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Please try again later. This is a very good book for learning about the gifts and fruit of the spirit. She explains things very simply and helps to show the differences between what the gifts are for and what the fruit accomplishes in our lives. She also brings out the importance of how the two should work together to bring God the most glory.

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Weather you are a new christian or a well seasoned one much can be learned from this book. I will probably purchase the other books that are in this series and will probably reread this one again. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Pickett has given inspiration, instruction and thoughts of contemplation in a very Spirit-filled way. What a blessing this ministry is even after she has gone home to the Lord. I so enjoy every book, lesson, etc. This is a well balanced book written by a woman who really knows her stuff and can back it up with her life working in the ministry herself. Fuchsia Pickett had an anointing on her life to unveil the mysteries of the Holy Spirit.

When you read her books you feel God and truth resonates. This book has enlightened me as I have carefully studied the text of her book and the Bible references. All of these are an excellent teaching in and of themselves, but combined together with a thorough study with the nuggets of scriptures explained with each section, one Christian will be taught by the Holy Spirit these truths as elaborated and doors of confirmations will be obtained!

The Gifts And The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit

Originally I purchased these books in I've shared them with several other people with positive reviews! As with any teaching, one should come to the table with an open mind, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us. As Christians we are availed this supernatural advantage over non-believer's, make the most of this opportunity.

I had to open my mind to this teaching originally in , for I was raised in an SBC home, where the "gifts" and the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" was not taught. God has a "Gold Mine" for His children if we open our minds to His teaching and methods, as He leads us into the purpose of those He has placed in the church to teach and equip the saints. This is an excellent book, 3rd in the series of 3 books, on the Holy Spirit.

We frustrate him by our dumbness. Our Lord explained that the Spirit will guide us into all truth and give us ability to cope with life and its stresses. We need to cultivate a lifestyle of keeping our eyes on our guide in order to avoid the doctrinal pitfalls and wiles of the enemy.

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Our invisible adversary the devil is going about as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour and we must keep pace with the Paraclete to outwit him. The Holy Spirit helps us with our weakness in prayer Rom.

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Our hunger for growing intimacy with the Holy Spirit can be best seen when we commit ourselves to building a life of daily fellowship with him. Give yourself plenty of room to fail and make mistakes. Just as the marriage relationship becomes more rewarding as you work on knowing and understanding one another more intimately, so it is with the Holy Spirit.

Develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The dove from heaven is so gentle and sensitive he will never force himself on you. In the same way, the Spirit comes as a dove to rest upon us and we need to spend time in his presence to detect what grieves or pleases him.

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He soothes, he comforts, calls by name and can even give you a pet name. Daily times of devotion, silence and solitude are indispensable, Ps. Cultivate fellowship with the Spirit through conversation. Greet the Holy Spirit each morning. Invite him to help you constantly as you face your challenges. Freely share your joys and sorrows with him. Build a habit of referring decisions to him.

Know your strengths.

At first it may look awkward as you seem to hear no reply. Understandably, it will be slower for you to make decisions, but it is just because you have not yet learnt to identify his language and symbols. He communicates all the same, and you grow gradually into understanding what he is saying. There are two approaches: The second approach suggests that Tongues is expressing praise to God, and therefore any interpretation is also in terms of prayer, praise or thanksgiving to God Himself.

The emphasis is that true Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues are directed toward God, rather than directed from God to the Church. It is the ability through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to bring understandable meaning to an inspired public message in tongues. If one accepts that The Gift of Tongues is directed toward God in the form of prayer, or praise, or thanksgiving, or exaltation of the Name and Majesty of God, then The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues will be of the same character.

Michael Harper United Kingdom said: L et us now take a closer look at the meanings of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: Love is a word not found in the profane writers.

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Philanthropy was the highest word used by the Greeks, which is a very different thing. The act of forbearing. Indeed we count them blessed who endure. It is good that we take a little time and allow the meanings of these words to sink in. It is significant to note that the Fruit of the Spirit always demonstrate a consistency in what they are. The context is in the discerning of true and false prophets! The Prophetic Ministry must pass the Fruit test!

To apply the Gifts and the Fruit of the Spirit together in ministry means that we do have to cultivate a skilfulness wisdom and understanding in how to minister to each individual, according to the revelation or Gift that is given at that particular time.