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With alien ghosts, parallel universes, brutal gang warfare and invasion by giant spiders, season 1 of Ian's Gang remains one hell of a ride and an amazing introduction to this endlessly entertaining series. Ian's Gang - The Complete Season 1 includes all eight stories of season 1 including: Fiction Horror Science Fiction. Smashwords Edition Publication Date: For example, sometimes you see a band or you hear about a band with some crazy gimmick, like a novelty band.

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Do you really want to live through that? Everything takes a lot of time. You have to think about that. Music is something that generally takes a really long time because, in addition to writing and recording, you also have to go physically embody the performance.

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I think this is very important. How did that work? When you were playing a show, you were just playing a show. Is there such a thing? For young bands now, so much of the narrative seems to just be about doom—the music industry is dead, there is no money, the onus is YOU to sell yourself to the world. I have no idea. I just hate democracy. I like the underground.

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I like the fact that there used to be distinctions and different themes and scenes for what you were into—like you were into metal or you were a punk or whatever. It was supposed to be this great thing. Now even independent people are all genuflecting toward these superstars who are total bullshit. They really make garbage. I think you should ignore that stuff. Get off the internet when you can. Embrace your own personality.

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Make what you want. Do shit with your friends. Again, personality and just being an interesting individual can really take you a long way. I just love that you exist! I feel that way sometimes.

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Southern Records , The Hedonist. Archived from the original on September 27, Burning Flags Press and Consafos Press.

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