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The shaded region is the amount in the atmosphere. If not in the atmosphere, were are these volatiles? PUZZLER 2 - If the 10 -9 of the mass of the Earth that is currently in the atmosphere has a life time of 10 years, how much limestone deposition per year is this equal per year?

Lord Of The Lost - From Venus To Mars

Chemists often refer to this as the mole fraction. It is also called the volume mixing ratio by some atmospheric scientists.

Venus and Mars: Surprising Similarities Found

When mulitplied by the atmospheric pressure, it gives a quanitity called the partial pressure, when may be envisaged as the contribution of a component ot the total pressure. This is a simplistic picture for each atmosphere Note the timescale on the left - varying from 20 million years for the main species to just few days for the very minor species.

But even 20 million years is short on the timescale of geological processes. All of these atmospheres must have been produced relatively recently.

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For Earth, Venus, Mars - what is the volcanic history of these planets? Below is a plot of the age of the surface - an indication of the amount of recent resurfacing - mostly due ot volcanism. Very little on Moon and Mercury covered with craters , some on Mars - up until about B yrs ago.

The climates of Mars and Venus are very different, and very different from Earth as well. This temperature difference comes from the fact that Venus is closer to the Sun, but also because it has a thick atmosphere of heat trapping carbon dioxide. Mars is the most studied planet in the Solar System after the Earth.

Distances Between Planets

There have been dozens of missions sent to Mars, including orbiters and rovers. Although many missions have been lost, there have been several that have successfully orbited the planet and several that have landed on the surface. Missions have also been sent to Venus, and you might be surprised to know that the Soviets sent a series of landers called Venera that actually reached the surface of Venus and survived long enough to send back a few photographs.

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