Home. Surprise finding uncovers balancing act between birth defects and cancer Donate.

Finding Walter

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers have made a surprise discovery about how subtle changes in the way cell survival is regulated during embryonic development can have drastic health implications. At a glance Researchers have found there is a fine balance between cell survival and cell death during development.

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Subtle changes in the proteins that regulate cell death can cause severe defects in face and brain development. That's what makes him brave in his cancer battle and what made me brave, too when I was younger. Whether I wanted to be or not. Anyway, I always just wanted to be some regular kid in school but because of my dad being a teacher there I was different.

I realize two things now. First, I am already different because I have C. And two, he's the right dad for me. I can't do a lot of physical stuff be- cause of my disability and that's okay with my dad and it wouldn't be with a lot of other dads I've met.

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They'd be disappointed because they're into sports or whatever. I mean, my dad doesn't have a disability but you sure wouldn't want to see him throw a football.

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So in that way, we get along. It makes sense that he's my dad and I'm his son. My point is, I don't care about what the kids at school say anymore. The bottom line is he's a good teacher and no one can say he doesn't care about what he does. I know he cares. After our family, chemistry and teaching kids is what he loves the best.

I really want to make sure he gets to keep doing what he loves to do for a long time. For him, for his students, and for me and my family. It's been a really tough time in our family since my dad got cancer. Not that there's ever a good time for something as awful and as scary as that, but it was sure a bad time for us.

My mom was pregnant with what she calls a surprise baby who is now Holly and even though she's a newborn baby she's actually cute and my dad had an extra job after school to try to help pay all the regular bills.

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And that was before he got his diagnosis. We don't have a lot of money but we were doing okay until all the medical bills. And my dad is pretty proud - okay, really proud - and doesn't want to take char- ity.

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That's why I'm doing this. Not because I want to make him mad or upset, but because I want him to have a fighting chance no matter what. One thing I don't understand is why saving someone's life costs more than a regular person can pay. As the girls work to reunite and mend the Victorian doll family, they find their sibling rivalry mending as well.

Listeners will be mesmerized by narrator Barbara Caruso's ability to shift so effortlessly between the doll and human worlds. Ann Turner Narrated by: Recorded Books Whispersync for Voice-ready.