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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cuando los expatriados vienen. Cuba hotels Cuba Travel Guide: One of my Favorite Countries. Or you need storage in Croatia? Where to Go and What to See Nov 19, — Baboons, pooping dogs, uncoordinated people, plans…and on the world going to crap.

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What is There to See? Where to Go, What to See, and How to do it. What you should See and Do. Photos from my trip in Would love to hear your stories and your favorite places! Post a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published. Sometimes if there is a lot of traffic in one direction, and not much in the other, cars will take over one of the opposing lanes.

One way lanes are sometimes driven two way.

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Stop signs are not mandatory, instead the driver will slow down, beep the horn, and keep going. Also, sometimes a traffic cop will be redirecting traffic even if the traffic lights are working. You have other issues to deal with when driving around such as huge holes in the road that can blow a tire, motorcycles that zig zag in and out, drive the opposite way, lack of streetlights and headlights at night and poorly marked streets.

Publicos are crowded, two passengers in front passenger seat, four in the back. Cars are usually of the compact variety. Publicos use hand signals to indicate the route. A finger pointed to the left or right indicates a turn at a major intersection and a hand waving flat up and down or a finger pointed down wagging side to side means the vehicle goes straight. There is no map for public transportation, you just need to ask around.

You always exit the car on the right side so everyone next to you gets out and then get back in. The woman on the left is not an uncommon sight in the Dominican Republic but the right is a more accurate representation of average dress. Appropriate Dress You may be surprised to see how few Dominicans wear shorts or skirts.

This is primarily because of how dirty everything is. The preferred dress, if you are traveling around without a car of your own, is long pants. This keeps you cleaner as you climb in and out of dirty public cars or sit on a public bench. The dress from the waist up for women is often quite skimpy with plenty of cleavage.

In government buildings, cleavage is fine but bare arms are not — it is required to have your shoulder and upper arm covered.

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Refunds and Insurance, Are You Joking? When buying anything electronic in a store, the store clerk will take it out of the box and test it to see if it works. If you can even return an item, the chances of getting money back are slim and the process to return can take hours. Of course testing in the store does not guarantee that the item will work one week later but that is the best you can do.

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Another caveat in traveling around the Dominican Republic by car is that of insurance. Most cars do not have insurance so collecting from them is near impossible. Dominicans have violent reactions to thieves when they are affected but at the same time many will not hesitate to steal if given the opportunity. Customer Service In the Dominican Republic there is no such thing as customer service outside the resorts, and one would argue not even there.

Dominican Essentials, part 1 | Amor y Sabor (Love + Flavor)

Unlike in the U. Perhaps they are engaged in a phone call, Facebook chat, conversation with coworkers or friends, generally bored, convinced they are underpaid, or just not motivated no matter what, but Dominicans tend to prefer to ignore you as long as possible before providing service or answering questions.

There is no point in getting mad about it either because that also does not motivate them, it just causes you to get ignored even more. All Talk, No Action Dominicans are loud and they love to get fired up about what they feel is unjust or unfair in the world. To a foreigner, the intensity with which they may talk about an issue may seem cause for concern that the rant could turn into a riot.

Despite that I am going to Odessa, Ukraine for a Euro Club membership an individual romance tour next month, I am still attracted to Dominican women. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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