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Dennis Jakob met Jim Morrison in , they becoming fast friends and eventually college room mates. This book details some of the many experiences they had together just prior to and during Jim's early fame with The Doors, including several conversations between them which reveal many of Jim's early philosophies and attitudes. Included are several candid photos of Jim taken by the author. Dennis C Jakob; Rain Livengood. The Art of X-Ray Reading. How to Sound Cultured. Hubert Van Den Bergh. John Gardner on Writing. Am I Alone Here? The Best of the Best American Poetry. Great American Prose Poems.

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I Married the Icepick Killer. Views from the Loft. When a Woman Loves a Man. Morrison believed this incident to be the most formative event of his life, [14] and made repeated references to it in the imagery in his songs, poems, and interviews. His family does not recall this incident happening in the way he told it. According to the Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive , Morrison's family did drive past a car accident on an Indian reservation when he was a child, and he was very upset by it.

The book The Doors , written by the surviving members of the Doors, explains how different Morrison's account of the incident was from that of his father. This book quotes his father as saying, "We went by several Indians. It did make an impression on him [the young James]. He always thought about that crying Indian. He said he saw a dead Indian by the side of the road, and I don't even know if that's true. He continued at St. In , Morrison attended Alameda High School in Alameda, California , for his freshman and first semester of his sophomore year.

A voracious reader from an early age, Morrison was particularly inspired by the writings of several philosophers and poets. He was influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche , whose views on aesthetics, morality, and the Apollonian and Dionysian duality would appear in his conversation, poetry and songs. Some of his formative influences were Plutarch 's Parallel Lives and the works of the French Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud , whose style would later influence the form of Morrison's short prose poems.

He was also influenced by William S. I suspected he was making them up, as they were English books on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century demonology. I'd never heard of them, but they existed, and I'm convinced from the paper he wrote that he read them, and the Library of Congress would've been the only source. Petersburg College then known as a junior college. Artaud's brand of surrealist theatre had a profound impact on Morrison's dark poetic sensibility of cinematic theatricality.

First Love , the first of these films, made with Morrison's classmate and roommate Max Schwartz, was released to the public when it appeared in a documentary about the film Obscura. He conducted a lengthy and in-depth interview with Bob Chorush and Andy Kent, both working for the Free Press at the time approximately December 6—8, , and was planning on visiting the headquarters of the busy newspaper shortly before leaving for Paris.

In the summer of , after graduating with a bachelor's degree from the UCLA film school, Morrison led a bohemian lifestyle in Venice Beach. Living on the rooftop of a building inhabited by his old UCLA cinematography friend, Dennis Jacobs, he wrote the lyrics of many of the early songs the Doors would later perform live and record on albums, the most notable being " Moonlight Drive " and " Hello, I Love You. The story claims that Manzarek was lying on the beach at Venice one day, where he accidentally encountered Morrison.

Subsequently, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore joined.

Krieger auditioned at Densmore's recommendation and was then added to the lineup. All three musicians shared a common interest in the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 's meditation practices at the time, attending scheduled classes, but Morrison was not involved in these series of classes.

Summer With Morrison by Dennis Jakob

The Doors took their name from the title of Aldous Huxley 's book The Doors of Perception a reference to the unlocking of doors of perception through psychedelic drug use. Morrison did not play an instrument live except for maracas and tambourine for most shows, and harmonica on a few occasions or in the studio excluding maracas, tambourine, handclaps , and whistling. The Art of Van Morrison: The film featured the four members of the group playing the song on a darkened set with alternating views and close-ups of the performers while Morrison lip-synched the lyrics.

The Doors achieved national recognition after signing with Elektra Records in This was a far cry from the Doors playing warm up for Simon and Garfunkel and playing at a high school as they did in Connecticut that same year. Sullivan's censors insisted that the Doors change the lyrics of the song "Light My Fire" from "Girl we couldn't get much higher" to "Girl we couldn't get much better" for the television viewers; this was reportedly due to what was perceived as a reference to drugs in the original lyrics.

After giving assurances of compliance to the producer in the dressing room, the band agreed and proceeded to sing the song with the original lyrics. Sullivan was not happy and he refused to shake hands with Morrison or any other band member after their performance. Sullivan had a show producer tell the band that they would never appear on The Ed Sullivan Show again.

Morrison reportedly said to the producer, in a defiant tone, "Hey man. We just did the Sullivan Show! By the release of their second album, Strange Days , the Doors had become one of the most popular rock bands in the United States. Their blend of blues and dark psychedelic rock included a number of original songs and distinctive cover versions, such as their rendition of " Alabama Song ", from Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill 's opera, Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny.

The band also performed a number of extended concept works, including the songs " The End ", " When the Music's Over " and " Celebration of the Lizard ". In , photographer Joel Brodsky took a series of black-and-white photos of Morrison, in a photo shoot known as "The Young Lion" photo session. These photographs are considered among the most iconic images of Jim Morrison and are frequently used as covers for compilation albums, books, and other memorabilia of the Doors and Morrison. In , the Doors released their third studio album, Waiting for the Sun.

Live at the Hollywood Bowl. It's also this year that the band played, for the first time, in Europe. Their fourth album, The Soft Parade , was released in It was the first album where the individual band members were given credit on the inner sleeve for the songs they had written. Previously, each song on their albums had been credited simply to "The Doors". Around this time, Morrison—who had long been a heavy drinker—started showing up for recording sessions visibly inebriated. By early , the formerly svelte singer had gained weight, grown a beard and mustache, and begun dressing more casually — abandoning the leather pants and concho belts for slacks, jeans, and T-shirts.

During a concert of March 1, , at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, Morrison attempted to spark a riot in the audience, in part by screaming "You wanna see my cock? He failed, but six warrants for his arrest were issued by the Dade County Police department three days later for indecent exposure , among other things.

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In Florida Governor Charlie Crist suggested the possibility of a posthumous pardon for Morrison, which was announced as successful on December 9, After a lengthy break, the group reconvened in October to record what would become their final album with Morrison, titled L. Shortly after the recording sessions for the album began, producer Paul A. Rothchild — who had overseen all of their previous recordings — left the project. Engineer Bruce Botnick took over as producer.

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Morrison began writing in earnest during his adolescence. At UCLA he studied the related fields of theater, film, and cinematography.

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The Lords consists primarily of brief descriptions of places, people, events and Morrison's thoughts on cinema. The New Creatures verses are more poetic in structure, feel and appearance. These were the only writings published during Morrison's lifetime. McClure and Morrison reportedly collaborated on a number of unmade film projects, including a film version of McClure's infamous play The Beard , in which Morrison would have played Billy the Kid. The contents of the books were selected and arranged by Morrison's friend, photographer Frank Lisciandro, and girlfriend Pamela Courson 's parents, who owned the rights to his poetry.

Morrison recorded his own poetry in a professional sound studio on two separate occasions. The first was in March in Los Angeles and the second was on December 8, The latter recording session was attended by Morrison's personal friends and included a variety of sketch pieces.

Some of the segments from the session were issued on the bootleg album The Lost Paris Tapes and were later used as part of the Doors' An American Prayer album, [53] released in The album reached 54 on the music charts. Some poetry recorded from the December session remains unreleased to this day and is in the possession of the Courson family.

Dennis C. Jakob, Summer with Morrison

Morrison's best-known but seldom seen cinematic endeavor is HWY: An American Pastoral , a project he started in Morrison financed the venture and formed his own production company in order to maintain complete control of the project. Morrison's early life was the semi-nomadic existence typical of military families. They instead instilled discipline and levied punishment by the military tradition known as dressing down. This consisted of yelling at and berating the children until they were reduced to tears and acknowledged their failings.

By the time Morrison's music ascended to the top of the charts in he had not been in communication with his family for more than a year and falsely claimed that his parents and siblings were dead or claiming, as it has been widely misreported, that he was an only child. This misinformation was published as part of the materials distributed with the Doors' self-titled debut album.

Admiral Morrison was not supportive of his son's career choice in music. One day, an acquaintance brought over a record thought to have Jim on the cover. The record was the Doors' self-titled debut. The young man played the record for Morrison's father and family. Upon hearing the record, Morrison's father wrote him a letter telling him "to give up any idea of singing or any connection with a music group because of what I consider to be a complete lack of talent in this direction. He said he could not blame his son for being reluctant to initiate contact and that he was proud of him nonetheless.

Morrison spoke fondly of his Irish and Scottish ancestry and was inspired by Celtic mythology in his poetry and songs. Morrison was sought after by many as a photographer's model, confidant, romantic partner and sexual conquest. Throughout his life he had at least several serious, ongoing relationships, and many casual encounters.

By many accounts, he could also be inconsistent with his partners, [61] displaying what some recall as "a dual personality". A Jekyll and Hyde.