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Inconsistently we put out an op ed that says infiltrators brought in explosives, but we killed the others before they could blow themselves up. We then shift to the planet of lizard livestock. Where we fight off a lizard roundup.

We send Kara to infiltrate a major lizard world where we discover the Alliance is already dead meat. We decide to jump ship using the Lankies to be our construction team. We decide we can't leave our four armed allies behind so we set up a rescue effort which results in Bronsor becoming the first non-human Star Force knight. I find so many times that measurements are in kilometers. That's a pretty long distance yet the author seems to think it's a very close distance. It's not, and any attempt to avoid guns by making a one kilometer pass is doomed to be shot down.

There are numerous wrong words and misspelled words. As with the other books in this series, there is no ending. This book is just one more in a series of incomplete short stories. There are so many incredible assumptions of how others will accept the wisdom of the Archons. I know that is not possible at moment. However that doesn't stop me from wanting. I like to see more books in this series. I know that is not possible at this moment. However that doesn't stop me from wanting to read more At this time. I will recommend this series.

I almost stopped at four stars because the books have too much detail. This mostly concerns the training seasons. I learned to read the first page or two then skip to the next scene. Not only does the series cover hundreds of years but it going to take almost that long to read all the installments. I read to pass the time so this is perfect. The first chapters, books , are very similar to another book I have read but can't remember the title.

If it seem familiar keep reading, it is not the same. You have to read them in order other wise you will miss setups to later actions. If you have the time to invest you will be entertained. I'm about halfway through the series. I've really enjoyed them so far.

Each three book series while not stand alone, each is very unique and are not "filler" books. I have seen one area that does not fit. Three of the Trailblazers quit shortly after basic. Paul called them traitors. Vargemma Star Force Universe Book Death averted, mysteries revealed, and an entirely different challenge to face for the kings and queens of troubleshooting. With the high stakes battle in the Gvaris System stretching into decades, Paul and a few other trailblazers attempt to sever the lizard empire along its weak middle line with both sides committing more troops and resources than ever before in their centuries long conflict.

All Fantasy; All Science Fiction. With Paul and Jason organizing an elite training team on Earth, the Archons push to unlock new psionics while bringing in as many trailblazers as they can away from the front, hoping to combine their skills and push their training to the next level.

With more and more refugees fleeing into the Alliance Defense Zone, the battle lines are beginning to be drawn ever more clearly as the former Calavari Empire crumbles into dust, leaving Star Force, the Hycre, and the Protovic as the primary gatekeepers holding the Skarron and lizard threats at bay.

When a Bsidd fleet is actively carving out new territory into the lizard empire they discover a race encapsulated by the enemy that has yet to be conquered. When Star Force comes to their aid they stumble upon a mystery Paul Taylor is in his last year of high school, watching along with everyone else in the world as the megacorporation known as Star Force leads the nations of Earth into space.

Wanting to be a part of the adventure but not qualifying for any of their highly competitive jobs, his chance of joining looks to be nil until one day a new Star The galaxy is a wild, chaotic place, and for every system that Star Force civilizes there are many more just as dangerous beyond their reach. On the frontier between the two, Brayden's Marauders dwell, bringing honor to the name of 'Mercenary. The war that Star Force has always dreaded begins. The V'kit'no'sat have committed the full might of their empire, minus the troops on the Hadarak border, to conquering and absorbing the rogue empire.

One way or another, Crusader or Warden, the war with Star Force will end, and the Crusaders intend to prove Mak'to'ran wrong and bring With the ADZ civil war continuing to escalate, Star Force looks to find a way to bring more stability to the region in the long term An unexpected discovery leads to the unlocking of a psionic mystery The time for whittling away star systems from lizard territory is over, with Star Force mounting an assault on the lifeline connecting the two halves of their empire, intent on severing their supply lines and cutting off their core worlds from their Skarron conquests.

In a day that has been long anticipated, Star Force and the Calavari return to the latter's former capitol world of Varasiss, intent to reclaim claim it from the lizards and avenge those who were slaughtered in its fall. With all-out war raging between the Nestafar and Calavari, Morgan takes a small strikeforce off from her armada on a special request to a major Calavari system in an attempt to break the stalemate between the Alliance and Nestafar forces vying for control of the industrially significant linchpin in the Calavari economy.

With the war inside the ADZ heating up, the quest to discover the mystery of the bioweapon attack continues as the Archons strive to hold onto the undermanned fronts.

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A major shift occurs in the Alliance as the lizard juggernaut continues rolling forward, resetting the power structure as races vie to save themselves by whatever means necessary. Training continues with new and varied combat 'Challenges' being passed by Paul and the other elite trainees far faster than the Star Force trainers anticipated With their advanced training underway in Atlantis, Paul and his teammates are sent on a 'field trip' to space for zero g and high gravity training, during which they get to see and experience the wonders of the space corporation's orbital infrastructure and economy first hand.

With the time being right, Star Force launches its first major attack against lizard territory in its campaign to reclaim Calavari space. The arrival of the H'kar brings many changes, with Star Force being opened up to new possibilities as the lizards continue to slowly surround the ADZ with conquered systems. Nexus is the 57th episode in the Origin Series.

With the war raging on two fronts, not all threats lie on the frontier. Deep within Star Force territory the moon Tyr is about to draw unwanted attention, turning into a battlefield of a very different type of war.

A powerful secret in the Sety's past is revealed, bringing to light the true reason for the Nexus's existence Jenna and her apprentice dive into the chaotic planet of Tieor as the invasion continues, looking for the answer to the Skarron walker mystery as the Marauders continue to fight for the world under contract. The assault on Varasiss continues, with the lizards employing a variety of new tactics to try and kill as much of the invading Star Force armies as they can. With Manaan under assault, Star Force fights a losing defense as the lizards prove more strategically savvy than the Archons anticipated A lizard counteroffensive has begun, with the heavy end of the hammer falling on the waterworld of Atlantica The colonization rush is in full swing, with millions of people now living on Mars and the edge of Star Force's dominion stretching all the way out to Jupiter.

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Nations vie for dominance, expanding their fleets and gathering up as much territory as they can, with Star Force being the nonpartisan arbiter. Tensions are on the rise With Kara now having joined Jason and the others in the pyramid, new insights into the Archons' developing psionic powers are revealed, triggering a host of changes within their ranks. New information leads to new revelations and new plans as the Skarron threat forces Star Force to reestablish its priorities and develop a new playbook for the path ahead. Out on the lizard battlefront, multiple engagements continue with a startling revelation that will force a change in Star Force's war strategy, as well as redefine their relationship with the Alliance.

Paradigm is the 35th episode in the Origin Series. Author of the epic Star Force Origin series, Aer-ki Jyr's impressive galactic world-building is on full display in this stand-alone space opera adventure reminiscent of Ryk Brown, Christopher Nuttall, B. Larson, and Evan Currie. A new dawn is coming. It's been eons since Humans controlled the universe.

Star Force: Origin Series Box Set () by Aer-ki Jyr

Defeated by a mysterious With the first breather on the Skarron front allowing some gains to be made, Star Force and its allies fight hard to repulse the invaders With their basic training completed, the former trainees are given additional responsibilities and exposed to new secrets about their enemy, their future, and the origins of the Black Knight. With the Skarron blockade pressure constantly mounting, the trailblazers fight separate battles on different worlds trying to hold back the onslaught to buy Star Force the time it needs to build more Sentinel defense platforms With Red and Green Teams tasked with taking Tyr back from The Word, the Archon acolytes scramble to hunt down every enemy operative they can as Star Force brings the heavy end of the hammer down on the moon World War III has begun.

With that Earthbound indemnity nations pour their resources into battling each other while Star Force protects itself and the neutral With the restructuring taking place on Earth, everyone's lives are changing. With that change comes opportunity As they struggle to survive two Star Force systems on the border are also hit, with a large scale ground war breaking out as the naval engagement turns into a tenuous stalemate. With Davis's edict that 'the 6 nations who created The Word must forfeit their sovereignty' already given to the public, Star Force acts to carry it out, along with setting up a transformational process for the rest of the planet Choosing to widen the battlefield on Corneria to two fronts, Star Force sends three Clans to the planet's polar region to stake out a foothold on the snowy plains where their mechs can be brought into play With more and more Archons beginning to develop mental powers, Davis's recall order brings those affected back home to Earth where they work together along with a team of highly skilled medtechs to figure out what is happening to them and how they can survive their potentially fatal development As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished," and Star Force is no exception, drawing reprisals for their efforts to help their allies in the ever increasing war zone that the lizard expansion is spurring.

With the trainees moving on through their training at an accelerated pace, the 'Challenges' branch out into new areas including land vehicles, aircraft, and space combat With the Nestafar switching sides and joining with the lizards in the war against the Alliance, Star Force decides the time is right to fully dedicate itself to the war and go to the aid of their allies With the founding of the Alliance against the lizards, multiple communual facilities are created to service and share information between all the races, including a starfighter training facility on the planet of Daka where Mark is dispatched with a sampling of Star Force's best pilots to test their skill and learn from others how Major structural changes are underway within Star Force to counter the growing threat the lizards pose as the trailblazers use their cunning and inventiveness once again to reshape their growing empire into a more powerful civilization.

Changes are progressing across Star Force, both internally and externally as the war against the lizards takes on a new dynamic. Now wrapped up in an interstellar war, Star Force has to learn on the fly how to fight as the underdog against a technologically superior alien enemy that they know absolutely nothing about. With World War III scaled down to just the Earth micro-system, the level of conflict intensifies as Star Force gradually reduces the assets of both sides, pressuring them to stop the fighting The second round of the Elite Trials is here and the trailblazers reunite to battle their Clans against one another for the sake of territorial allotments, pride, and the never ending quest for greater challenges.

The trainees come to the final stage of their training before graduation, the 'Tandem Challenges,' during which the top team and individual honors will be determined, with Paul and Morgan racing each other to collect as many points as possible before they arrive at the 'Final Challenge. With the war against the lizards making a continuous crawl outward from the ADZ, focus returns to internal Star Force matters and a shift in the mandate for the Clans.

With interstellar warfare escalating to unprecedented levels, true colors begin to show, exposing the Alliance for the house of cards that it truly is and causing the trailblazers to chart a different course for Star Force if they are to survive the coming lizard storm. Now with a lead on The Word's secretive leadership, Star Force seeks to find a crack in the organization that it may one day use to expose and defeat their Earthbound nemesis.

Years have passed since their initial training but the existence of the Archons and Star Force's ever growing military still remains a secret from the public as Earth continues to grow its orbital and Lunar colonies. That growth, however, is not without risk and the perils of space travel are ever present, forcing Star Force into the Paul and the other adepts start adjusting to their new roll, free of trainer oversight and control as they push their abilities past Human norms while simultaneously designing the military structure that Davis has tasked them to command.

With the brunt of the Chinese attack repelled, Star Force pushes into the enemy's Lunar territories, intent on ending the brief war by expelling the attackers from the moon entirely. Meanwhile the naval conflict escalates, with the Chinese fleet still running dark and unaccounted for. In the aftermath of the mysterious pirate attacks tensions rise as the identity of the nation behind the ruse is revealed and unilateral penalties are handed down The battle on Eshwan continues, with Kip leading Clan Protoss against the super large Skarron walkers, trying to find a way to take the mechanical beasts down where the Protovic army has failed.

With the establishment of minimal trade routes to nearby star systems, Star Force begins the first stages of opening up new worlds to national colonization in the Epsilon Eridani System with a test case, only to run into more trouble than anyone anticipated. With the lizards unable to stop Star Force's orbital bombardment of their bases they change tactics and strike out against the largest and most heavily defended Human colony on Corneria with a massive ground invasion, seeking to destabilize and decapitate Star Force's capitol in one last desperate push to regain the offensive before With the help of an unknown ally Star Force goes on the offensive, striking at the heart of the enemy incursion in the hopes of dealing their forces in the Epsilon Eridani System a serious blow, incapacitating their supply lines and tipping the scales in the war of attrition to the Humans' side.

Books by Aer-ki Jyr

With the lizards expulsed from the Epsilon Eridani System but the larger war far from over, Star Force continues to tighten its defenses and expand its borders, coming into contact with many new alien races and finding themselves being brought into a much larger conflict spanning Earth's region in the galaxy With the war behind them, Star Force pushes forward with an aggressive expansion campaign that sees the Archons' new Clans becoming splinter entities of their own right per Davis's master plan as he directs his ever growing mega corporation to the very edges of the Solar System While Star Force's two front war against the Nestafar and lizards rages on, back home a sleeping nemesis twitches, exposing itself to Davis's keen gaze and drawing an Archon-level response.

With the Nestafar assault taking a serious toll on the Alliance's defenses, the Archons and their Canderian support stand to be overwhelmed unless their limited number of aircraft can thin the enemy's ground forces prior to their reaching the breached southern hangar doors of the Alliance base The intrabase brawl escalates into full scale war as the Nestafar inexplicably turn on the Alliance they helped to found. Mark, the Archons, and Star Force suddenly find themselves caught up in someone else's conflict, far from home and any hope of reinforcement, having to rely on their troubleshooting and martial skills to find a way to The war for control of the Brokal System continues as Morgan has to come to grips with what happened to her on the jumpship and the aftereffects thereof With the war over and Antarctica now in Star Force hands, Director Davis decides its time to honor a promise he made to the trailblazers long ago As the veil of the lizard empire is drawn back, more surviving races are found and freed in the rimward region while the coreward half of enemy territory continues to grow.

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  8. The invasion of the lizard core systems has begun, with a wall of ships and defensive emplacements between Star Force and the heart of their enemy's empire. Let the battle begin. As the lizard core worlds invasion hammers on, a new development is arising within the ADZ as the dissentious elements find an avenue to pursue their long suppressed agendas. With the secret of the Ancients revealed, events are forced to a head and the true loyalties of The Nine are revealed as Star Force asserts its dominance.

    They mystery Protovic transformation has begun, and with it comes knowledge that will reshape what Star Force knows of history With multiple variants of the Protovic no longer a Veliquesh myth, Star Force puts itself on a quest to get to the bottom of this mystery by seeking out other wayward Protovic colonies. With the assault on the lizard core worlds underway, multiple projects and missions are being undertaken across Star Force territory With the Uriti Preserve upping the tensions in the region greatly, Star Force must adapt and grow into its new position of leadership before factions can become bold enough to move against them.

    An introduction to the Star Force series, a massive Space Opera serial creating a new scifi universe for readers to explore akin to Halo or Mass Effect. Take your first step into a much larger world with this prologue and begin your journey to save Humanity from an overpowering enemy. Enlist in Star Force today and see why the series Level 1 Star Force Training Manual.

    Without it, Star Force doesn't exist and the philosophy behind the empire falls apart. Many people want to know more about this philosophy and how much of it is fiction and how Mak'to'ran travels to the Hjar'at with information regarding the altered Hadarak and the alliance of extremely advanced races that Star Force has amassed Mak'to'ran 1 Star Force Universe Book Civil War looms on the horizon for the galactic dinosaur empire and one lone T-rex bears the mark of treason to rally the loyal and reunify the races Beginning the Star Force Phase 2 timeline, the Mak'to'ran serial details the defeated V'kit'no'sat fleet commander's days following the attack on Earth and the fallout within the Dinosaur Persistent Ravage Wayward Trilogy Book 3.

    Stranded on a jungle world, Esna and the other evacuees fight both the V'kit'no'sat and the heavy gravity to survive, but she finds her pathetic lack of strength and stamina slowing the others down. Knowing she is responsible for their deaths, Esna is hauled along as the enemy picks them off one after another while the Star Force The fracturing of the V'kit'no'sat Empire has now come to fruition, but the full fledged civil war has not resulted.

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    With the depth of experience and knowledge the dinosaur races have accumulated over the millennia they know the destructive cost that such devastation would bring, and a conservative warfare methodology breaks out wherein What's it like to be the last Human? And not even know you're Human?

    Esna Donovan was stranded on a planet full of people that didn't look like her as a child along with her brother. Their father was murdered, leaving them sitting in their spaceship waiting for his return. They remember almost nothing from before that time, when two So what do you do when you discover Earth used to be a border colony of a galactic Dinosaur Earth's naivety has come to an end.