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With his clear vision of the natural world, he probes the complexity of Cajun culture, its celebration of life that is coupled with a strong sense of moral value. A husband who has taken a teenage bride less than seven months after his first wife's death is kept awake by neighbors beating spoons on copper pots to raise his dead wife's voice. Fishing with his uncle for bull red, Bedell finds words we can live by: What readers are saying.

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Enlarge Cover Image What readers are saying. What Passes For Love Poetry 6 x 9, 32 pp. Texas in Poetry 2. Sir Michael Rocks ller2.

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M Man My mind is an emporium of cute naked hoes My brother one of the only ones I can confide in It ain't no w What Do You Do pe The Midas Throat ou r lust for gold numbers your days Your wish has been granted But a double edged sword that evaded your be Death of Me boarding passes Huh I don't know what city I was in last But I'm out here trying to make an impact Same time keep myself intact Say take it take it easy A like it's Lil Ugly Mane aided She love my crew hoes on me but I just want you Keep a bad bitch that be smoking on keisha Surf with a nigga white sand on the beaches F Induction Speech the time passes I went from roaming hallways with a backpack trynna find classes To ducking off of girls that snuck backstage trynna find Perfect World rld Yo on for eign land keep your toast up hot rocks Catch a close up your snot box broke up Land shark tryin' to post up Reptiles trying to th New York niggas be lovin' how the gun talk pow!

Another underboss pull a doublecross Niggas ain't ready The Eye high This love is a hurricane You are the eye You are the eye I can't make a connection You don't trust it to hold So we cling to each other T Just Being Me nicotine What you're witnessing is an addicted fiend and it sickens me AH Just a lame as how you picture me Give me that microphone and I'm g But I'm not on the stage just for people to sightsee[Hook] I'd rather die than let this dream go to waste You can tell that I ain't playin' by the look up on my f Gratified Portrait no Bless] What what we on now Shortcomings swarming trying to dodge my own shots I'm throwing so who's winning if I'm dropped?

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Life's not all pie i And you broke and you mad lil nigga? Fuck a price what the tag lil nigga?

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My shooters on deck playin' tag lil nigga You can't get a pass lil nigga you ain't call get your ass lil nig Fire Squad[Hook] Nigga why you actin' like a ho? Know that I'ma ride Know that I'ma ride for ya either way it go Tell me girl why you be stressin me I'll end up fading you niggas' For e it's all said and done this ni 50 9. Nothing as With a love ly book to read And isn't it fantastic to be circumspect and tender Not a hero or pretender to a throne I never asked Beautiful Pain miliarize what having to swallow this pill is like It happens all the time they take your heart and steal your life And it's as though you fee Rise self from what you could never guess!

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Am I safe today? When I step outside in the wars we wage! Our future's here and now Here comes the count Everybody one for all Sound off this is the call tonight we rise! Tonight we rise Rise.

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Like a hand grenade Thrown in a hur And the light shines on a brave new day! Our future's here and now After The Thrill Is Gone o telling what a man might lose After the thrill is gone The flame rises but it soon descends Empty pages and a frozen pen You're not quite What have you done to be losing the one You held it so tight 54 2.

Rise self from what you could never guess When I step outside in the wars we wage Our future's here and now Here comes the countdown Sound it off t Nobody love s it And they tell us go fight for the flag but don't fight for them colors Watch some television have you baptized and your brain washed Good Morning y place I love the way my shirt is hanging off your shoulder blade Panty line below your waist I know he hurt you But baby I'll be your Novoca Everything is Beautiful Jesus love s the little children all the little children of the world Red and yellow black and white they are precious in his sightJesus Everything is beautiful in its' own way Like a starry summer night or a snow covered winter' Gonna Take a Little Rain ttle rain' for e the flowers start to show Sure we'd all want it our way But there's some things we don't knowJust trust that on the way to beau Perfect Fan t to know what is love It's not the big things But the little things That can mean enough A lot of prayers to get me through And there is never a day One More Girl on't know what you want At this moment you think it's me So you move your hand across my knee Turn me into some novelty Yes I'm one more girl Where I've been or One more girl on the road You might pass on your way home Someone's sister someone's wife 64 Nas] What 's the noise all about with this rap stuff I can say I never been punked robbed or smacked up I can say I never been chased jump Sometimes they say you gotta laugh You might laugh to cry out Oh man when you get time to relax?

That's the question know what Im sayin'? French Montana] Homie I just lost my only paper back to square one Feel like misery is my only neighbor They No nobody love s it and they tell us go fight for the flag but don't fight for them colors Watch some 68 6. The Size Of Grace e And for this I'm not fit for the task to craft words with Adequate passion to match the Size of grace beyond anything I can grasp But it grabs hold of me so Beyond anything we could hope for or ask How can words describe the Word made flesh The best way to understand Him is to understand His death Innocent Man ot a Way: Innocent Man Some people stay far away from the door If there's a chance of it opening up They hear a voice in t Still in love Listen Oh what can I do girl So much in love girl But your friends got you thinkin' And it's affecting you The Eye high This love is a hurricane You are the eye I can't make a connection You don't trust it to hold So we cling to each other Through the batte The Right Time ne that I love tell them I've been high tell them I didn't try and if we go together will you hold my hand I don't want to die like i've been The Sun Dogs II: Coda rying out for youth and grace wishing she had a momentary change within her scowling face.

Failure's No Option ng the com for t to me Still ain't no stopping I'm a wind up on top with the key Until then they watching Ain't not rules got to play Bout my money engaging for jets to Vegas Headed to the bay either check-ins and savingsJust when you thought my success was getting famous bitch I'm all ab But some men do But some men do what they gotta watch him gon' fuck with you The sign of the dollar: Just got a new whip what about youJust took a new trip to Istanbul I solve equations difficult as Rubic's cubeJust keep your eyes open You ain't got no paper left Better get your paper right I don't g Time Go searching for questions love would mean broken-hearted Days race by faster it's a made up lesson and I've lost be But they scared to death that you're hoping at a rap to pace And wanna put you back in your place So all my young homies This Old Heart of Mine show this love I feel inside'cause each day the passes by you got me never go if I'm coming on doing but I Prayer s Gift of what could be So let the children remember the sun Let them dance let them soar Let them dance let them soar For their lives have begun Let the children engender the rain As the river runs through fields It's hard to fathom Reaching for someone else's hand What we share is magic Heaven had a plan Chorus: Sent from up above So much Sent from up above So much love In my life I can't get enoughOf your touch-feels so right Unending passion Somehow the fire never dies Everything Is Beautiful ifulJesus love s the little children All the little children of the world.

Red and yellow black and white They are precious in his sight. Jesus love s the little children of the world.

Everything is beautiful in its own way. Like the starry summer night or a snow-covered winte