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I feel in love with Susannah the moment I met her and I whispered "She's the one. If I could sum Ghost Of A Chance up into one sentence it would be this - Deena Remiel has created a love story with a swoonworthy balance of tenderness, sensuality, hopeful longing and desperate desire, a romance you're not going to want to put down until you've savored every last word and emotion. And because I just can't stop thinking about it: I guess I'm a swoon-a-holic where when I'm in need, I reach back to those stories where I know I'm guaranteed a good read.

Ghost Of A Chance has become one of those for me and I love the way I can slip back into the story and get the fix of romance I crave. Two people with so much to give but will it happen?? I really loved the intimate scenes in this book, one in particular because honestly, how does a ghost touch a woman? I loved the uniqueness of how Remy brings pleasure to Susannah and it had me closing my eyes, imaging it as well. I'll admit it made my heart melt and left me with a huge smile on my face. I haven't read many of the 1NS series but I love the whole idea of capturing this moment between to hopeful want to be lovers and exploring it.

It's a short story so it gives you the chance to fully dive in without the worry of interruptions pulling you away. You can fully immerse yourself from beginning to end and if you're like me, that's just what you need at the end of a long day or a weekend afternoon. Deena did a wonderful job making me care about Remy and Susannah and I know I won't be the only one sighing over this book. Definitely something to read and devour!

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Oct 28, Destiny marked it as to-read. Deena Remiel wrote another winning read with Ghost of a Chance!! The story is centered around Susannah, a young widow who decides to jet off to Vegas for the weekend and indulge in a one-night stand. To do so, she enlists the help of matchmaker Madame Evangeline, who pairs her with Remy Charles, who has been cursed by his ex-wife and her voodoo loving friend to be a ghost of a man until he can find love.

This was a rather short book, but Deena Remiel made the most of each page. The first line dre Deena Remiel wrote another winning read with Ghost of a Chance!! The first line drew me in and I literally read the book in one sitting. The characters were incredibly likeable and easy to relate to and I found myself rooting for them to find a way to break the curse so they could find love!

As a part of Decadent Publishing's One Night Stand series, this book is a little heavy on the romance and is quite sensual at times. Deena Remiel writes those scenes in a way that will make any woman swoon and want the same for herself!! Deena Remiel's writing is once again spectacular, the plot is unique, well-executed, and this is a book I would highly recommend to any lover of paranormal romance!

Deena really rocks it! Remy is a sweetheart of a ghost. A man struggling to make his life,loses it. And not in the expected way! I really enjoyed how Susannah decides to take a chance on the magic of love Apr 23, Emily rated it it was amazing. Ghost of a Chance Author: Deena Remiel Published By: Decadent Publishing Company Genre: Paranormal Romance Recommended Age: I find myself the more I read of the 1 night stand romance series the more I love them a little they hold a very nice mix of not only back story an filling in for the characters, but as well the tantalizing temptations of romance, sexual tension and even a fairytale ending at times.

Giving everyone the just what they need in that short bit of time. I have often found myself even wishing that some of the stories with the couples would progress more and see more that happens in saying Ghost of a chance was in no way any less than the others that I have read. Susannah is a young widow, lost in her career and living life as if she herself was the one that had died or so it seemed by her family and friends for the past six years since her husbands death from cancer.

She still finds herself waking from the nightmares that seem to consume her each night and the more they torture her the more she realizes she needs to get away. After finishing her final proposal and closing the deal with her company she books herself on a getaway thinking nothing would be better than if she had someone to spend it with. Remy was the aspiring Millionaire man married to a woman that felt he was nothing more than a Ghost of a Husband she divorced him but divorcing him and taking a substantial amount of money from him was not enough no.

She wanted more revenge so she and her best friend as well as voodoo priestess put a curse upon poor Remy turning him quite literally into what she felt he was a Ghost. Now after ten years of his curse Remy , going back to his ex wife showing he has learned his lesson and hoping she would change him back he has given up hope of ever returning. Her friend taking pity upon him is not able to undo the curse but secretly has divulged the way that Remy can become human again. Susannah may be his one and only last chance at redemption and a life of love.

Can the two save each other from their endless lonely fate? Well if your curious I suggest you pick up this novella and read allow yourself to fall in love with them and enjoy each page as you turn it just as I have. Feb 06, Evie rated it liked it. Short, sweet, very different If you've read the 1 Night Stand series, then you are familiar with Madame Evangeline. People who are looking for some fun in a 1 Night Stand, are mysteriously matched with their perfect other half, and always at least the ones I've read in the series have a happy ever after.

This one is no different than the others; however, what is definitely different is the ghost twist in it. Susannah is broken hearted and her life ev Short, sweet, very different Susannah is broken hearted and her life evolves around her career. There is no room for romance. Until one day she decides there is no harm in enjoying herself, even if for one weekend only, and contacts Madame Evangeline. Remy is drop dead gorgeous, the glitch is he's cursed, and he is a living ghost meaning he never died , yeah sorta weird, yet a nice twist, weird nonetheless-- in my opinion.

He knows the secret to lift the curse, but he's tired of looking for the one. His last recourse is Madame Evangeline. Once they get to their destination, well I can't say much more, because I'd give it away. Overall, I thought it was an entertaining read.


I did question how a ghost could sit down, yet he couldn't shake hands This falls in my good for "bed time" reads category, short and sweet. This review is also found at: Mar 06, Jane rated it liked it Shelves: Remy had been divorced for ten years, his ex wife called him a ghost of a man because he was always at work and never at home. He now decided it was time he tried to change that, he was lonely and wanted to feel emotion again. This is the story of two people overcoming their past and opening themselves up to love, with a little help from friends and a match maker called Madame Evangeline they take the first steps together.

Ghost of a chance was not what I expected from the blurb, I should have guessed, from the title that it was a ghost story…….. Susannah realised that the only way for Remy to get his life back was for someone to love him so she decided there and then that she would.

Copy and paste this in the comment section of the 1-Night Stand blog so I can count you in the contest! I did not have the experience myself, but it did happen in my house. My boyfriend, best friend, and our roommate all had the same experience.

Savannah's Ghost Tale (1Night Stand)

They all claimed to see a man-in a long trench coat, a black top hat, standing just looking at them. Tony my boyfriend has seen this man several times. He states that he just stands there and looks. He wears a black trench coat and black top hat. Our roommate stated that this man was standing at the end of his bed just looking at him.


My best friend says she came over one day and saw someone standing in our front room and walked into that area and then she realised no one was there. I have never seen him myself, but me must not mean harm, because nothing bad has ever happend, no one has been hurt. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win. Big fan of your books and would love to win and read this one. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. LOL vanessa thejeepdiva dot com. I want to go when I go and not hang around. Looking at the positive there, some fine abs and pecs and, you know what, to sigh over.

If I were a ghost assumeing I am dead and a ghost I would love to be able to come back and see my family and loved ones again to make sure I told them I loved them one last time and was able to pass on any great advice I had for them. Ghost of a Chance was one of our first paranormal 1NS and a great addition. Plus the cover is hot, LOL! Glad you took the chance Deena! I think I would be mischievousness. Professional athlete locker rooms, here I come. I think if I was a ghost I would hang out with Tatum Channing… andieleah78 gmail. I like how your mind works.

Being a ghost would be fun. I always wanted to be a fly on the wall. Imagine the things you could see! Aw, thanks so much for the drive by and reading Ghost of a Chance! I just sent back my edits for Elixxir, so I can now go have fun hopping around myself! I would use my ghost power to go place to place. That way I could visit alot more places in short periods of time.

I still remember RT seeing you at the DP booth with smiles, and telling me how I should consider writing for them!

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And now, you sure as hell can, girlfriend! Move stuff from cupboard to cupboard. Yep i would choose Ghost also.. I always want to be as far away from my normal life while reading as possible.. But after i play i wanna come back to living also..


I like that thought… going to play for a bit as a ghost and coming back to the land of the living afterward. Love that there are so many different premises for the 1NS line! Someday I hope to read them all. Looking forward to reading yours as well. Then I would go for the man candy. Oh, the things one could do as a ghost! I would do some tom-peeping in on some of the hot guys we all see as eye candy. Otherwise it would be to spy on all the haters from my past!

I would LOVE to know how some of them live. I would be the mischevious, bratty ghost. I would love to do little things that make people question their sanity. Such as move things our of their normal place or write notes and leave them in strange places. Just play a little. Mel bournmelissa at hotmail dot com. If I could help people…If I could help the recently decreased get some closure and move on, I would try to do that.

I love your book cover and the excerpt!

I have never thought about being a ghost….. I guess the main thing I would do is watch over my family and each generation and try to do whatever I can to keep them in the right direction in life. Thanks for the giveaway! I actually have Ghost of a Chance and enjoyed reading it! Pam, just like Remy, you, too, can enter the land of the living. I enjoyed Ghost of a Chance too!

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It was a lot of fun writing that scene, let me tell ya! LOL I definitely would like to utilize my talents for a little voyeurism, too. It may sound really bad, but I would probably use my ghost status to haunt people who have ended up doing things to hurt me. What would I do with a ghost?

I will assume that he has the ability to switch between walking thru walls and being solid enough to pick things up.