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You can love someone but you fight 50 times a day. You can love someone who is always working. You can love someone who is always on their phone. You can love someone who changes their mind like they change their outfits. Sometimes it gets exhausting to keep up. It sucks the happiness out of you to know that you are coming up against a brick wall. Love is a drug, and sometimes the high of the drug fizzles out and you are left with anger and anxiety and the need for a fix that is not always obtainable. Some people love each other so much but there is no understanding, there is no patience, there is no peace, there is no tolerance.

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Love is Not Enough

Dedicated to your stories and ideas. In addition, remember you should never and ever settle for less than standard women. When a woman fits one of your attraction criteria, you are attracted to her. When you are putting efforts or invest into your loving relationships, you will magnify the attraction you have for her. In other words, the more you invest into the relationships, the more you will feel she's the one. This woman may not up to your standard, however, because you start to invest in the relationship, you feel you can't lose her and hope she will change someday.

Guys, please don't idealize your love relationship, please don't idealize your woman. Nothing is perfect included love. If you found that she's less than standard, then let her go. Be honest to yourself, and be honest to her too. To make the love works, sometimes you both need to sacrifice yourself inevitably. However, love is not always worth sacrificing yourself. The kind of sacrifice such as accompany her to eat spicy thing surely is not a big deal.

The kind of sacrifice here means sacrifice yourself and even your identity for the sake of your relationships. Do you respect yourself? If you do, do you want your girlfriend respects you? Many guys allow their girlfriend disrespect them, conscious or unconsciously. If you allow her to behave badly to you, chances are you'll lose her respect and surely this makes the attraction fades out.

If you accept second class behavior such as allow her to treat you like her little brother, you're allowing her to ruin your loving relationship in the long run. There are somethings you should never and ever to sacrifice for the sake of your relationship such as self-respect, dignity, ambitions and life purpose. For having a healthy loving relationship, both partner has to respect each other.

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough -- Lyrics -- Patty Smyth & Don Henley

Therefore, if you want her to respect you, your reaction to her bad behavior is what makes the difference. You can take it as a joke, ignore it or stop it. The ideal way is always stop it by telling her you don't like her behavior. By telling her you could imply her that she doesn't have the right to disrespect you.

Women tend to behave disrespectfully to test men's reaction. You want to stop her bad behavior by letting her know your personal boundaries. You educate her what you like and dislikes. In my free ebook Attract Women With Personal Boundaries I explained that when a person without boundaries he or she can't see the limitation for doing something. If you don't let her know what you dislike and stop letting her to disrespect you, she can't see the limitation and will continue to disrepect you. And you will unconsciously let her to disrespect you because you can't see the limitation. That's why you will sacrifice a lot for the sake of loving relationships.

But the limit is you should never betray your boundaries. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together. Love needs communication For having a healthy loving relationship based on honesty and empathy, communication is inevitable. Many guys don't know how to communicate their needs to their girlfriend.

Typical guy assumes his girlfriend will understand him without needing to say anything because she loves him. He thinks his girlfriend should be able to catch the changes within him and give relevant response to him. This is weird, isn't it? Is your girlfriend a psychologist? Is your girlfriend a love coach?

When Love Is Not Enough: 4 Tips for a Strong Relationship

Why would you believe your girlfriend should intuitively know what you need without you having to say anything? For better understanding of each other, you should make better communication. First of all, you have to understand that you have a right to ask for the things you need. Don't be afraid to let her know your thoughts, you want to make your needs clearly known because it's your responsibility to yourself and your partner to be clear about your needs.

I suggest you start out by expressing a small need. Big need is a need that go against with her beliefs system. For example, she believes that boyfriend should helps girlfriend to do anything she wants. However, we can't fulfill every her need especially which has to sacrifice our identity. Therefore, when addressing your need in this case that you don't want to do this or that for her, chances are your girlfriend would think you don't love her as much as she loves you.

A small need is something like give a call after reaching home which is one time only behavior instead of changing beliefs, attitudes, or lifestyles permanently. This is very important, it's always better to start out by expressing a small need. In other words, always start out by asking for a change in behavior only. Everyone has his or her "quirks" without realizing them. It's normal when you found she has some "quirks" that you never would do.

Chances are, you have some behaviors which are "quirks" in her eyes too. Just try to accept the other person's "quirks" without evaluating and judging those weird behaviors. If it's not invading your personal boundary, then just let be. It's meaningless if your intention to communicate is just to win. The importance of communication is to help creating a healthy loving relationship based on honesty and empathy. See how to communicate your needs in a relationship at The Art of Manliness.

Take trust as your bricks. And patience as your cement. Just love is not enough You need to understand that she is an independent individual like you, she has her own friend circle, life, favorites, and so on. If she wants to hang out with her friends, let her go, even if she doesn't tell you much of the details.

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  • However, you shouldn't trust her blindly, instead trust her wisely, in a right way. Sometimes she cheats on you, and you shouldn't hypnotize yourself to trust her and hope that everything will be fine. It's not a clever move in anyway. You have to take some actions to minimize the temptations that make her cheat on you. One of the ways is giving her a sense of secure and safety such as commitment.

    You must promise that you will execute and realize the commitment otherwise it will become you cheat on her. However, in my free ebook Relationship Made Simple I explained that commitment should be given when you both are in mental attraction stage. Otherwise, you will be in friend zone. To build up her trust in you, you must be able to handle your negative emotions such as jealousy, fights and arguments.

    All these if you can't handle well, you will backfire her trust in you and even her feel for you. In other words, you have to deal with your insecurities and fears. Once you broken her trust in you, it's hardly to recover it. So trust must be taken into account in your love life. Love is not enough. If your love doesn't consider these 7 aspects of love chances are you don't feel happy and content with your love life. It's easier to say than do, and it's a long journey. Rome doesn't build up in a day. Give into some efforts until you both have mutual values of love so you both are soul mate to each other.

    Three Harsh Truths About Love

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