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Eye contact is intimate, vulnerable—and lots of liars can't hold a gaze when they're working up a mistruth. Lisa says she's found that examinees will often maintain eye contact "right up until they give the answer they're lying about. There are other reasons that a person might not make eye contact, such as being on the autism spectrum or having certain psychological disorders, but Dan says the baseline of normal behavior is established for each individual subject.

What examiners look for is a change or departure from the person's unique baseline. A liar will not directly say they haven't done something wrong; they'll answer with a dodge, a question back at you, or a nonsequitor. Not answering directly is an immediate alarm bell to Dan.

An innocent person will usually just say "no" when asked if they've done something wrong.

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When they don't answer the question, you might sniff out a lie. Another surefire trick of the treacherous is to over-explain. Dan, who lends his expertise to The Steve Wilkos Show , recently assessed a situation where an employee of a hotel was accused of stealing money from a hotel room. He polygraphed the entire hotel security staff, because it involved taking money from a safe that only they would have access to. When Dan questioned the accused employee, the man proclaimed his innocence and shifted the blame to his manager, Kara, and another employee named John.


Liars also tend to change the story every time they tell it. In a recent case, Dan interviewed a man who was charged with stealing from his workplace and selling the items. He claimed to Dan that a security guard at the company had actually committed the crime. He even mentioned that he'd run into the security guard recently at a party. But conveniently, the man didn't know the guard's name or have his phone number. Lisa put him through a second interview, asking him the same questions, and "suddenly he knows the security guard's name and has his number," she says. This spelled a lie to Dan, and the polygraph results backed up his assessment.

In a recent case, a wife had agreed to take a polygraph at the request of her jealous husband, who had found numerous texts between her and a coworker on her phone.

At first she told Dan that she and her colleague were merely friends who texted a lot, but that nothing physical happened between them. But as the polygraph went on, she added their communications went on for three years … and then confessed that they included nude photos of her. She failed the polygraph—but then agreed to a second one, during which she denied having sexual contact with the friend. After she failed that test too, she admitted she had kissed the friend. Even without these confessions, her body language throughout both tests was telling, Dan says; she was distraught and trembling.

If it doesn't add up," Dan says, "it's usually because the truth wasn't in the equation.

1. Inconsistency

You breathe shallower when you lie, your face flushes, and you may begin to sweat. In addition, Dan says, "You lick your lips because digestion stops when fight or flight kicks in. Dan has one more tip that's useful no matter how astute your observational powers are: Get the person talking. He suggests approaching your line of questioning as an interview rather than an interrogation. A new study in the journal Royal Society Open Science reveals that a species of Dracula ant Mystrium camillae , which is found in Australia and Southeast Asia, can snap its jaws shut at speeds of 90 meters per second—or the rough equivalent of mph.

This makes their jaws the fastest part of any animal on the planet, researchers said in a statement. These findings come from a team of three researchers that includes Adrian Smith, who has also studied the gruesome ways that the skull-collecting ants Formica archboldi dismember trap-jaw ants, which were previously considered to be the fastest ants on record.

The Dracula ant subfamily is named after their habit of drinking the blood of their young through a process called "nondestructive cannibalism. Instead of closing their jaws from an open position, which is what trap-jaw ants do, they use a spring-loading technique. They use this maneuver to smack other arthropods or push them away. Think of it like that old saw "If you have to ask, you can't afford it. As my colleague Justin Bariso points out , key tells could be when people "say no and look in a different direction," "say no and close their eyes," "say no after hesitating," "say noooooooo, stretched over a long period of time," or "say no in a singsong manner.

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Force them to say the word no to an oblique or open-ended question. Do you have any insight into that? This seems like No. It's the case in which the person talking doesn't add new details that contradict him- or herself, but also can't recall what he or she previously said.

Ask them to tell the story backward. It's simply harder to keep details straight if you're asking them to relate a madeup story in a different order than they learned it.

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You're looking here for incongruity: Supposedly good news--but overly tempered enthusiasm. It's tricky in some cases--but Meyer uses the gruesome video examples of two mothers, one whose daughter was murdered, and the other who murdered her children, to show how this works.

8 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You | Mental Floss

The first woman's emotion is raw, angry, undiluted. The second woman, who is trying to hide a terrible secret, can't pull it off--she doesn't actually know how a victim of such a gruesome crime would act because it's not imaginable. Consider this one a bonus--a tell that lets you know when someone holds you in contempt but attempts to continue the conversation anyway. Contempt doesn't mean necessarily that someone is lying, but it does mean that you should consider the conversation over.

Because contempt is a combination of anger and moral superiority, it's almost impossible to develop rapport with someone who feels that way. Meyer says there is a reliable tell:. It's marked by one lip corner pulled up and in. Verbal and non-verbal disconnects. Hiding the mouth or eyes.

This is what you should do when someone lies to you

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8 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You

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