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It is possible that several people may have made copies from the copies during that time. Hence when the third Caliph Uthman asked a group of Quran scholars to review the existing copies of the scriptures, it is not surprising that he may have found discrepancies.

The Must know Guide to the Qur'an for the Western World

Consequently, he asked people to destroy the inauthentic copies that were in circulation, and use the ones that matched the original Quran. Thus the Quran remains the only scripture that was compiled during the lifetime of a Prophet who had received it directly from the divine source.

Why a non-Muslim should know the Koran

It is this fact that many scholars seek to challenge. Skeptical about the divine origin of the Quran, they resist the premise that God spoke to humanity through His chosen people and sent His trusted angel to communicate His message to His messengers including the last of the messengers, Prophet Muhammad. They don't accept it because this cannot be proved empirically. They cannot empirically verify the location of God and Angel Gabriel.

Hence they argue that the whole story about the origins Quran is fabricated. But the attack on the Quran does not come only from secularists or empiricists. It also comes from Christian and Jewish scholars whose religions depend on the notion of the existence of God and His revealed message to His chosen messengers. While they acknowledge the divine origin of the Old and New Testaments, they are not willing to grant the Quran the same status.

Suffice it to say that their argument is neither religious, nor historical, nor academic. It can best be described as biased and fabricated. What they don't realize is that if the divine origin of the Quran and the authenticity of its message are questioned and refuted, then the very origins of their own religions are in question. This article is based on his upcoming book on the History of the Compilation of the Quran. Related posts from similar topics: What the Quran Meant: These are offered as a means for IslamiCity to stimulate dialogue and discussion in our continuing mission of being an educational organization.

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Dont even try to ignore the facts and destort them who you are supposed to be educated and academic scholars. Jazaka Allahu kiran , I needed this article badly!! I hope you don't mind me copying part of it. To some extent the Quran can prove to have devine verses unlike the other scriptures. When people think of God, they think of Chrisianity, yet this religion has not succeeded in proving God exists, but Islam through the Quran has.

This is because it is the word of God authenticity. Only God can prove he exists. This article is worthless, it is talking about what muslim belive about how Quran is stored authentically. I thought the main purpose of this article is to refute the claim that Quran did not revealed in Arabic. If we keep writing worthless document like this people will be more skeptical. That does not even make logical sense. And no where in this article did I see an actual refutation of evidence presented; the author seems to have merely regurgitated the same old "Bible was compiled this way", "Quran was compiled that way" argument.

This Atheist Asked Allah for a Sign...(Amazing Convert Story)

That's all I ever seem to see from Muslims. Not just rehearsed and overused arguments that are based upon little to no facts. I believe the nature of the desperate attacks against Islam reflect the decay of Christian and the Western world in general. They figured out a long time ago that only through deceit could they tarnish Islam's reputation. These are afterall, the descendents of the crusaders we're talking about here.

Muslims need to understand that ignoring the lies will not solve the problem. There must be an aggressive pro-active campaign against such forces. A good place to start would be the Muslim nations themselves, where ALL evangelical Christians must be expelled for their covert activites as well as the venom from their corpulent preachers against Islam, which have contributed directly to attacks on Muslim and immigrant populations in the West.

Excellent article, well researched, short and convincing! It was a pleasure to read it. Come on we all know who and what kind of people are responsible for fitnat like this. Anyways, we and our children have to be strong about our beliefs. What do you expect from people who can make dirty jokes about their own prophets Moses and Jesus?.

Even though some of us may be based in US or Europe, we are still "easterners" and proud of it. We are the respectful people. Let the dogs bark.

Quran: A Divine Guidance or a Historical Document

And we should encourage the workers and intellectuals like the author to defend our beliefs. Typical reaction to a threat: It has been done throughout history, with a person, country or thing. It is possibly the only way to erode peoples belief about a subject. What really needs to be asked is why?

Why must the Qur'an be validated or invalidated? Why is it of such great consequence?

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Simple - because it is the truth and the truth hurts. Yes I agree to the veiwpoint expressed in this article. There will be always a group of people who will not accpet Quran as divine book. However let we us muslims educate ourselves and educate others on Quran's authenticity. May Allah accept the authors efforts and reward him in best suitable way. They know its the truth. May Allah bless you for this effort. They will not stop their assaults. The comforting thing is that they will not succeed - it's a promise from Allah and He keeps His promise. The author refers to Sahih Bukhari to substantiate his statement that Hafsa r.

But in Bukhari, Zaid states that he had to painstakingly compile Quran from fragments partly from written and partly from memorized pieces after Umar bin Khattab r. This copy was given to Hafsa bint Omar after the death of her father, the second Khalifa. This type of inaccuracy may detract from the cause of rebuttal. He made no mention of the mushaf of Ibn Masoud a leader among the companions in Quaranic scholarship , which didn't always agree with Osman's r. A later article on the webpage responds to the Newsweek piece more effectively. I hope in the forthcoming book the author will substantiate his ckaims with stronger documentation.

Remember brothers and sisters this Quran is from Allah and Allah is going to protect it. Allah challenges people to find something bad in the Quran and the fact is you can't. No matter how you try! Aslam, I think muslims need to be more aggressive about defending Islam. Your article is great, but I think nothing's better than going to the lion's den and get it published in Newsweek itself.

To yanto and the other Muslims who think it is a waste of time to answer those who lie against Islam, I have to remind you that it is a duty for Muslims to act against wrong. Our faith is not complete unless we act or speak against what is wrong. I have something in the following lines taken out from the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse no 14 thru Based on the above criteria, can anybody find a single Christian in the whole world?

Or was there any in the past years? It's very shameful that some people choose to critisize Al-Quran while maintaining the authenticity of their Bible. Yet they don't have any answer for the verses like these ones and there are many other contradictions in the Bible. I read this article with great interest and I believe that Muslims should go back to the history and learn from our great scholars of the past how to refute the claims levelled against Islam in particular the Quran. What we are facing today is not much different from what those great men of knowledge had to face.

It was there intellectual supremacy and the blessing of Allah bestowed upon them that enable them to challenge those who doubted the authenticity of Al Quran. We lost this tradition and desire of seeking knowledge and intellectual supremacy long before. I hope this kinds of challenges will awaken us towards this end. May Allah bless Dr. Aslam in his noble work Please let me know how to get a copy of this book. I believe, and I have proven it, that quran is a divine guidance. I have the private story about the quran in my life. I can explain it in Indonesian, because my english is still poor, if you need information about the holy-quran for not the historical, just for meaning and actions of life.

If verbally attacked by Christians, consider holding to them to "what is written in red". For some reason, that usually seems to stifle them. The only persuasive verse that Christians can seem to present would appear John 3: Yes, his inception was indeed unique for his rank and certainly immaculate. No, he was spared such cruelty. Peace be upon him. Also, you might ask "Christian apologists" antagonists whether or not two homosexual members of the clergy can absolve themselves of sexual transgression. Is that what is meant by binding authority?

Thanks I think - but no thanks. I will do it my own way. May Allah forgive me. To disciples of the Christ - have you had enough yet? I suggest that you keep the pipe organ and your favorite hymns - but perhaps consider rewriting some of the lyrics. You might be surprised to discover the extent to which the lyrics were previously revised. Peace be with you. I hoping u will read this article. This extensively researched commentary examines Islam's holiest book, challenging serious readers to ponder its true origins and purposes as they increase their knowledge of Islam and its teachings.

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The Quran Dilemma in English and Arabic. Examine a variety of historical variant readings of the Quran Read The Quran more clearly and accurately See abrogated verses alongside explanations within the text. Learn more about the history of the Quran. A non Muslim must know basics of authentic Quran or atleast its translation of specific chapters.

It gives details about the Jesus, Moses who are the main figures in their books. What were these discrminatory policies? Do you know that as a matter of fact when some universities abolish the quota system, Indians of Tamil origin find it's hard to get in? Why is that so? Because they are academically unqualified.

On matters of social contract, every historian in Malaysia agree that the agreed arrangements before independance is the basis of this contract, the Constitution itself provides for this. Look at article - of the Federal Constitution. The Malays or the Muslims did not draft the constitution. The Reid Commission, set up by the British did. Have you look at the statistics from the Education Ministry, on the low passing rate for Indians? This year for last year exams? N recognised them as terrorist organisation. Surprisingly even in Delhi, when the Sri Lankan government mounted the succesful operations, I am not able to see any protest at all from the Indians.

Science is just as much an anathema to Islam as it is to Christianity. Btw, the day will come when the UN will get those in power to answer for the wicked crimes against humanity like what is already happening elsewhere. Otherwie the rising powers like India and China will. Enterprisng non-Muslims are urged to set up businesses in the dog-eat-dog environment to provide the taxes to the government to fund the NEP.

Non-Muslims are issued with licences to open casinos, sell lotteries, sell liquor, etc. Again the evil scheme to collect the haram tax monies to fund the NEP. Such is only a part of the grievences of the non-Muslim citizens. Though paying taxes, their children with better results, are unable to get into any state universities reserved for Malays. And Islam as a whole is tarnished by the Malaysian Muslims. Topics menu will always be here, always within reach. If you see a green icon like this , it means you're already logged in!

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