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  5. Boost Traffic with SEO.

There are millions of people that are looking for products to buy on eBay. Keyword Tool will help you to understand what those products are, find the best keywords for your product listings and estimate relative popularity of eBay keywords. The free version of Keyword Tool extracts real search queries that people use when searching on eBay and provides them to you absolutely free. Using it, you can get eBay keywords from all existing eBay websites and categories, filter and export the generated keywords.

One tool to sell in the busiest online marketplaces

The paid version of Keyword Tool, however, goes few steps further - it provides on average two times more keywords than the free version of the app, on top of that it supplies the search volume data for search terms that helps to understand the popularity of any given eBay keyword. Using this additional data, you can choose the most or the least popular keywords on eBay and use them for eBay search engine optimization or any other purposes. You can find more information about Keyword Tool Pro and subscribe on this page. Keyword Tool uses the search suggest, or autocomplete function of eBay search engine to extract the keywords that people use when looking for products on the eBay websites.

To do it, Keyword Tool takes the seed keyword that you provide and puts it into the eBay search box. As you have probably noticed, when the search is performed on eBay, the automatic suggestions are showing up below the search box to make the search experience better.

Boosting Your Visibility on eBay: Can You Do SEO on eBay?

Keyword Tool pulls these search suggestions for the seed keyword that you provide. But it does not stop there. Keyword Tool adds different letters and numbers before and after the provided seed keyword and extracts the autocomplete suggestions for every generated search term.

All the generated keyword suggestions come directly from eBay and we can assure you that every single keyword provided by Keyword Tool originated from the real search that was made on eBay.

This will also help Web search engines find your store when buyers look for the products you offer. This is one of the more technical elements that most sellers tend to ignore, your images should always have a descriptive name and ALT TEXT. ALT TEXT is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an image to tell viewers the nature or contents of an image.

eBay SEO: How to Boost Your Visibility on eBay & Rank #1

Search engines read alt text and decide whether it is relevant to the search phrase that was entered. If it is relevant, then it will appear in search results. If you leave it empty, you lose a valuable opportunity to get found by search engines. For the more technical folks, an alt text can be added to an image via the html code. If your listing description includes images, then you can go to the html code of the description, find the images and change the alt text by inserting the text you like in the ALT area.

To be a Top Rated Seller, you must meet certain sales and tracking requirements, as well as performance standards.

eBay SEO: A Step-By-Step Guide to Destroying Your Competition.

Basically, eBay wants sellers to provide an outstanding customer experience mainly because eBay wants to be known as a trusted marketplace and attract more buyers. To improve your eBay SEO, you should strive to excel in these areas: SEO used to be about stuffing keywords and hoping that they will rank high in search results so that you get a lot of traffic to your eBay listings. Doing everything at once may be a lot of work to do, but the key is to start with small changes for example title optimization and make it a habit to create every new listing the right way.

With time, you will get used to working correctly and these practices will become second nature to your listing process.

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