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But Rob didn't stop there.

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With an open mind and the goal of finding a board that worked well in the most varied conditions, Machado even went so far as testing stubs in maxing Indo conditions. It was a wider, shorter, thicker board that worked in diverse situations, flew through sections, and could turn on a dime. It combined rocker theories from the past with modern outlines and contours, and, in essence, possessed the function of a fish with greatly increased turning ability.

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This was a board that not only worked in small beachbreaks and mushy, high-tide points, but, as Rob found out in perfect, steep Indo barrels as well. But that's only one small fraction of the stub story.

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Rob may have refined the stub, but the truth is that surfers have been experimenting with stub-like designs for decades. In fact, the history of the stub is rich, from very early efforts by Steve Pezman to Dave Parmenter's underrated Stub Vector. It was only in the last few years, however, that stubs have become ubiquitous.

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Every major surfboard label has a well-received short, wide, blunt-nose board in its line: In an effort to add spice to an otherwise less dimensional experience, companies like Takayama and John Wegener Surfboards began developing and refining stubs of their own, like The Scorp and The Dynamo. Essentially mini-longboards with pulled-in tails, these little "two-plus-one" boards work shockingly well, and have an uncanny resemblance to the stubs that Rob Machado has been refining on the shortboard side of things. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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