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He also has strong feelings for Leela, although he lacks the intelligence required for articulating his emotions; thus, for most of the series his love remains sometimes coldly unrequited , though not entirely without hope. She does occasionally return his interest throughout the series, and in the movie Into the Wild Green Yonder she admits to loving him back. At the end of that film, they are seen sharing a kiss as they enter a wormhole, and subsequently begin dating.

Despite his low intelligence, Fry is very kind-hearted, as he often goes out of his way to help his friends, even if he is sometimes oblivious to their problems. He tolerates all of his friends' quirks and is notable as the only staff member who accepts the ship's doctor, Zoidberg. Although at times lacking in self-awareness, Fry always tries to do the right thing and fix his mistakes. Fry has shown remarkable skill playing video games, even mastering the 31st-century's version on the Internet , and in " Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV " is seen successfully playing a game despite not looking at the screen.

This skill carries over to using Planet Express Ship's laser gun. Fry has also exhibited remarkable bravery and self-sacrifice on occasion and has even displayed flashes of stagnant intelligence. Also, despite his laziness and clumsiness, Fry has proved to be a competent fighter in " Law and Oracle " and " Fun on a Bun ", the latter episode showing that Fry is skilled enough to hold his own against Leela in direct physical combat. He has also survived a heart attack intentionally caused by his best friend Bender.

In the episode " The Why of Fry ", Leela's seemingly oblivious pet Nibbler reveals himself as the reason for Fry's freezing; because Fry lacks the Delta brainwave. Due to a time-travel incident in " Roswell That Ends Well ", he is his own grandfather. He can withstand the intellect-draining onslaught of the evil Brainspawn and is immune to the Dark One's mind-reading in Into the Wild Green Yonder as well as the mind-controlling power of the Hypnotoad. Nibbler's race, the Nibblonians, dub him "The Mighty One".

Through prediction on the eve of , as the Nibblonians lack the ability to travel through time , they guessed that Fry would be the one to save the world from the evil Brainspawn. Because his natural lifespan would not extend to the right millennium, however, Nibbler is sent to make the aforementioned delivery call to push an unsuspecting Fry into the cryogenic tube, to re-emerge December 31, In several episodes, he feels nostalgic for the 20th century, and tries to convince his coworkers how good it was back then.

Leela is Fry's main love interest, and his love for her provides a major plot line throughout the series. Fry first begins to show a serious interest in her from the second season onwards, although she constantly turns him down for other dates due to his immaturity, though she says that she loves his boyish charm. Leela initially sees Fry as a friend and nothing more, but deeper affection for him appears occasionally, such as on the numerous occasions when he risks his life for hers " Love and Rocket ", " The Sting ", " Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences ".

Fry's feelings for Leela are openly displayed throughout the series. In "The Sting", Fry throws himself in front of a baby Queen Bee to protect Leela, resulting in the bee's stinger completely penetrating his torso. In "Love and Rocket", upon noticing that Leela's oxygen tank was running on 'critical', he attaches her oxygen tube to his tank, giving her his oxygen and almost asphyxiating himself.

In " Parasites Lost ", Fry becomes infected with symbiotic "parasites" which enhance his muscles and intelligence, allowing him to attract Leela's romantic attention. However, fearing that Leela was attracted to him only for his worms, he rids himself of them in a failed bid to begin a genuine relationship. In " Time Keeps on Slippin' ", Fry moves the stars to write a love note to Leela, but the message is blown up before she can read it. In the final episode of the initial run, " The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings ", Fry trades hands with the Robot Devil in order to compose an opera about Leela in which they fall in love.

When Fry returns the Robot Devil's hands to prevent him from forcing Leela to marry him, the opera deteriorates, causing the audience to leave. Fry sadly walks off the stage. Leela is the only one who remains behind, asking Fry not to stop because she wants to hear how it ends.

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He picks up his holophonor and composes a crude ending in which the stage-Fry and stage-Leela share a single kiss. In the film Futurama: Bender's Big Score Leela falls in love with a seemingly perfect man, Lars, and they soon become engaged. However, Lars leaves Leela on her wedding day explaining later that as a time paradox he is doomed, and that he wouldn't marry her only to have her lose him soon after. Through this he then reveals that he is in fact the time paradox of Fry, who had undergone physical changes due to an explosion and become more mature through 12 years of age and experience.

At the end of the film Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder , Leela openly admits to loving Fry, and they commence an openly romantic relationship from the episode " Rebirth " onwards. In " The Prisoner of Benda " they have "sex", albeit in differing bodies. The on-again, off again nature of their relationship causes Leela to leave Planet Express and Fry in " Overclockwise ", however by the end of the episode, Leela returns to Planet Express and seemingly reunites with Fry.

Bender reveals to both Fry and Leela their "ultimate fate" that he learned while he was overclocked. The audience is never shown the contents, but through their facial expressions it is clear that while the journey for them may be bumpy, Fry and Leela will ultimately end up happy. In later episodes, such as " The Butterjunk Effect " and " Fun on a Bun ", Fry and Leela are shown to be in a relationship, though the events of the series precipitate frequent arguments and breakups.

These issues are usually resolved within the episode, leaving Fry and Leela still together at the end. During the series finale " Meanwhile ", Fry decides that it is time for him to propose to Leela. Wanting the moment of his proposal to last longer, he steals Professor Farnsworth's time machine remote that turns back time every 10 seconds. When Leela is late, he thinks she has rejected him and attempts suicide by jumping off the building; he sees her arriving just in time, however, and presses the reset button over and over again to keep from hitting the ground.

He accidentally breaks the remote and freezes time, leaving himself and Leela as the only unfrozen beings in the universe. Leela accepts Fry's proposal, and they have a long, happy marriage. The Professor shows up during one of their anniversaries and repairs the time machine, but informs them it will reset their lives, leaving them with no memory of the lifetime they spent together. Fry asks Leela if she wants to go around again with him, and she replies that she does.

But they are apparently still married in the video game Futurama: Michelle voiced by Kath Soucie in the first appearance, Sarah Silverman in the second appearance is Fry's on-and-off girlfriend from the 20th century. Shortly before Fry is frozen, she dumps him for a man named Constantine called Charles in " The Cryonic Woman " , whom she later marries. They eventually split up, and she decides to freeze herself to try again in the distant future.

She wakes up in , meets Fry again, and restarts her relationship with him.

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Fry meets a robot named Bender in the Suicide Booth and, after narrowly avoiding death, they grab a drink together. After a couple of beers, Bender decides to leave to re-attempt suicide, but Fry convinces him to stay by saying that he has always wanted a robot for a friend or at least ever since he was six.

Leela is still on his trail, though, after being forced by her boss, Ipji , to pursue Fry and force him to accept the career chip. To Fry's surprise, though, she decides to quit her job instead of forcing the job of delivery boy on him. Fry suggests they go to his distant nephew, Professor Farnsworth, to see if he can help. After confirming that he and Fry are related, the Professor decides to hire them as a replacement for his old crew. Fry is hired on at his nephew's company as a delivery boy.

Faced with the ability to travel around space, Fry is pleased with his new position. At first Fry lives in the Planet Express building, but after an apartment hunt he ends up living in Bender's closet. Fry immediately develops an interest in Leela but, to his dismay, the feelings are not mutual.

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His work at Planet Express sees him thrown into several absurd adventures: Neither lasts very long, but when he almost destroys the Planet Express building and Hermes fires him along with Bender and Leela he gets Leela's former job by accident and finds his old girlfriend, Michelle, unfrozen. She does not enjoy life in the future, and asks him to come with her to the year After they wake up and realize that they are actually just in Los Angeles two days later, she dumps him in favour of Pauly Shore. At a truck stop Fry eats a bad egg sandwich and gets infected with parasites.

The worms give him a complete tune up, and he becomes stronger, smarter, and is capable of impressing Leela with the Holophonor. He almost sleeps with her, but Fry fears that Leela is falling in love with the worms rather than himself, so he decides to get rid of them. He appears to be right: The Planet Express crew had gone to observe a supernova up close. While the crew prepared for the event, Fry went to make popcorn. He ignores the warning label on the aluminum popcorn pan saying not to cook in a microwave, which he does. The microwave emitted radiation that collided with the wave from the supernova, causing the Planet Express crew to travel back in time to After Bender breaks apart, Zoidberg was captured by the U.

Fry and Bender's head attempt to infiltrate Roswell, with the Fry disguised as a soldier. He runs into his grandfather, Enos Fry , engaged to Mildred.

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Acting on Farnworth's warning, Fry did his best to make sure that his grandfather is not killed, otherwise he in turn would cease to exist. However, he became paranoid in his attempts to protect Enos, driving and locking him in a house in the middle of nowhere. But what he didn't know was that he left Enos within range of a nuclear testing ground, killing him in the resulting explosion. But for some reason, Fry was still existing.

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He comforts his grandmother, who begins to make sexual advances on him, which made him uncomfortable. He then reasoned with himself that because he still exists, Mildred can't be his grandmother and has sex with her. The next day, Professor Farnsworth , Leela and Bender knock on the window informing Fry that because of his actions, he himself became his own grandfather; Fry realized what he had done and freaked out.

Because of the paradox, the Planet Express crew decided that they should get back to their own time, regardless of what it would cause to history. They storm Roswell, rescuing Zoidberg during an autopsy, Bender's reconstructed body and stealing a microwave satellite dish to return to the future. It is later explained by the Nibblonians that because of Fry becoming his own grandfather, it caused a genetic abnormality that caused him to lack the delta brainwave, which rendered him immune to the Brainspawn and telepathy in general. At some point the Brain Spawn attack Earth and make all humans stupid.

Fry is immune to the attack as he lacks the Delta brain wave. Fry defeats the Big Brain, but when everyone is back to normal, no one has any memory of his actions and just think he is crazy. The Nibblonians call for his help again when the Brain Spawn are found to be collecting all information in the universe and plan to to destroy it when their task is complete.

The Nibblonians explain that due to him lacking the Delta brain wave, and is immune to the Brain Spawn as long as he avoids prolonged thinking. It is revealed to him inside the Infosphere that it was Nibbler who made him fall into the tube and come to the future in the first place. Fry is sent back to by the Brain Spawn to stop Nibbler from freezing him, but Nibbler persuades Fry to allow himself to be frozen to save Leela's life, as no one would be able to stop the Brain Spawn from destroying the universe in the future.

During the events with his coworkers, he became a super hero , met the cast of Star Trek , wound up in a parallel universe where he and Leela had gotten married and gets his nose cut off. But his passion and number one thing he always wanted still remains unexplored. He thinks back to when had the worms, and when he could play the Holophonor to impress Leela. Bender suggests that he should make a deal with the Robot Devil , and in an to the Robot Devil at least appalling ironic outcome, he gets the Robot Devil's hands.

He can play the Holophonor now, and he becomes a famous musician, performing many classical numbers. Hedonism Bot hires him to write an opera, Fry decides to write it about Leela. And after the first act of the opera, it is already deemed best opera of all time. But meanwhile the Robot Devil is plotting against Fry to get his hands back, because the Robot Devil is getting tired of Fry's hands.

And so in the final act, the Robot Devil interrupts the opera and demands his hands back. Fry refuses, and the Robot Devil explains that if so, he will marry Leela for which she has unintentionally signed. Fry realizes that this ultimatum only has one solution: Since he cannot play any more, the opera is credited as the worst ever, though Leela remains behind to hear him finish. Planet Express' delivery license is revoked by the Box Network , forcing the Professor to terminate his employees. But by the time the Professor gets around to telling them two years later , their license is restored after a change in management at the Box Network- they are back in business.

Fry becomes a centre of attention when Alien Scammers led by Nudar take over the Planet Express and find the machine language time code on Fry's buttocks. Using the code, a virus-infected Bender is ordered back in time to steal all of Earth's valuables from the past. However, Fry is more upset that Lars Fillmore is getting a chance with Leela.

The scammers feel it best to be rid of the time code once they finally become anxious that the universe will be destroyed. Utilising a mirror, Fry manages to read the code off his buttocks and escapes back to January 1, Here he attempts to get some food from Mr. Panucci, but is unable to since he has no money from that era. He takes the pizza he delivered to I. Wiener, and decides to travel back an hour when the pizza was warm. His time paradox duplicate refuses to do the same thing and walks off. But Fry himself manages to end up inside the same tube he was originally frozen in.

When his frozen self wakes up, he closes the tube after him and leaves the timer for 7. Even though Lars Fillmore calls off the wedding, Fry is unable to get Leela's attention.

However, here it is revealed that Lars is the exact same time paradox duplicate he left at Applied Cryogenics. After a brief relationship with Colleen , he left through the anomaly and met Yivo , they developed a relationship and Yivo took control of everyone in Universe Gamma this universe through tentacles in their necks. The brainwashed people joined Yivo's religion , with Fry as their new pope.

Eventually they found out that the tentacles in their necks were " genticles " and that Yivo was mating with them. The religion was immediately abandoned. He was brought to live on Yivo, but was taken back by the Damned Army. Once there, he became Frydo , and was given the duty of carrying the Die of Power and destroying it in the Geysers of Gygax. He was eventually corrupted by its power and fought Momon as a dragon.

Momon won, and Cornwood was destroyed. In , Fry was needed by the Legion of Mad Fellows to help defeat the final Dark One and stop it from wiping out all life in the entire universe. Because he lacked the Delta Brainwave , his mind could not be read, and due to an accident he could temporarily read minds. With all of creation on his shoulders, he found the Dark One by chance after believing himself to be it. However, the Dark One was only a small leech , the Violet Dwarf Star became the final Encyclopod , which gave the once extinct plants and animals to the universe and easily destroyed the last Dark One, whom Zoidberg then ate.

The whole Planet Express crew flew into a wormhole , after Fry and Leela expressed their true love for each other and kissed. After emerging from the Panama Wormhole, the Planet Express crew crashed just outside the company headquarters and was killed in the explosion. Farnsworth , however, did not die, as he was using a safety sphere to protect his whole body.

The Professor rebirthed his crew with the Birthing Machine. Philip also went to Planet Vinci with his nephew to uncover Leonardo da Vinci 's shocking secret, participated in the Sith Invasion reenactment and forward-time-travelled through three different universes. Zoidberg and Sweet Clyde. In September, Fry became one of the Mutant leaders of the Devolution Revolution although he was, in fact, not mutated but was in actuality lodged in the mouth of the mutated Mr. Astor , which finally granted the sewer people their freedom with equal rights, as well as access to the surface of the city and celebrated his th delivery along with the rest of the Planet Express crew members.

During that year, his relationship with Leela progressed largely. He also killed celebrated business consultant Dan McMasters , believing that he was a vicious alien killer. Fry was frozen at age 25 for years making him Then 4 years later at age chronologically, was youthisized to age 14, reverse-aged to near unbirth, then re-aged, supposedly to his correct biological age, 29, in the fountain of aging 4ACV Based on Leela's speculation there is a chance after the fountain of aging he is less than After the events of the fourth movie he is about years old.

His biological age may have reset entirely in " Rebirth " as, unlike the others, he was reduced to only a lump of flesh and his hair before being reborn. After the events of " The Late Philip J. Fry ", Fry may potentially be over 20 duodecillion short scale years old, having travelled through the entirety of the universe twice with Bender and Professor Farnsworth. However, the forward time machine appeared to be insulated from the passage of time outside of it, and so this has only biologically aged him a few minutes older than he should be relative to the inhabitants of the new universe.

He was thought to be killed by an explosion caused by an obedience virus controlled Bender, but it actually burns off his hair and damages his voice box, turning him into Lars Fillmore.