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I read all 15 books in less than six months. A noble Knight of the cloth, a neurotic M. Starting with Storm Front, Harry has to deal with a wife who is out of sorts looking for her husband, a string of magical murders where he is suspect numero uno, and a disgruntled mob boss. Join Harry in his adventure as he attempts to unravel the mystery and make his rent, because being Chicago's only Wizard in the yellow pages isn't easy. This story follows the events of Dark Nights: Metal and finds the Green Lantern Corps trying to contain a breach in the Source Wall at the edge of the universe that was created during the fight with the Dark Multiverse.

Brainiac has arrived on Earth and attacks all of the planets Meta Humans which naturally leads the heroes to believe that he is trying to conquer the planet. He later reveals his intentions are to gather all of Earth's heroes and villains to repel an attack on his home world of Colu by four ancient Gods that were released during the battle with the Dark Multiverse. He assembles them into four teams, Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom and Entropy each embodying one of the Gods. If they fail to save Colu, Earth is the Gods next target. The story manages to be humorous while being epic at the same time.

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Seeing the interaction between Earth's heroes and villains, how they butt heads and work together reluctantly is great. They all have a sense of distrust for each other but the sheer magnitude of what they are facing forces them to swallow their pride and focus on the mission that is assigned to them.

It is also very fast paced and a quick read with plenty of unexpected twists. The consequences of the conclusion of this story promise to be far reaching within the DC universe so if you have been looking for a place to get started reading comics this would be that place. Mary Roach is an incredible author and she did not disappoint with Spook. Between the normal occurrences at the funeral home to the ways cadavers are used in medical research, you will be amazed to know about all of the things your dead body can do.

It's humorous and informative. I'm not typically a non-fiction reader, but Mary Roach never fails to keep me interested. If you're looking for something educational but also a little bit quirky, then I highly recommend Spook or any other title by Mary Roach! Mary Beard's book How Do We Look delves into history to investigate how art and monuments impacted history, both socially and culturally.

Perfect for any casual reader of history or art with interesting looks into ancient civilizations, Beard gives her usual coverage of ancient Greek and Roman culture, but also expands past Western civilizations into Chinese, Olmec, and Indian culture. This book is quick paced and insightful, leaving the reader more open-minded to civilization and what that word has meant throughout history.

This answered the question of what happened to Zuko's mom. This gave a good history regarding why she left and where she has been. If you like "The Search" you will also like "The Promise. A classic fantasy story told exceptionally well. Knight and Queen's Champion Sparhawk returns home after 10 years in exile he finds his young Queen Ehlana slowly dying and kept alive only by being trapped in mystical crystal, being sustained by horrible sacrifice.

Sparhawk only has a year to find the cure, and save both his Queen and Kingdom. Jim Butcher does a fantastic job stepping into the world of Spider-Man. He managed to write a novel about a superhero that everyone knows and loves, and made it his own! Butcher does a great job with Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and even a surprise villain's character development. This book is like reading a comic book with no pictures, and I loved every minute of it. The Eyre Affair tells the story of Thursday Next, a government worker who specializes in literary fraud. When her uncle invents a device that literally transports a reader into the story of their choice, he is targeted and kidnapped by the villain Acheron Hades along with the original manuscript of "Jane Eyre.

Set in an alternate reality Great Britain, "The Eyre Affair" is packed with surreal British humor and action-packed detective work. Thursday is a delightfully snarky and powerful female lead.

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Her cynicism and wit make her a hilarious narrator. With elements of time travel, cloning, and mysteriously menacing government agencies, this genre-bending book will have you laughing out loud. Conor's mother has been diagnosed with cancer, but that doesn't stifle her fun-loving nature.

She continues to live on and to fight the disease with everything she's got, and Conor believes in her ability to overcome it. But when her treatments start to fail, Conor's hope slowly falters. Meanwhile, a monster begins showing up at Conor's bedroom window every night. Who is this monster, and what, if anything, can Conor learn from him?

A very enjoyable read The saga of the world's last Changeling continues and this time Robin and his group of Friends are seeking the shard of Earth, only instead of being hidden in a statue on a windy floating island or buried in a grave in a sunken church, this shard of the Arcania is a little bit different.

Robin and co step in to hunt and kill the monster, and of course there are other 'interested parties' after it too. But this story is nowhere near as simple as it sounds, because theres also a little bit of nightmarish murder here and there, some courtly backstabbing amongst royal tree-people, where no one is who they seem to be. Everything we know about Eris comes from descriptions of what she acts like or thinks like, but we have zero information of what she looks like, which is a very interesting thing to do in a book series where it has now become common for characters to not look or act as they first appear.

James Fahy does it again!!!!! He is an absolutely brilliant fantasy writer. I still want to visit the Netherworld as well as Erlking. James has the ability to make the characters come alive. As with all the other books I wish this one could be made into a movie. Brilliant writing brilliant characters. Thank you Venture Press for the copy. I look forward to reading more of James Fahy, one of my favourite writers. Aug 01, Nicola-Cillia rated it it was amazing. Loved being back in the magical Netherworlde once again. Robin covers a lot of ground in this book, both physically and emotionally, and we really see him grow up a lot and come into his own.

Strigoi continues to intrigue me and make me want to know whats under that metal mask, and the story is as deep and dark as the great woods themselves. Jun 19, Occulusrex rated it it was amazing. I've been waiting forever for book three of this series, as I adore it so far, and I have to say I was NOT dissapointed.

If anything, the story of Robin and the rest of Erlking just goes from strength to strength! In this third installment of the saga, we see the scion of the Netherworlde facing new challenges, and spending a great deal more time in the Netherworlde. As always, there are wonderful and magical locations to explore, a dreamlike forest, a haunted hill, a creepy labryn Just fantastic!

As always, there are wonderful and magical locations to explore, a dreamlike forest, a haunted hill, a creepy labrynth and a very weird and horrible prison and also new monsters to face, I particually enjoyed the Banshee, which was genuinely scary and pretty creepy for a kids book - in a good way Chains of Gaia is bigger, deeper and wider than either of the previous instalments, and Fahy uses this space to flex his writing muscles and give us what he gives best, which is amazing characters.

There's a lot of development here. Robin comes a long way from the 'hornless wonder' he was in book one, fighting inner demons and coming to terms with his own power. But equal time and care is given to exploring the other characters in the story. Woad is wonderful as always, Henry and Karya both show us deeper sides to themselves, with a LOT being set up for Karya in the next book I think but for me the crown of the story was getting to know Jackalopes backstory. I wont give any spoilers, but I will say that I love it.

This book, like the ones before it, made me feel quite emotional in parts. Fahy never preaches, but there are lessons in all of these stories. Chains of Gaia, for me, is about facing your demons and not backing down. If you havent picked up this series yet, you must.

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Plus we get the tinest tease of Lady Eris herself at last, and it has really whet my appitite for the next book. Jun 19, Rachel rated it it was amazing. This is the third book in the Changeling Series, and I wasn't able to put it down. The author's style is so cinematic, that the need to see this story as a movie is almost physical. Once again, we're presented with familiar-sounding monsters from myth and legend this time around Centaur and Dryads but This is the third book in the Changeling Series, and I wasn't able to put it down. Once again, we're presented with familiar-sounding monsters from myth and legend this time around Centaur and Dryads but they are shown to us in such an original way, as has become the trademark of the Changeling series.

Whether we're meeting Gorgons or Harpies, Nymphs or Sirens, everything is given its own unique 'Netherworlde' flavour, making this fantasy world feel and seem like a very real place. The centaur here are creepy. The Dryads are not cavorting maidens dressed in leafy tunics, but green-skinned arial creatures with insectile eyes and large buzzing wings. Every part of the Netherworlde feels at once familiar and strange. I always enjoy reading the little touches here and there, ivy that mimicks your facial expressions is a favourte in this book and it makes me want to go there! I was so pleased to see the return of some old favourites from the previous book.

I totally ship Robin and Peryl and also Karya and Jackalope! I won't ruin it, but trust me when I say that the ending of this book should have a dramatic soundtrack, and we are left with the promise of some BIG events in the next instalment. A definite five star read. Jun 21, Paul Dommer rated it it was amazing. The third installment in Robin Fellow's tale is superior to the first two in my opinion, and thats saying something, because the first two are simply wonderful.

Jun 15, Beverley Lee rated it it was amazing. This series is my comfort blanket of reads. I adore Erlking and the Netherworlde and am waiting patiently for my invite! This time Robin and his crew must venture into the great Everhart forest to retrieve the Shard of Earth, and what a journey it is. There are centaurs to flee from, a race of gentle tree people, a minotaur in a labyrinth, a painful past to deal with, and that's just a part of it. The author weaves a fantasy world so rich that you can almost taste it.

The imagery takes your breat This series is my comfort blanket of reads. The imagery takes your breath away, time after time.

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Robin does a lot of growing up in this book, which I really loved. His acceptance of a side of himself that he was struggling with is a definite highlight. Woad continues to delight I have such a soft spot for him , with both Henry and Karya developing in character and laying seeds for future books, I think But it's Jackalope who surprised me, and his story will make you feel all the feels With an ending worthy of a five star review by itself, I urge you to pick this series up.

It will make you believe in magic all over again. Jun 16, Ban rated it really liked it.

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Another great installment in the series. I was once again immersed in the world and its characters. Karya remains to be a favourite of mine! As always looking forward to the sequel. Aug 02, Lisa Downey rated it it was amazing. There is romance here hints of it anyway but it feels like its building naturally over books, not forced by the genre. Jul 25, Hollymelton rated it it was amazing. Chains of Gaia is the third book in an increasingly dark series, and I love the way things are progressing.

As Robin gets a little older, the kind of problems he faces get grimmer, and here in book three we see him struggling less with simple monsters and magic, and more with knowing who to trust, getting to grips with his own personal demons, and coming into his own as the Scion of the Arcania, with all the resposibility that brings.

He's fought monsters, solved puzzles and been thrown into danger before now of course, in books one and two, but usually on a small and personal scale. The forests are calling, and Robin Fellows, last changing, student of the magical arts and also slightly awkward and uncertain teenager, must answer the call.

Robin has come some way since he arrived in the little village of Barrowood aged twelve with a flute in his pocket and no clue what was going on. Jul 22, Sophia-May rated it it was amazing. I was a little concerned about this book. These are just a few of the English text and we also have old German books. Can you help put me in touch with the best people to sell these.

They are all hardback. Vienna in pictures Dagobert Frey Dr. The authors are de balzac- daudet- celline-zola-haggard- poe-kipling faubert- well u get the idea. Any info you can provide would be appreciated. Black was the publisher. The edges of the pages are not in the best shape. Moore made on I have the complete collection of The treasury books by Grolier these are in very good collection as they were a gift to me from my folks in , They consist of 2 volumes of American literature 2 volumes of Philosophy. Can they be sold? I have four books by Charles Dickens.

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The editor notes in each book states. However by just glancing at these books i found a word that is mis-spelled the word is connection it is spelled connextion. The publishers names are Hazell, Watson, Viney and the illustrations are by phiz in two. Marcus Stone and George Cruickshank are the others. There are 2 signatures on 2 pages. How much can I get if one day I want to sell it?

Value depends on rarity, demand, and condition. Perhaps there is a local bookseller in your area who can provide appraisal services? I own the book: Collection du Nenuphar…How much can I get for this book? I have a copy of a franklin mint kurt Vonnegut first edition bound upside down. The complete works of William shakespeare, Is it worth anything? I have a king james version of the bible. In the book of Matthew there is a picture of christ and the verse below. In the verse where it supossed to say ,i will come into him and will sup with him,and he with me. Is the sup correct or a misprint.

Thank you for your time,and always may God bless you all.

I have one very rare bible, its hand writting and hand made by robert. Its comtains pages, year of If any body needs please contact. I have a hard covered book by J. How can i get an estimate on what it is valued. I think it is in very good condition. Hi I found a juniors guide book. Very old and looks to be original. Any ideas on how much it is worth? Has picture of white woman with a black server child bringing her a silver plate??

I have a book JESUS its binded by not ordinary wood and it has no author even publisher it was written in 3 languages french English and arabic.. This book is a first addition!