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Fernandez, Dominique 1929-

Personalize Gift card We will send an email to receiver for gift card. Click on below image to change. Click on image to Zoom. The book offers vivid details of the world of opera and the cultural exploits of the castrati who starred in it. Writing in the Library Journal, George Soete called the novel "an unusual historical novel for serious readers, especially those interested in early Italian opera. In , Fernandez published Eisenstein, a psychobiography of the pioneering Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein, and the second in a two-volume work called L'arbre jusqu'aux racines.

Fernandez links Eisenstein's creative work to an Oedipal conflict, points out father figures in various of his films such as Strike and Alexander Nevsky , and argues that the director was sublimating his erotic attraction to men. James Goodwin, while rejecting Fernandez's central argument in an article for the Quarterly Review of Film Studies, nevertheless called Fernandez's attempt to link Eisenstein's path-breaking use of montage to negation of the idea of destiny "highly suggestive.

In Dans la main de l'ange, Fernandez presents a fictionalized psychobiography of the Italian writer and neorealist film director Pier-Paolo Pasolini, who was murdered by a boy prostitute at age fifty-three. Critics, such as John L. Brown in World Literature Today, agreed that the novel draws heavily on the author's own temperament and concerns. Brown wrote that Fernandez "is at ease … inhabiting the shell of Pasolini as though it were his own.

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She described the book as having a "seductively messianic streak, a mixture of dogmatic assertion and reckless self-revelation," but added that it was "a good read with plenty of bravura passages. L'amour, published in , concerns the emotional, psychological, and artistic quest of a bisexual painter, Friedrich Overbeck, torn between two loves and two personas. London Observer contributor Robin Smyth commented that the author "is at his best when he examines the remarkably epicene art of the Revolutionary era.

In flight from French authorities who want to arrest him for his fascist activities during World War II , Fernandez's father's fictional counterpart, Porfirio Vasconcellos, takes refuge in his native Sicily and ponders the failure of his marriage to a woman from northern France. The narrator shares the pariah status common to Fernandez protagonists, and in this very status finds peace, Noiset suggested.

World Literature Today contributor Bettina L. Knapp commented that "the well-integrated historical exegeses … are of significant interest to the reader.

Pratt Institute alumni

In , Fernandez turned his attention to the Medicis, particularly the chaotic last days of their rule. Like other Fernandez antiheroes, Gian Gaston de Medicis is homosexual, and his romances lead to disaster. He agrees to marry an ugly widow and ends his reign in a series of debaucheries. The Russian composer Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky is the subject of yet another historical novel, Tribunal d'honneur. In this tale set in nineteenth-century St.

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Petersburg in the time of Alexander III, Fernandez gives life to the rumor that the composer, rather than dying of cholera, was a homosexual martyr, condemned to death by a "tribunal of honor" for his interest in a cornetist from a distinguished Russian family. French Review contributor Noiset praised the novel for both its depictions of Imperial Russia and its psychological verisimilitude, particularly in its portrayal of Tchaikovsky.

Fernandez has also written about homosexuality and art, including his book A Hidden Love: The book looks at homosexuality in art, particularly sculpture, from the Classical Greek era on through Renaissance Europe and into the Far East. The book includes " color illustrations and elegant and eminently readable prose," as noted by Library Journal contributor Jeff Ingram.

Litterature Francaise Textes et Contextes French Edition

From to he pursued his graduate degree in fine arts at Columbia University. The restrictions resulted in a flexible grid, a form that would wholly absorb him for nearly a decade. The critic, Barry Schwabsky , in an essay for a exhibition catalog wrote that reviewers of DiDonna's work in the s naturally mentioned Agnes Martin as an influence, as well as Brice Marden and the early dot paintings of Larry Poons.

He made a trip to Italy in and to Mexico in where he admired the Mayan and Aztec sites. Porfirio DiDonna — was an American artist. In he enrolled in the Pratt Institute, also in Brooklyn, and graduated in Porfirio is a given name in Spanish, derived from the Greek Porphyry porphyrios "purple-clad". It can refer to: Michael Dahl List of painters by name beginning with: Richard Dadd — , English painter noted for his depictions of fairies, Orientalist scenes, and enigmatic genre scenes Bernardo Daddi c.

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Gero Cross, late 10th century, Cologne Cathedral, Germany Crucifixions and crucifixes have appeared in the arts and popular culture from before the era of the pagan Roman Empire. The crucifixion of Jesus has been depicted in religious art since the 4th century CE. In more modern times, crucifixion has appeared in film and television as well as in fine art, and depictions of other historical crucifixions have appeared as well as the crucifixion of Christ. Modern art and culture have also seen the rise of images of crucifixion being used to make statements unconnected with Christian iconography, or even just used for shock value.

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This hematite seal is thought by some to date from the early Christian era and reflect ancient Greek themes;[1] others consider it a modern or early modern forgery. The earliest known artistic representations of crucifixion predate t This is a list by date of birth of historically recognized American fine artists known for the creation of artworks that are primarily visual in nature, including traditional media such as painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking, as well as more recent genres, including installation art, performance art, body art, conceptual art, digital art and video art.

The gallery closed in Previously located at West Broadway, in the early s it hosted exhibits by emerging artists as well as well known veteran artists. Karp was a co-director of Leo Castelli Gallery from to Carole Ann Klonarides is a curator and video artist. Since , she has served as a career strategist for artists and management consultant for galleries and arts organizations in Los Angeles. In addition to having curated dozens of exhibitions for non-profit art organizations, galleries and museums, Klonarides' own video work has been presented in numerous museum exhibitions, including "documenta 8," "New Works for New Spaces: Leopardi Canti is a collection of poems by Giacomo Leopardi written in The Canti is generally considered one of the most significant works of Italian poetry.

List of poems The first poems of the Canti All'Italia and Sopra il monumento di Dante marked the beginning of the series of major works. In the two canti, the concept of "excessive" or "over-civilization" which is deleterious for life and beauty first makes it appearance. In the second canto, he asks for pity from Dante for the pathetic state of his fatherland.

In the great canti which follow forty-one, including fragments , there is a gradual abandonment of the reminiscences, of literary allusions and of conventionalisms. In , the poet attempted to escape from his oppressive domestic situation, travelling to Rome. But he was caught by his fa