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If it becomes trapped in the battle during the turn, it will attempt to flee but fail. If it is already trapped at the start of a turn, it will use a move instead of attempting to flee. For example, if the player defeats Mesprit and then enters the Hall of Fame, Mesprit will only begin roaming again once the player visits Verity Cavern. If it becomes trapped either by a trapping move or Ability before it is able to act, it will attempt to flee but fail. It will become stationary in a specific area after the player encounters it 11 times.

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In Generation V, the player can track their locations using the notifications of stormy weather on electric bulletin boards in gates. They can be captured at any point after they are disturbed by the player in Ecruteak City 's Brass Tower.

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Coronet , Cresselia will appear after the player helps cure Eldritch 's son's nightmares, and the Legendary birds will appear in Platinum only after the player first talks to Professor Oak in Eterna City. Tornadus B or Thundurus W will make the weather more extreme in Route 7 when entering the route.

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Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Someone answered that yes, you could. So, I load my file, and it loads from when I was in ganon's tower, I hadn't beat ganon yet.

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And it really doesn't seem like there was "free roam" after what Zelda tells you at the end. So, is there 'free roam'???

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See when you beat most zelda games they don't let you save. If you leave the castle you CAN free raom the whole area. BUt you will still be able to re fight the epic ganon. So In a way yes it is free roaming but technically if you beat the game you can't do anything. This question has been successfully answered and closed.