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The Kings List chronicles , years of Anuna rule. This means the age of the Anuna gods spanned a much longer period of time than the recorded history of all civilizations on Earth combinded. We cannot imagine this amount of time since our limited experience in recorded history is less than 6, years in total from Mesopotamia to today.

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The real question is just how old are these accounts of time? Likely much older than any of us can possibly imagine. This timeline shows the chronology of ancient civilizations to today. In total, approximately 5, years. That is how much time has passed since we have record of the first civilzation in Mesopotamia: A timeline that shows this 5, years of time compared to the , years of Anuna rule.

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Image how much history has become lost from an era we may never know. The Sumerian king list: Babum …… ruled for ms. Iltasadum ruled for years. En-me-barage-si, who made the land of Elam submit, became king; he ruled for years. Aga, the son of En-me-barage-si, ruled for years. A total of 12 kings ruled for years, 3 times in Urim.

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A total of 3 kings ruled for years, once in Awan. There are 11 cities, cities in which the kingship was exercised. The entirety of recorded history occupies approximately this much space on a timeline when compared to , years of Anuna rule on Earth. This visual timeline has been shrunk to fit into the timeline of the Anuna's rule on Earth. The age of Anuna Annunaki rule on Earth. Closeup of a Sumerian cylinder seal that shows the Anuna gods decending from the heavens in a flying craft, the existence of planets, a zodiac calendar symbol, and the mysterious "tree of life" that continues to show up in many cylinder seals.

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