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I absolutely adored these two together and was rooting for them the whole time. This can be read as a total stand-alone, but I did enjoy getting more with her sisters, Emme and Stella, Nate, and Dallas' brother, Finn. The family was an important part of the dynamics. There were also a couple other little fun cameos. I just loved this book, and I am looking forward to Stella's book next since she has got me intrigued. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. May 27, Karen rated it it was amazing.

But what can it mean to Maren Devine? Perhaps Madame Psuka, the interpreter of dreams and psychic will know. Maren and Dallas Shepherd were high school sweethearts but he left her without saying goodbye and she never got over it. Dallas was the cheeky chappy, the class clown, liberator of pigs, with a huge inferiority complex due to his super clever brainiac brother Finn.

Geoffrey A. Feller

He needs to put his ducks in order and decides to pay Maren a visit to ease his conscience. The love that simmered ignites again, but the clock is still ticking, the snake is still slithering and the holiday remains unbooked. Her characters are genuinely likeable. They are funny and hell sexy. She weaves a problem in the story and then makes the reader sweat it out while the characters find their way through the maze and come out the other side. She makes you gasp, laugh, smile and swoon.

I may have even whelped and cried.

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Sweet and lovely with some cameo appearances from some Harlow favourites. My most swoon worthy moments: Mend the relationships that matter. Let me keep my promise. Maybe it has always been destined. Maybe it was crazy. Maybe it made perfect sense. Maybe love was a game of chance, played at the whims of Cupid, as random as a roll of the dice.

Jun 03, Jess rated it really liked it. Glee, nostalgia, disappointment and even frustration. The beginning and end of this book is solid. The reason for the four is because of the ending. The feeling it gave me, the one I wanted to feel for the whole book finally surfaced and I was awarded with the brilliant writing I was anticipating from Harlow the whole read.

Maren and Dallas were given a second chance. Bringing them right back to what broke them up in the first place. His lies and his leaving. History was repeating itself. While this trope has been repeatedly covered, over and over again, Harlow still managed to keep some individuality tied to it. Seconds chance romance can be hard to navigate and the character of Maren was probably the best part of the book for me.

Her relationships with her sisters were genuine and lovely and that made for a better subplot. I should also mention that Dallas and Finn really warmed my heart with their reconciliation. It took some time and they had to work hard to work through their differences and age gap, but it worked really well from a readers perspective. Save for the middle of this read, I enjoyed the journey Dallas and Maren went on. It took nearly 2 decade to get to a place where both of them were happy and content with their lives, individually and together.

Their dedication and love for each other eventually came to fruition and it was satisfying to read. I voluntarily read an early copy of this book. Jun 03, Shayna rated it really liked it Shelves: Dallas and Maren were wonderful characters that will melt your heart. It may be a hard road to get to this happily ever after, but the heartache will be worth it, for sure! Jun 03, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Another perfectly sweet, second-chance romance from Melanie Harlow. With just enough angst to keep me craving that happily ever after.

Dallas, a year-old tattoo artist, is a broken and flawed hero who has to work past his issues and allow himself to love and be loved. They were high school sweethearts. He left without a goodbye thinking she'd b Another perfectly sweet, second-chance romance from Melanie Harlow. He left without a goodbye thinking she'd be better without him.

But 12 years later they're both still hung up on each other. When Dallas gets news that makes him question his future he starts by showing up on Maren's doorstep to ask for forgiveness. I love that a second chance romance gives me that backstory that makes their connection more believable. I was heartbroken for Dallas and how his family treated him his whole life. So mad at him for being a selfish bastard.

Swooned over his heartfelt email. And then the "tattoo" at the end. Jun 02, Vanessa nessreads rated it really liked it. Only Him is a second-chance romance that gave me all the feels. It pulled at my heartstrings and had me rooting extra hard for Maren and Dallas. Years ago, Dallas left town without saying goodbye to Maren.

And without an explanation as to why. Maren has tried to move on, but in doing so she needs closure to finally be able to. And to her surprise it might come sooner than she thinks. Dallas hasn't been able to get Maren out of his mind.

Leaving her without saying goodbye has been his one regret. And now facing something he has no control of, it's time he finally makes things right. Maren and Dallas were two people that were destined to be together. It didn't matter how many years had passed, when they saw each other again, it's as if their hearts found their missing piece. But was it enough? Or had too much time passed for there to be a second chance. Only Him will leave you in an emotional state, but I promise it's worth it.

Jun 03, MiDouradoP rated it it was amazing. Dallas and Maren were refreshing and brought hope again! I love Melanie's writing, since the first book I read by her Man Candy. She is deep, thoughtful, she brings the right balance of angsty, emotion, light banter, love, lust and joy. Her characters are solid and well built and their backgrounds are believable!

And in this book, we found all of that again! This is a book about a second chance between Dallas and Maren, and although it's a standalone, if you've read Only You Nate and Emme's stor Dallas and Maren were refreshing and brought hope again! This is a book about a second chance between Dallas and Maren, and although it's a standalone, if you've read Only You Nate and Emme's story , it will be even better, as you can see some loving faces from before and a get a glimpse on Maren.

She is sweet, laid back, light, hard worker and, in her own peculiar way, she brings peace to a room! She is loyal and love so sweetly and is so fiercely loved by her sisters Emme and Stella. But she has a past, she has her own baggage. She has her questions, doubts, pain and wonders. And most of them drive around Dallas, her first love!

Dallas is, somehow, mysterious, intense, addicting, with so many feelings inside him, and with the answers to our questions, and mostly: After being together and loving each other, after leaving her so many years ago, they finally find themselves again. And although so many things have changed, so many things are still the same. Their connection, their chesmistry, their new found love This books was amazing, and it brought us the beautiful journey and Dallar and Maren from their past to their new chance at love.

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It was incredible, touching, addicting. It was that amazing kind of book that leaves you sad because you finished it! I can't wait for the next one Stella's! Jun 17, Serena rated it it was amazing. They are my weakness! I died all the deads. I wanted to throw my kindle! I felt their pain. I felt their love. I think this is my fave read from Harlow yet! I never wanted this love story to end! May 31, J. Benoit rated it it was amazing. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict. A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

They may have been young but the love they shared was the kind that she thought would last forever but when Dallas left her with no explanation she w Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict. They may have been young but the love they shared was the kind that she thought would last forever but when Dallas left her with no explanation she was completely heartbroken. When he shows up at her doorstep one day, completely out of the blue, apologizing and asking to have dinner together, she is unable to say no. What started as a simple reconciliation quickly turns into an intense reconnection and they both find themselves falling hard and fast for one another.

This was another book where you could tell early on what the main source of angst was going to be and you just had to ride the waves and see how it all played out. I absolutely loved Maren and Dallas, they made my heart so happy at times and made it hurt at others. To me, their connection just leapt from the pages.

I was so on board with their pairing and found myself rooting for them to make things work. When they got back together after all that time, it was explosive. They were so sweet and sexy and had such an easy way between them but there was this huge secret wedged between them that threatened to pull them apart. My heart broke for Dallas, from what he had to deal with from his family to the potentially life-changing secret he was dealing with. My heart also broke for Maren because she just wanted to love Dallas but he was determined to not make it easy for her to do that.

But, this book had a beautiful ending and I thought the epilogue was absolutely perfect! If you are a fan of second chance romances or just looking for a great, emotional read, you should check this out! Maybe love was a game of chance, played at the whims of Cupid, as random as the roll of the dice. May 29, Bookgasms Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: Melanie Harlow is one of the greatest heartstring puppeteers I have ever read. She has such a beautiful way with words where I am just overwhelmed and in awe of her skills. I absolutely loved Maren from Emme and Nate's story and felt that her connection with Dallas was fantastic!

This story was angsty and emotional and had all the facets of a great Melanie Harlow story. Dallas was looking for redemption after leaving Maren thirteen years earlier at seventeen and she was looking for closure in fin Melanie Harlow is one of the greatest heartstring puppeteers I have ever read.

Dallas was looking for redemption after leaving Maren thirteen years earlier at seventeen and she was looking for closure in finally getting over her first love. But when they reconnect they never could have expected that their love would once again consume them. But with a lingering secret between them, will their second chance at love go up in flames once again? The chemistry between Maren and Dallas was fiery and their connection was just as hot. I enjoyed their banter and how they picked up right where they left off.

It felt honest, natural and fluid. But while I did enjoy the story I felt like the "secret" was overwhelming at times and I was frustrated by their lack of communication and roadblocks in their path. My favorite part of the story however was the ongoing comraderie and sisterhood between Emme, Maren and Stella. I loved their banter, jokes and solidarity. Their unwavering support for one another was heartwarming and wonderful to see.

I can't wait for Stella's book! Maren and Dallas fell in love as teenagers and never stopped… but life and circumstances t in the way… And now Dallas is trying to make amends. Trying to do the right thing and apologize for past behaviors. Trying to not fall in love with Maren again. But to no avail. Tried to love again. But no one comes close to what she had in her relationship with Dallas. But can they make a go of it again.

To live their own lives. Can they trust in the love that they never stopped feeling? Is it enough, is it strong enough for when the truth is finally revealed? For when the hard parts really happen? I found myself wanting to reach throughly kindle to both shake some sense into them and give them big comforting hugs. Yes, the big secret was drawn out and sometimes their inability to truly communicate was frustrating… but in the end it was perfect.

Seriously, some of the best moments were their sister discussions. Jun 02, Kahea rated it really liked it Shelves: Her outlook on life and her desire to help others were what drew me to her. Her positivity, openness and honesty with herself and those around her were refreshing and made it easy to want to see her get her own HEA. Dallas was easy to love and like. His natural charm and easy nature pulled me in, as did his sweetness and generosity.

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But it was a worthwhile one. The chemistry between them is hot and I loved how clearly they saw each other. This was an emotional ride, but so worth it in the end. There were a couple of things I would have liked more of, but all in all I liked how everything went down and was resovled. Dallas and Maren were each others first love back in high school.

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They both thought that nothing could ever come between them. Maren believed that happy ever after was something that would happen for them. Dallas left with no explanation, leaving her broken hearted and wondering what happened to the love that she so strongly believed in?

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Twelve years later and they each have their own lives. Maren still lives in their home town but Dallas had never returned. After a conversation Dallas and Maren were each others first love back in high school. Murder On Gold Street: They say blood is thicker than water; the women of the Blood Series can attest to this truth, for they've seen it first hand battling evil. Even in day-to-day endeavors these girls continue to cement their bond of support. A Bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate the upcoming They forced me out with a gun to my head.

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