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But there's no way to cover up an attack that causes every adult in the coven to vanish. Start your free trial.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. As a descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch Trials, Hadley understands the consequences if her Brittany Geragotelis , Kevan Peterson.

See more production information about this title on IMDbPro. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book. It was nice reading a book about a teenage witch who actually knew what she was and how to fully utilize her skills. Most of the ones I have read in the past involved witches who didn't know they were witches, but discovered it after some tragic event. It gets kind of expected and even melodramatic at times. If you have not read this book yet, stop reading here. There will be spoilers ahead.

I understand teenage hormones and all, but she seemed like a very meticulous person who was able to compartmentalize her life very well. Anyone who can do that, would never have invited that guy into her life. Besides, with her having to REALLY use her "power" of persuasion, and then to have it barely work meant something was wrong.

She says almost right from the start that other witches don't seem to be affected by her power. It would be one thing if she had known Emory more before their lives blew up around them, but Emory was a virtual stranger.

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I understand telling Hadley since she was the group leader. Once she starts telling other people, it can only be because a She didn't feel Hadley was protecting them enough or b she was trying to rip the group apart. Either way, intelligent Hadley would have caught on a lot sooner than she did and done something about it. Those are the main reasons I had for giving the book 4 stars. Just a few too many things I felt were off. I first heard about Life's a Witch through an article in Publisher's Weekly.

My first thought upon reading the article was "oh great, here we go again, another self-published author. After all, Brittany had achieved 19 Million reads of the book on Wattpad, a site I check into every few weeks, and she seemed like a very sweet lady in her interview. I decided to purchase the book and check it out. I placed it on my shelf for a rainy day and forgot about it. Little did I know the mistake I was making.

Life's A Witch is an exciting read, with rich characters and a book series I will definitely be reading all of. Brittany does an excellent job of leading the reader through these scenes, painting vivid portraits of the battles that take place. The pacing is excellent and kept me from putting the book down several nights in a row much to the chagrin of my employer the next day! I also adored the main character Hadley Bishop. She's totally badass, with great fashion sense and a wit to boot! At times her dialogued reminded me of some of Joss Whedon's best character quotes including Robert Downey Jr.

If you like strong female characters, this book is most certainly your cup of tea. In addition, I felt that I was immersed in a magical world with rich characters. Some of my favorite scenes, outside of the battles, included Hadley's mother's shop and the training sequences at the cabin. Brittany has a very visually intense style of writing, which really brought me into this fascinating world.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. It was an extremely fun read and I am excited to read the rest of the books in the series! View all 5 comments. Jul 28, Sunny rated it it was amazing. Hadley is an awesome main character because she has a lot of depth that isn't apparent right away.

I'm drawn to character development, so that really stuck with me, and how she found her confidence in the witch world. It complemented her confidence as a sassy teen girl in the mortal world! Overall, just an awesome book with a captivating amount of action, believable and lovable characters, an intriguing world of magic and a fresh way to do a young romance!

Can't wait for the other books. It will be exciting to watch Brittany Geragotelis' life long career in writing continue to unfold! Jun 23, Chelsey Wolford rated it it was amazing. I could not contain my excitement when I saw this book and its cover on Goodreads! I absolutely adored the first book in this series, What the Spell?

Needless to say I was not disappointed when I opened this book. In this book we see charmed witch and popular high school student, Hadley Bishop. Yep, you guessed it! She is a direct descendant from the first witch that was murdered in the Salem Witch Trials, Bridget Bishop.

Life's A Witch!

Hadley leads a pr I could not contain my excitement when I saw this book and its cover on Goodreads! Hadley leads a pretty charmed life and pretty much everything goes her way. Until one day when the parents, also witches, of a boy who she knows goes missing and then soon after her mom goes missing also.

Hadley may be forced to face her worst fears. The people that sentenced Bridget to death may be ready to do the same to her. Brittany Geragotelis has such a talent for writing supernatural stories. I have always loved to read about the witch trials and I believe that including some of these characters in the prologue of this book was a huge boost to me. It gave me a sense of where Hadley came from and what she was capable of.

Hadley does not take her heritage seriously at first, but after awhile she realizes what an asset it really is. She embraces what she is and where she comes from, and certainly does not want to let her mother and the other witches down. Hadley may be conceited at times, but she stepped up to the plate in this book when it mattered most. I loved the cabin where Hadley evacuates the young witches to in this book, and I really do not want to say anymore about it than that at this point. She knows that she must train and prepare to fight because something is incredibly fishy around their quaint, little town.

Her mother gives her a fair warning, and Hadley begins training and preparing to protect herself as a witch. She may be conceited, as I mentioned earlier, but she is a born leader.

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I loved seeing the other witches feed off of her energy and watching her come out of some of her petty immaturity. This book was a wonderful rollercoaster ride with tons of action and excitement…of the witchy kind!! Nanny Books Cosas de brujas es el primer libro de la saga de Brittany Geragotelis. Especialmente por esos tacones. Hadley tiene una vida perfecta, todas sus amigas la idolatran, tiene siempre la ropa de moda y todos los chicos suspiran por ella. Es sensible y se comporta correctamente con sus amigos. Pero lo que la hace especial de verdad, es que ella es una bruja.

Con enemigos dentro y fuera del grupo, las cosas se empiezan a poner realmente feas. Resulta muy moderno el tratamiento que le da Geragotelis a la magia. Mientras Harry Potter aprende a crear un Patronus, Hadley aprende un hechizo para maquillarse y ponerse muy bonita. View all 4 comments.

Dec 15, Heather S.

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Decent premise but Hadley is one of the most annoying and stuck up heroines I've come across Jan 25, Darcey Morris rated it it was amazing. Such a fun read! Dec 08, Sarah rated it really liked it. I thought this book was pretty good but there was a certain part that spiraled my feelings towards the book. This review is going to be hard to express without giving away spoilers..

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I enjoyed the beginning of the book and thought it was good.. Hadley being the main character comes from a long line of witches that dates back into The Salem Witch Trials. I thought that was pretty cool. It had a turn towards the end of the book that had me scratching my head and wondering WTF.. I had many mixed feelin I thought this book was pretty good but there was a certain part that spiraled my feelings towards the book. I had many mixed feelings. With this being the 2nd book it can be a stand alone and doesnt really involve the 1st book..

But i think that the next book is going to pull the 1st and 2nd book together and the questions that i have that came from pretty much the 1st and 2nd book will probably get answered in the 3rd-So im kind of looking forward to reading that book and seeing how that book is going to go!!!

I was debating on whether or not to give a 3 or 4 star.. I liked pretty much the book til about 50 pages left-ish and the turmoil happened but it also had some other things in the that had happened that i had liked.. Dec 26, Sally rated it liked it. Obviously written for the "Young Adult" reader.

But it was an engaging story, and I was unable to put it down without finishing it. I'm going to recommend it to my 16 year old granddaughter. Algunas citas de la protagonista a lo largo del libro que la describen muy bien: Jan 22, John Stone rated it really liked it. Recommended if you like YA magical stories with leading female characters and a bit of angst and magic. I was disappointed with volume 1 but surprised when this this follow up book lived up to its hype.

The author removed enough of the stupid class envy that ruined Brooklyn and kept enough to make Hadley a good character. It was a bit confusing when Asher from the previous book was the love interest of this lead character again. But it was good to see he gets a better girl friend this Recommended if you like YA magical stories with leading female characters and a bit of angst and magic. But it was good to see he gets a better girl friend this time. The unpublished, at this time, third book could be a winner if it really puts both Hadley and Brooklyn in the same coven with Asher.

Good job writing an interesting YA supernatural story Brittany.

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Jan 19, Daph Loving Books rated it did not like it Shelves: I hope you won't mind. The blurb for this one sounded great. Add that to 15 million readers on Wattpad and I was expecting to get a good story. Unfortunately, I was annoyed with the main character from the very first page. I have never, ever read about a main character as stuck up and full of herself as Hadley Bishop. She is the most popular gi Final rating: She is the most popular girl in school, as well as the prettiest and one of the smartest.

Hadley reminds us of these facts every couple of pages, along with her obsession for 'fashion' at the most ridiculous moments. The only thing she worries about when she needs to get active in a fight for example, is how many inches her stiletto's should be and what kind of outfit should she wear? She only thinks of herself during the preparations for the upcoming war, not thinking of the dozens of teens she has to take care of. Everything is Me Myself and I and bothered the crap out of me.

But it didn't end with Hadley being so self centered that she thought the world revolved around her. There was a clear case of insta-love in this book. She loves him when she lays eyes on him, even though she knows there's a traitor around who is spying on her coven for the enemy who, by the way, kidnapped the parents of ALL the kids currently under her 'supervision' and she doesn't even know this guy and it all made absolutely. Their 'relationship' develops very quickly and the big L-word is spoken pretty soon.

They have nothing in common, don't know eachother and there is a big crisis going on with everyone's life threatened and all, and all she worries about is if he will think she is crazy. The minor characters had potential, with a handful of them appearing to have their own small story, but nothing of that came across from the paper or kindle, in my case. The characters fell flat and I couldn't seperate some of the girls because they all seemed the same because they had no personality.

I felt no connection to them at all, which I was hoping for since I hated Hadley with a burning passion. The story itself builds up to an 'epic battle' that was over in a couple of pages. All the exciting parts felt rushed and at all the points where it seemed to be getting interesting, there was an easy solution for the problem - Hadley would have a dream about the solution, she would find a book, she would just come up with the solution - which bothered me to no end.

I wouldn't recommend this book. I didn't enjoy reading it, and was annoyed from the moment Hadley was introduced there's a prologue about her ancestors. I kept reading because I hoped it would get better, but it didn't. Reading on only resulted in me being very frustrated and wanting to throw my Kindle across the room, which I couldn't even do without potentionally destroying my ereader.

Find this review and others on Loving Books. Aug 01, La Fenice Magazine rated it it was ok. Non so da dove iniziare, questo romanzo mi ha delusa! Il primo libro avrebbe introdotto il lettore a piccoli passi nella famiglia Bishop, una sorta di "intro" nella vita di questi maghi e streghe.

Life's a Witch Books by Brittany Geragotelis and Joy Osmanski from Simon & Schuster

Le sue giornate scorrono serene e divertenti, fra gli impegni di cheerleader e le lezioni di magia e alcuni piccoli segreti relativi a un guardaroba capace di rinnovarsi grazie a qualche semplice incantesimo. Le sue reazioni, le sue decisioni, sono sempre troppo affettate e lei sembra una ragazzina di otto anni. I personaggi sono leggeri e molti non mi convincono del tutto. Lei che dovrebbe essere un leader non mi piace e non mi attira nemmeno lontamente, risulta una ragazzina viziata e superficiale.

La lotta contro il male diventa quasi una barzelletta e i suoi pensieri sono stupidi e incoerenti. I was willing to give a second chance to Geragotelis because I thought my problems might be with the MC from the previous book, this book is just as bad. To see full review click on one of the following links: My Blog Book Likes. La recensione sul blog http: Da leggere per la sua bruttezza e per la peggiore protagonista ever. Altro che Bella, altro che Mary Sue. Sep 17, Cori rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I just cannot with this book.